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By rachelhulan | A collection of inspiring sustainable interiors and objects.

Bookniture's paper furniture folds into books you can store on your shelf

The vast majority of folding furniture isn't exactly known for being elegant, or even that easy to store when it's not in use. But Bookniture's …


Sustainable Home Goods from the Deep South

All struggling hometowns need a Natalie Chanin. For more than a decade, we've watched with interest as the former NYC-based stylist returned to her roots, founding her own organic cotton fashion company, Alabama Chanin, in Florence, Alabama. She also publishes sewing books, runs a cafe and …

Scrap Art: Patchwork Linens from Copenhagen

Rising Danish fashion and textile designer Line Sander Johansen emerged from graduate school in 2012 with plenty of commercial interest in her work, but a disinclination to send her garments "out of the country for production far away, not having my hands on them anymore." Instead, she did the …

3D-printed Cool Brick cools a room using only water

Emerging Objects, frontrunners in the 3D printing industry, has developed a 3D-printed ceramic “Cool Brick” that uses nothing but water to cool homes …

Natural Resources

Upcycling Cubicles into Modern Temporary Housing

Carole Nicholson of Allsteel will join us at Dwell on Design Los Angeles to discuss her innovative ReFRAME recycling initiative.


A Tree-Shaped Table Clamp for Clearing Clutter

Looking for a way to keep your work surfaces clutter free? Connecticut design firm Layer x Layer proposes going vertical with its tree-shaped, dip-dyed table clamps that serve as decorative catchalls. Based in Milford, Connecticut, Layer x Layer is run by architect Patrick Turiello and industrial …

The Terroir Project transforms seaweed into sustainable chairs and lamps

In their new Terroir Project collection, designers Jonas Edvard and Nikolaj Steenfatt have created a line of sustainable furniture inspired by the …

Sustainable Design

Lights and chandeliers made from booze bottles and books

The Moonshine Lamp Company makes beautiful lights out of booze bottles, such as the Crystal Skull Sconce and the eight-bottle chandelier; but they also make lights out of hardcovers, including one made from Jeremy Scahill's superb investigative 2007 book Blackwater. (via Neatorama) Moonshine Lamp …

Seaweed and paper combine to create furniture

Graduates Jonas Edvard and Nikolaj Steenfatt have used a new material made from seaweed and paper to create a chair and a collection of pendant lamps


360º Refresh: 10 Homemade Solutions for A Healthier Home and Body

If you let it, January can be one of the bleakest, chilliest months on the calendar. After all, the sparkle of the holidays has come and gone, the …

Spring Equinox

French artist Edouard Martinet makes incredibly detailed metal animal sculptures from recycled bicycle parts and typewriter keys, among other …

Horseshoes and a Chunk of Wood get a New Life

Remember a while back I made a beautiful winter wreath from an old horse harness?

You can check it out here.

I used horseshoes as part of the …

DIY: Old Skateboards into Furniture

2 DIY: Old Skateboards into Furniture

“Creative Recycling”, is the third of five interactive workshops from Converse. Taking place now through Spring …


Izmade has developed a plan to collect and recycle tomato sauce cans into Margherita, a beautiful and sustainable lamp.


Green places

Albertslund Suburban sustainability

The Albertslund Concept, for which the Municipality of Albertslund was appointed Nordic Energy Municipality in …

High-End Indigenus Planters are Made of Sustainably Sourced Materials

Design entrepreneur Peter van der Post developed Indigenus, a line of beautifully crafted high-end planters that can stand alone as works of art, …


Our Turkish towels are made on traditional wooden looms, purchased through woman's co-op, supporting fair trade. Organic 100% cotton. Prices range from $10 hand towels to $40 bath sheets. We love these! @ Heritage Mercantile Co

Vapo – Vapor and Shower System by Students of ZheJiang University

The Vapo hopes to bridge the gap between lathering up with suds to washing them out. We tend to let the shower run even when we are soaping up and …


Kawara Bench made from waste roof tiles by Studio Tsuyoshi Hayashi #interieurawards #interieur_14

Brittany's solar-powered Groundhouse - conceived over a decade by Daren Howarth and Adrianne Nortje - flips the stereotype that rammed earth homes …

Sustainable Design

Lighting to root for!

There’s little to dislike about the simplicity of a single bulb pendant, but if you’re not into the raw industrial look, the Root socket is the …

Square Root

The Architecture Of The Future Is Far More Spectacular Than You Could Imagine

"Every great architect is -- necessarily -- a great poet. He must be a great original interpreter of his time, his day, his age."

Those are the words of one undeniably great architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, whose visions of harmonious design and innovating urban planning amounted to his own brand of …


Blurred lines. An architect and his wife experiment with green design in their own Santa Monica home. Their home is designed to be net zero, use minimal energy and water and to have an intimate connection with the outdoors. Would you consider removing boundaries between your home's interior and exterior?

Tat Chao makes these clever lights from wine glass tops. He's part of a Canadian design collective called QC Design. #wanteddesign #nycxd

Bet you've never seen a coffee table made of coffee grounds! #suoffsite #nycxd by AM|MA Studio

Emeco's eco-friendly stool by Nendo is "a system rather than a single piece of furniture"

Milan 2014: Oki Sato of Nendo explains the concept behind the SU stool, which is based on American furniture company Emeco's iconic Navy Chair and …


Mark Jupiter's Handcrafted Reclaimed Furniture Highlights New York City's History | BKLYN Designs

Mark Jupiter’s Handcrafted Reclaimed Furniture Highlights New York City’s History

As a fourth generation New York City builder, Mark Jupiter isn't …