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This is your day. Your week. Your life. YOU GOT THIS! We believe in you... :)

GoPro Ad With Toddlers Sledding Is the Most Adorable 30 Seconds You’ll Watch Today

Being a little kid is the best. Everything is new and different, the world is your oyster, and you don't even know it. And your first snow day … wow, …

What did you choose today? What will you choose tomorrow? Go for it...you won't be sorry! :)

Pharrell's 'Happy' Played on Wine Glasses & a Pan!

This is like an awesome lullaby by Pharell. Chill and enjoy one of the best songs of 2013:

Wishing all of our friends much Peace & Love! :)

Happy Someone

We all go through tough times... Thankfully, for all of us, things always change for the better....because if nothing ever changed, there'd be no …

2nd-Grader's Cure For Playground Loneliness: A Buddy Bench

Second-grader Christian Bucks, of York, Pa., knew that some of his classmates felt lonely during recess, and he decided to do something about it. His simple, utterly heartwarming solution was to install a playground "buddy bench."<p>As reported by the York Daily Record, a buddy bench is a designated …

7 Power Mantras to Help You Through a Difficult Day

Finding lasting happiness seems to be like getting in shape physically. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but the more you do it the easier it becomes. You have to work your positivity muscles daily; if you do it, over time it will become much easier. Soon enough you won't have to try to get …


Go on....be who you were meant to be...It's your destiny!!! :)

Happy Monday everyone! :) This week, our happy challenge is to focus on the good things...and only the good things. By focusing on the positive, we bring even more of it into our lives.

Be AMAZING! The world needs more of that.... :) #happysomeone

What a great way of looking at it... Have an amazing day my friends! :)

Happy Someone

We are looking for Happy Stories to feature in our podcast... Do you have a story about finding happiness? Want to be on our show? Do you know …

The #Amigas4Cure turned out amazing today! It was great supporting the Susan G. Komen Miami/Ft. Lauderdale organization.

Good Morning Happy Someones! This week, our happy challenge is to give power to all of our positive thoughts...and if we have some that aren't, let's make them so. Let's make every thought this week, a GREAT one! :)

This week's Happy Challenge is to Give, Donate or Share... Go through your closet or garage and pick out some things that you can donate or give away. Although you don't use those things every day, they can help make a big difference in someone else's life. Not only will this bring you happiness through the act of sharing, but it will also free you up to receive even more blessings into your life! :)

As you get ready to start this new week, remember this... :)