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California legislature passes bill requiring presidential candidates to release tax returns

The California State Assembly on Thursday passed a bill that would require all presidential candidates to release their tax returns prior to being …


Ending DACA could royally screw up the Census. That's a problem for the GOP.

In 2012, the White House, under President Obama, urged undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as minors to declare their presence. In …


Maryland City May Let Noncitizens Vote, a Proposal With Precedent

As a federal commission searches for evidence of voter fraud and many states try to impose new voting restrictions, a city in Maryland may move in the opposite direction: allowing noncitizens to vote in local elections.<p>In College Park, home to the University of Maryland’s flagship campus, the City …


Florida Democrat Election Official Admits Noncitizens, Felons Voting

A veteran Democrat chief election official in Florida has conceded in court that noncitizens and felons possibly voted, in a case that could have …


States in the USA that have voted for the same party in every election since 2000 - https://t.co/l9m7FUVina

How the Midwest slipped away from Dems

For two decades, Democrats relied on a seemingly impregnable blue wall in presidential elections.<p>The 18 states plus the District of Columbia that …


Pelosi takes heat after Dem loss

Dems fume after loss in House special election.

Karen Handel

Election Night Anchor Face™ is fast becoming one of my favorite things. https://t.co/EXe4jD5HAv

7 lessons from the 2017 elections

The GOP base stands with Trump. And Democrats still don't have a message.<p>ATLANTA — Five months into Donald Trump’s presidency, five closely watched races. And Republicans aren’t any worse off for all the chaos, controversy and low poll ratings that have defined Trump’s tenure.<p>After special election …


Ticket splitting is dead. National parties are now everything.

Every single state that elected a Republican senator this November voted for Donald Trump — and every single state that elected a Democratic senator voted for Hillary Clinton.<p>That’s a first in American history — at least going back to 1913, when the Constitution began mandating the direct popular …

Trump Hasn’t Diminished America’s Faith In Elections, But He Has Polarized It

Pick a random person out of the phone book, and there’s a better chance he or she will get struck by lightning than commit voter fraud. That didn’t …

Study: Texas Voter Education Campaign Failed To Prevent ID Confusion

Texas’ court-ordered $2.5 million voter education campaign failed to prevent widespread confusion about the state’s identification rules ahead of the …

PepsiCo, Coca-Cola Face Ban in Second Indian State on Water

Retailers in India’s drought-hit southern state of Kerala plan to join peers in neighboring Tamil Nadu in a boycott of beverages made by PepsiCo Inc. …

The Parties on the Eve of the 2016 Election: Two Coalitions, Moving Further Apart

Ahead of the presidential election, the demographic profiles of the Republican and Democratic parties are strikingly different.


A Look Back Sheds Light on Redistricting

• <b>2011 Civitas article illuminates the history of redistricting arguments</b>• <b><br>In the past, Democrats admitted drawing voting maps for political purposes</b>• <b><br>A</b> …


For Trump foes, Democratic gains may remain elusive in 2018

Passionate protests against Donald Trump's presidency have swelled the ranks of Democratic activists, but their new enthusiasm faces a hard reality: Republicans remain well-positioned to retain their grip on power in the 2018 elections.<p>While Republicans hold only a slim majority in the U.S. Senate, …


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No, Voter Turnout Wasn’t Way Down From 2012

Stories are still circulating a week after the election that turnout fell sharply from 2012. That’s almost certainly not true. The confusion is the …

The God That Failed

The 2000 election left a Democratic Party that was simultaneously angry, dispirited and divided. Populists believed that Al Gore made a terrible …

Why One Man Didn't Vote for President: 'Nothing Really Changes' - The Takeaway

50 Million Presidential Votes Cast in Florida since 1992. Dems and GOP separated by 11,296 votes. 0.02% difference. #hsgovchat #SwingState https://t.co/S3O3WeweH5

The Moderating Influence of the Electoral College

It appears that for the second time in the last five presidential elections, the winner of a plurality of the national popular vote will have failed …

Home schooled teens helped Republicans win key Senate races

WASHINGTON – High School Senior Katrina Torsoe spent the weekend before Election Day on an unusual civics project: knocking on hundreds of doors in suburban Philadelphia to help re-elect Sen. Pat Toomey.<p>She did it even though she couldn’t vote for the Pensylvania Republican – or anyone for that …


As American as Apple Pie? The Rural Vote’s Disproportionate Slice of Power

In 1920, for the first time, the Census Bureau counted more people living in urbanized America than in the countryside. This hasn’t been a rural nation ever since.<p>Yet the idea of Thomas Jefferson’s agrarian America has receded slowly despite demographic change. We still romanticize the family farm, …


“Unconstitutional gerrymander”: Federal court strikes down Wisconsin’s GOP-drawn redistricting

The case will likely to be appealed to the Supreme Court and could impact on partisan redistricting nationally<p>With the 2016 election, Donald Trump became the first Republican presidential candidate to win Wisconsin in nearly 30 years and Republicans took control of nearly two-thirds of the …

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This calculator will show you how much your vote counts

The map of the presidential election has taken on familiar shades over the last few decades.<p>Red states tend to stay red. Blue states tend to stay blue. There are just a few states, the swing states—states such as Nevada, Colorado, and Florida—where the outcome isn’t obvious.<p>Those are the true …