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By Madame Deals | Check out these great spring cleaning tips and DIY cleaning recipes!

How to Clean Using Natural Products - Real Advice Gal

We are faced with many options in cleaning products and everyday it seems there are ads promising better results or better smells. Does the fact …

How to Spring Clean your Closet - Real Advice Gal

Spring Clean

What you Need:

Permanent Marker
• 4 Trash Bags (preferably White) or boxes

How to Organize:

Before we start taking everything out, here are a …


Quick Bathroom Clean Up Tips - Real Advice Gal

With a family of 5 in 900 square feet and sharing 1 bathroom, it is no surprise that the bathroom is the room that gets dirtiest the fastest. This …


Carpet Cleaning Tips - Real Advice Gal

Carpet Cleaning Tips-I don’t know about you, but having 3 cats and a very messy 5 year old does horrible things to my cream colored carpet. Having a …


Homemade Diswasher Detergent

Homemade Dishwasher Detergent

I run my dishwasher almost daily and buying dishwasher detergent just eats away at budget even with coupons. So when I …


Homemade Fabric Refresher - Real Advice Gal

Save Money with this DIY Fabric Refresher

My house is always full of interesting smells, thanks to my family of people and pets. In my 900 square foot …


Domestic Diva: Takes on the Laundry

I was elated to find out that Martha Stewart was a fraud. I mean she isn’t perfect. I am far from perfection but I always pictured her having the …


DIY Wrinkle Release Spray - Real Advice Gal

I love finding ways to save a little money on every day things, so when I found this super easy DIY Wrinkle Release Spray I knew I had to share it …


101 Uses for Baking Soda - Real Advice Gal

Baking Soda is great to have around the house for so many reasons! From cleaning to beauty, you are sure to find a lot of ways to use baking soda, …

10 ideas for Toddler Chores + Free Printable Chore Charts - Real Advice Gal

+ Free Printable Chore Charts

Being a toddler is a fun time in your childs life, and it’s also a great time to instill skills and values that they …


Free Printable Chore Charts: 10 ideas for School Age Kid Chores - Real Advice Gal

10 ideas for School Age Kid Chores

Free Printable Chore Charts

10 Ideas for School Age Kid Chores-Being a School-Age child is a crucial learning time …

Mommy and Me Chore Chart - Real Advice Gal

If you are looking for a fun craft to do with your kids that will also help you all out in the long run, try making a Mommy and me Chore Chart! My …

Easy Ways to Organize your Cleaning Schedule - Real Advice Gal

Simple Schedule of Easy Ways to Organize Cleaning Schedule

Being frugal with money in today’s economy has become a must have but what about being …

Microsoft Word

Van organization - Real Advice Gal

How to Organize a mini van

I am a mini van mom. I said I would never get one. Then entered baby number three because life happens and I couldn’t help …


A Clean Kitchen in Under 15 Minutes a Day - Real Advice Gal

Spend less than 15 minutes daily and still have a clean kitchen.

In my house the kitchen is the hardest room to keep clean. When we are dividing up …


How to Clean Stainless Steel

For those of us with Stainless Steel appliances and furniture, we know how much of a pain it can be to keep it looking fresh and new. Follow these …


Shoe Organization Ideas - Real Advice Gal

I am a shoe girl. Okay I may in fact be a shoe hoarder. What I do know how to do is organize my shoes. I came up with a great idea for my boots. I …


Clean Dishwasher with Vinegar - Real Advice Gal

I will admit I hate washing the dishes. I throw everything in the dishwasher. That is a super solution until you start to notice that your dishwasher …

Tips for Cleaning Garage Floors - Real Advice Gal

Tips for cleaning garage floors

My husband and I recently spend a weekend cleaning out our (very full garage), and we had NO idea how bad our garage …


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