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The final shot of the #AFewGoodMenSG campaign. On behalf of the whole jing bang, our sincere thanks and gratitude to those whom had given support one way or another. The response was wayyy better than expected. Humbled, methinks what's important, is that we definitely hit the mark on the main purpose of the campaign--which was to create some awareness, sparse in this region--on dressing up, and the wholesome lifestyle in which it cultivates. As we bid our au revoir, a quote from a gentleman himself! Samuel Langhorne Clemens or better known by his pen name, Mark Twain. "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog."

Mar 1, 2014 at 6:21am UTC

DO SOMETHING- - DO IT WITH #GUSTO! Advice an italian dude gave me in at a backpackers inn that I remember to follow till today. Mille grazie amica!

What is your meraki? Share.

Do your best. Live strong. AND DRESS DAMN WELL.

For being the first point-of-contact at inspiring majority of men to wear proper clothes as well as taking it off. Today we acknowledge, we appreciate and we honor all the beautiful, strong, intelligent, empowered women -- all over the world. Happy International Women's Day 2014 ladies. XX, The lads at Hertslet & Co. Bespoke. Image credit: Mrs. Rake magazine & the sartorial maestro and very beautiful @janiecai

Mar 10, 2014 at 11:34pm UTC

Parisian Gentleman (http://parisiangentleman.fr) says it best—— "These days, it is more likely for a man to feel good about having immaculately polished shoes and to find satisfaction in knowing that a belt is rarely needed with a suit in the first place, since the complete body line of a man looks much better when he opts for trousers designed for no belt, thus avoiding the “cutting of the man in half” visual effect that a belt causes."

First study the rules, and learn from them. Only once the foundation is right, and this very important. That your anchored by the right things and not by what your pissed drunk date mentioned last night. Only when that's set in stone —— then break them. Cause' every gentleman knows that rules are only but guidelines. Like how all your colleagues are talking about getting another leather shoes in a dark tone. You could opt for a navy suede pair in a clean, sleek design, as shown on the picture. Suede shoes are normally casual, but with the right color and shape, you could make it work. And thats awesome. Just remember, you can do anything but lay off of my blue suede shoes. RH

Show some love to my sartorial-savy, partner-in-crime foremost. A managing partner and trusted counsellor at Hertslet & Co. Bespoke Clothier, second. Mr. Cai Foong blogs about everything sartorial, nonchalance, and elegance that's effortless at The Sartorial Dandy (http://thesartorialdandy.tumblr.com) @italycai

"From being a consultant to a co-partner and shareholder of Hertslet & Co. Bespoke - My responsibilities and undertakings may have changed but one thing is for certain. Never has there been a day on the job or for the matter of fact, since the day I stumbled upon the world of menswear, that I have ever stopped loving what I do, even for a second. The passion burns as strong, if not stronger than before. Being different yet complimentary at the same time in terms of the way we dress is a juxtaposition of Hertslet & Co's brand philosophy of being "Cut from a different cloth". While I am trained in and prefer the simplicity of classic menswear, my partner is the creative tour-de-force driving the brand with different ideas and interpretations of what style means to each individual." ON THE FUTURE OF HERTSLET & CO. BESPOKE My vision for Hertslet & Co. at the end of the day is for the brand to grow and develop to such a stage whereby it becomes iconic in its own right, a la Tom Ford. The brand is not be recognized by the people behind it or the label it adorns, but the product itself becomes an icon that it is instantly recognizable by connoisseurs and aficionados alike." MENSWEAR QUOTE: "Personally, I believe that dressing up is not merely to flaunt or peacock. but rather as a sign of respect for the host and the occasion. Dressing well empowers and builds confidence in an individual to excel and achieve their goals. Simply put, a suit is the modern day gentleman's chain-mail armor in the battlefield that is the corporate world. An inspiring quote that I have adopted as my personal motto? "Dress not for the present, but for who you aspire to be in the future." Only when a man is empowered, will he be able to control his own destiny and create history."



