Sherlock Holmes

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Sherlock - 5. Staffel ist noch lange nicht vom Tisch, sagt Steven Moffat

Eine 5. Sherlock-Staffel schien lange unwahrscheinlich. Showrunner Steven Moffat hat aber noch lange nicht mit der Serie abgeschlossen und stellt …

Was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle really away with the fairies?

That Sherlock Holmes’s creator should have been duped by two young girls and their hoax photographs shows his desperation to believe in the ‘Other Side’<p>When this survey of British fairydom arrived I turned to the chapter on Dorset to read about the little people of my county. After a survey of …

Happy 164th Birthday, Sherlock Holmes!

"your celebrated friend, Mr. Sherlock Holmes" [NAVA] <br>Today is January 6th and that marks the date on which we traditionally celebrate Sherlock …


"Sherlock": Showrunner Steven Moffat nährt die Hoffnung auf eine 5. Staffel - Serien News -

Nach der Erstausstrahlung der vierten Staffel der Erfolgsserie „Sherlock“ Anfang 2017 blieb die Fernsehzukunft des Meisterdetektivs ungewiss. Nun hat …

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: A Scandal in Bohemia [Jeremy Brett]

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes S05E03 Shoscombe Old Place

About Being a Sherlockian — It's More Than the Stories

<b>"some sixty members assembled" [VALL]</b><br>We use the term "Sherlockian" fairly frequently around here. To us, it's a term that means more than just being …

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes Pearl of Death

Sherlock Holmes and The Hound of the Baskervilles 1939

Star Trek TNG 203: Elementary, Dear Data in 10 Minutes!


Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson: Der Hammer des Donnergottes (Hörspiel komplett, Mai 2017)

Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson: Die Tochter (Hörspiel komplett, Dezember 2016)

TV-Serie „Sherlock“: Ich denke so schnell, ich kann nicht anders

Die ARD zeigt Staffel vier von „Sherlock“. Benedict Cumberbatch spielt wieder groß auf, die Serie an sich wird fast zum Horrordrama. Deutet das auf …

2014.Bastian Pastewka präsentiert: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Der Hund der Baskervilles Teil 1

Der Hund von Baskerville


Data and Geordi in the Holodeck playing Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

Rainer Lakmann's review of Sherlock Holmes 8

Als Hörspiel gehört: Sherlock Holmes hat wieder einen Fall in der Theaterszene: Bei Aufführungen von Goethes Faust geht es nicht mit rechten Dingen …

Without Edgar Allan Poe, We Wouldn’t Have Sherlock Holmes

When Edgar Allan Poe first introduced the world to C. Auguste Dupin, he hit on a winning formula.<p>Dupin was Sherlock Holmes before Sherlock Holmes, a …

Fan Theory Friday: Are Sherlock Holmes and Spock Related???

Illogical, you might think, but you’d be wrong…<p>On paper, the characters of Sherlock Holmes and Spock would seem to be pretty similar. Both are …

THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES Part 1 / Собака Баскервилей 1 серия

Lose yourself in this beautiful literary map of London

This stunning map of London is made up of the names of characters from novels, plotted on to the areas of the city they're most associated with.<p>It was created by Dex, a London-based artist and graphic designer, and interior designer Anna Burles<b>.</b> They describe it as "an intricate type map of the …

The Hound of the Baskervilles is not everyone’s favourite

Top 10 Best Sherlock TV Series Moments

Top 10

Sherlock 4x03 "The Final Problem" IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS (Final Episode)

Sherlock Holmes

Top 10 Sherlock Holmes Portrayals

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Arthur and Sherlock review – ‘diligent study of Holmes and his role models’

Michael Sims investigates Conan Doyle’s real and fictional inspirations for his great detective<p>The best Sherlock Holmes stories were written before 1916, when Arthur Conan Doyle officially converted to spiritualism and took to table-rapping. A mishmash of new age mysticism and low church gloom, the …