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5 things you need to know about Greece's financial meltdown

Greece said it will close its banks on Monday after a wild weekend in which worried Greeks lined up at ATMs to withdraw their savings, and European …


'Aliens know where to find us': How we'll meet extraterrestrial life in 20 to 30 years

Aliens probably already know we exist - according to scientists who are saying, if something is living, it is probably lurking beneath the surface<p>A comment made by former astronaut John Grunsfeld said "Aliens know where to find us" and will be able to spot humans from afar from the changes we make …


Worms Know What's Up — And Now Scientists Know Why

In what researchers say is a first, they've discovered the neuron in worms that detects Earth's magnetic field. Animals have been known to sense the magnetic field; a new study identifies the microscopic, antenna-shaped sensor that helps worms orient themselves underground.<p>The sensory neuron that …


The faster we pump oil wastewater into the ground, the greater our earthquake risk

It may be time to take things slow<p>Injecting wastewater into the ground may be an effective way of disposing of salty fluids created through oil and gas production, but it also comes with a perilous side effect: earthquakes. Now, researchers have found that the rate at which we dispose of this …

MERS Virus Migrates to One More Country. What Will Contain It?

A respiratory virus that originates in the Middle East and has been hopscotching the globe for three years has today landed in yet another country, just as international health officials are raising concerns about the conditions that allow it to spread.<p>The virus is called MERS, Middle East …


Vaccines in the '60s made people more likely to develop chlamydia — and now we know why

Chlamydia researchers may have solved a 50-year-old scientific mystery. And in doing so, they designed what looks like the most promising candidate for a chlamydia vaccine that we've seen in a long time.<p>Chlamydia is the most widespread bacterial sexually transmitted infection in the world. In the …

Public Health

Kangaroos Are Lefties—Why Handedness Is Rare Among Animals

The preference for using one hand likely emerged after red and eastern gray kangaroos started walking upright, just as it did in humans, a new study says.<p>Talk about a southpaw—some kangaroos are almost exclusively lefties, a new study says.<p>That may not seem so revolutionary. But for decades, …

This Squishy Honeycomb Could Build Strong, Lightweight Armor

Better buckling, better bumpers<p>Armor can be light, durable, and effective, but rarely all three at the same time. New research from the University of Texas Austin has a new solution: a honeycomb shape, but one durable enough to reform after impact.<p>Man-made honeycomb structures used in armor are …


How It Works: MIT's inFORM Dynamic Shape Display

After weeks of viral internet stardom, Daniel Leithinger and Sean Follmer talk about how their dynamic shape display works and where they see the technology going into the future.<p>In early November, two MIT PhD students, Daniel Leithinger and Sean Follmer, introduced an eye-catching project from the …

Placebos & Nocebos: How Your Brain Heals and Hurts You

Insta-Snowball - Sick Science! #168

Better Know a Plague: Bed Bugs

Here, I unveil an Our Modern Plagues series, which was inspired by Stephen Colbert’s recurring segment Better Know a District. My version—Better Know a Plague—will introduce you to a plague-like critter every month or two, whether it is something we really need to worry about or whether it’s just a …

Medway Valley Line 4 Car Workings At Maidstone Barracks/West,Aylesford,Halling & Cuxton 3/10/11

How an engine works - comprehensive tutorial animation featuring Toyota engine technologies

EXACTLY how a car engine works - 3D animation !

How to make an F15 Eagle Jet Fighter Paper Plane (Tadashi Mori)

Origami Elephant :: Elefante de papel

Origami - How to make an easy origami dragon

How to Make a Paper Crane (Origami) - Rob's World

How to Make an Origami Butterfly

Origami Tessellation Basics: Rhombus Twist

Origami Tessellation Basics: Open-Back Triangle Twist

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Money Origami Instructions: Money Baby Buggy (Dominik Meißner)

Origami Instructions: Carambola (Carmen Sprung)