50nFifty Productions

Commissioned by Hertslet & Co. Bespoke Clothier, the #AFewGoodMenSG project was inspired and born from the desire to document the process of …

One of Tom Ford’s 14 tips on building a fashion brand is “Find a great business partner and don’t let them go. This is absolutely key.” That is absolutely true - and that man to me is @italycai

Quench your sartorial thirst with Hertslet & Co. Bespoke. And when that's done —— let's quench the other thirst, shall we gentlemen? An ice cold beer! What were you guys thinking?

Man of the week | @havesomeaiz Graduating with a interactive media design diploma, Aiz has so many skill sets that it would be challenging for a 'summary'. Outliers clothing was officially launched in June 2013 - his first collection sold out, nuff' said. He muses that although recently launched, he had already began to toy around with the idea of a clothing line that represents what he stands for, even since his Poly days. He lists the typical Outlier's customers as those that have the "Never say die" attitude and those that "Rise above challenges." Only available online, and shipped worldwide, you can purchase em' now at www.outliersclothing.bigcartel.com GRAFFITI WRITING His works are seen not only locally but also worldwide, such as London, Munich, Melbourne & most recently, Vietnam. MAGIC POTION (EST. 2008) Aiz also belongs to a collection of individuals, known as Magic Potion, which are talented in their own art forms such as video recording, photography, music, branding, design/illustration as well as - you guessed it - graffiti design. “Because there is healthy competition in the group, they always spur me on to take it up a notch.” he confesses. For enquiries on their services – drop em’ an mail at services@mgcpotions.com #AFewGoodMenSG One of the most prominent memories I have of Aiz is when he got into quite big accident on his bike, was bed-ridden etc. Next day – turned up at Hertslet & Co. Bespoke, limping and all, to commission some clothes and catch up. I was like, man this dude is insane! Despite his achievements this far, ask anyone that knows him - I'm sure they'll agree that this man is as genuine & down to earth as it gets. We, at Hertslet & Co. sees a lot of ourselves in what Aiz stands for, his ambition and spirit. Who knows, there might be collaboration plans in future? RH P/S So I guess it comes to no surprise that his favorite quote in which, is also Outliers Clothing motto is: "Life's a risk."

Getting a bold pocket square can slim you down. It focals your chest - not the pot belly.

I Cai, bless thee ramon to work 1 day a week, to chill at home and be back-end support. Amen.

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

@lawrencesiow wearing his bespoke Hertslet & Co. 100% 2-ply cotton white pique weave shirt - complimented with dark blue inner-placket trimmings. Like cherry on top, it's signed off by his monogram, LAW. #GetIn #HertsletBespoke

Why Cai Foong is onboard the team. @italycai #menstyle

Gabardine-Wool Shawl Lapel Tuxedo. Non conventional - The client opted for shorts and a slightly longer sleeve length. Let us hear your thoughts on the tux-shorts ensemble on the comments below. What do we think? If it doesn't scare children, fits well, and most importantly, if the client is satisfied? Our job is done. #bespoke

Aug 28, 2013 at 3:59pm UTC

The Shawl-Lapel Navy Tuxedo 2-pc Suit / 120's 2-ply 100% Egyptian Cotton Tuxedo Shirt / Bespoke Sateen Self-Tied Bow Tie. All by Hertslet & Co. Bespoke Clothier. #HertsletBespoke

Aug 31, 2013 at 2:13pm UTC

Got a lipstick stain on that crisp new white shirt? We've all been there, bro. Now kiss that stain goodbye by following these easy steps : Place the stain face down on folded paper towels. Sponge area with cleaning solvent and replace em' paper towels frequently. Let dry; rinse, then launder. If needed, repeat the following steps, and rub heavy-duty liquid detergent before laundering. If all else fails - buy her a smudge-free lipstick! #lifehack

The pale blue bengal-striped shirt. Every gentleman's staple. #HertsletBespoke