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5 Red Flags That Signal You Could Be Doing More for Your Company | Inc.com

There's this mentality among a lot of founders and leaders that they've got to always hustle, 24/7, and be the single biggest drivers of their companies' growth to make any kind of difference. I'm probably the last person to make a case against hard work -- growing a company takes a lot of hard …


When Coaching Finds That an Executive Isn’t in the Right Role

In the traditional view of executive coaching, an executive, with her boss’s participation, takes personality assessments, receives 360-degree feedback, and creates and implements a development plan designed to address performance gaps, optimize her contribution, and prepare her for new …


Why Your Boss Lacks Emotional Intelligence

Over the past century, the heartless, no-nonsense CEO has become something of an icon—and a cliché—in American society. Hollywood would have us believe that the Machiavellian chief exec is still alive and well.<p>But that’s just TV, right? How about in the real world? Do businesses still allow these …

Emotional Intelligence

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6 Unique Things You'll Find Good Leaders Doing Every Day | Inc.com

Being a good leader can be a lonely place. For those that choose to make the courageous journey, it's walking the higher road of integrity and moral authority. There are no shortcuts. That's where mere mortals realize the enormity of the role, toss in the towel, and face defeat.<p>For those …


Our 6 Must Reads for Scaling Yourself as a Leader

To succeed in tech, you have to grow not just your skills, but also your energy, your time management, and your approach to work. This is a good …


Top 10 Terms Project Managers Use

8 Quick Tips for Anyone Trying to Get a Handle on Time Management

Personally, I’ve never liked the phrase “ time management .” To me, the words conjure the image of someone frantically shifting time blocks on a …

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6 Communication Skills That Will Make You a Better Leader

Whether you manage employees, coordinate a team of volunteers, serve on a board or are in charge of juggling your family’s schedule every day, your …