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The 50 best burger joints in America, ranked

Our friends at Foursquare dug through their troves of user data to compile the list. Because the site now allows users to save and favorite venues they love, Foursquare was able to track down which burgers diners are raving about most across America.<p>To create this list, Foursquare included the …


What People Around the World Dream About

An atlas of the subconscious, from Tijuana to Reykjavik<p>The first thing I learned is: Everybody flies.<p>Consider the surly taxi driver I met in Ukraine who, when asked what he dreamed of at night, responded, “I jump and then I fly—higher than the trees, higher than the trolley wires.”<p>“I think when I …


Elephants, Rhinos and Other Large Plant-Eaters Face Extinction, Study Says

David Chancellor—INSTITUTE<p>David Chancellor—INSTITUTE<p>David Chancellor —INSTITUTE<p>David Chancellor —INSTITUTE<p>David Chancellor —INSTITUTE<p>David Chancellor …


Eight tips on creativity and work from a professional performance artist

1 – Deadlines are your friend<p>Putting pen to paper and coming up with a coherent text has never been an easy task for me, so when invited to participate in a “major book project” and to offer insight and advice to artists starting out in the field, I was flattered but hesitant.<p>Plagued by a horrible …


Who should be the next prime minister? A guide to the election by chris (simpsons artist)

on the 7th day of may a magical event will happen that only appears every 25 years and it is called the general election. on this special day people from all around the country will be given a chance to vote for who they want to be the next prime minister of the uk in the united kingdom so it is …


Google is experimenting with Dart to create faster, smoother Android apps

A group of Google developers is working on Sky, a Dart-based “experimental, high-performance UI framework for mobile apps.”<p>The majority of Android apps are written in Java, but Sky makes use of Dart, an open-source web programming language developed and promoted by Google. The goal of Sky is to …


13 Ways You Could Be Sabotaging Your Own Happiness

We all want our own bit of happiness independent of outside events or the stars aligning right. We know that happiness is down to how with think and …


Weather view: your April pictures

We asked you to share your most striking images of the weather in April from around the world. Here are some of our favourites<p>Share your May weather photos via GuardianWitness


Surprising new study suggests that flying may be greener than driving

If you want to live a green and energy conscious lifestyle, then the travel or transportation choices you make are crucial. That’s because travel uses a great deal more energy than, say, spending time at home, or cleaning, or eating.<p>So what should you do when Thanksgiving is coming, and you’ve got …

10 best college apps for Android

College can be an important time in one’s life. You’ll be learning all kinds of new things. Or at least you’re supposed to. Most sites that do lists for college apps will tell you to do obvious things like join Twitter or subscribe to Spotify because of their college discount. However, we think you …