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Help kickstart this little SolarPuff lantern that could save the world

[youtube =http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFjxthY24iI]Imagine what it would be like to live without electricity. If you wanted to do anything after …


PET Lamp's Abyssinia pendants are made by Ethiopian crafters out of discarded plastic bottles

Following their workshops in Colombia and Chile, LED Lamp brought their skills to Ethiopia, where they developed an entire series of colorful lamps …


Philips announces the most affordable LED light bulb ever, yours for under $5

Philips wants to put LED bulbs in every home by making them so affordable that nobody will be able to resist. The global lighting leader, in …


Meet the man who grows chairs (and tables and lamps)

Gavin Munro doesn't just grow trees, he grows furniture. Making one piece of furniture can take decades using traditional methods, if you consider …


Philips dimmable LED bulb for $8

This is the lowest price I've seen for an LED bulb. I bought a couple of these when they were $10 and like them a lot. At $5 they are a great pretty good deal.

From my 2014 review:

I replaced all the bulbs in my house with fluorescent bulbs a few years ago, and now I'm replacing the fluorescents with …

Light Bulbs

A Glass Wall or a Wall of Glasses? Tre Bicchieri Restaurant Sports a Seemingly Fragile Facade

(Courtesy Carbondale)

The newly-erected Glass Wall at São Paulo–based fine dining establishment Tre Bicchieri is one of those …


Milan Preview: LEDS Clay Table Lamp by Maarten Baas and Bertjan Pot http://buff.ly/1E5rDNq #mdw15

Cheers to Light

Perfect for romantic rendezvouses and elegant affairs, the Bottled lamp was designed to add eclectic ambience to any formal setting. Shaped like a …


TripLit is the first portable, endlessly versatile OLED light

Alkilu’s TripLit is the first portable OLED device. Hang it from a tree, prop it up on a desk or use it to light your tent – the TripLit has three …

Bookniture's paper furniture folds into books you can store on your shelf

The vast majority of folding furniture isn't exactly known for being elegant, or even that easy to store when it's not in use. But Bookniture's …


Scrap Art: Patchwork Linens from Copenhagen

Rising Danish fashion and textile designer Line Sander Johansen emerged from graduate school in 2012 with plenty of commercial interest in her work, but a disinclination to send her garments "out of the country for production far away, not having my hands on them anymore." Instead, she did the …


Sustainable Home Goods from the Deep South

All struggling hometowns need a Natalie Chanin. For more than a decade, we've watched with interest as the former NYC-based stylist returned to her roots, founding her own organic cotton fashion company, Alabama Chanin, in Florence, Alabama. She also publishes sewing books, runs a cafe and …

Look We Love: Industrial Bohemian

Industrial spaces don't have to be sleek and minimal and cold. One of our favorite new looks is one we're calling 'industrial bohemian': raw, …


3D-printed Cool Brick cools a room using only water

Emerging Objects, frontrunners in the 3D printing industry, has developed a 3D-printed ceramic “Cool Brick” that uses nothing but water to cool homes …

Natural Resources

Upcycling Cubicles into Modern Temporary Housing

Carole Nicholson of Allsteel will join us at Dwell on Design Los Angeles to discuss her innovative ReFRAME recycling initiative.

Shane Schneck's Bollard light is four lamps in one

Northmodern 2015: American designer Shane Schneck has created a silicone lamp for Danish brand Menu that can be used in four different …


A Tree-Shaped Table Clamp for Clearing Clutter

Looking for a way to keep your work surfaces clutter free? Connecticut design firm Layer x Layer proposes going vertical with its tree-shaped, dip-dyed table clamps that serve as decorative catchalls. Based in Milford, Connecticut, Layer x Layer is run by architect Patrick Turiello and industrial …


WATCH: Choreographed LED hula hooping

Viennese artists Annika Hakala and Lisa Looping of HoopioSis perform mesmerizing choreography using LED hula hoops. Be sure to watch in HD.

Their website HoopioSis has more videos and explains the genesis of the project:

The seed of co-working between the two hoop ladies was immediately planted when …


The Terroir Project transforms seaweed into sustainable chairs and lamps

In their new Terroir Project collection, designers Jonas Edvard and Nikolaj Steenfatt have created a line of sustainable furniture inspired by the …

Sustainable Design

8 Super Colorful Kitchens

Red, yellow, blue, and beyond: gain inspiration from our favorite electric-hued spaces from our pages.


Lights and chandeliers made from booze bottles and books

The Moonshine Lamp Company makes beautiful lights out of booze bottles, such as the Crystal Skull Sconce and the eight-bottle chandelier; but they also make lights out of hardcovers, including one made from Jeremy Scahill's superb investigative 2007 book Blackwater. (via Neatorama) Moonshine Lamp …


Seaweed and paper combine to create furniture

Designers Jonas Edvard and Nikolaj Steenfatt have used a new material made from seaweed and paper to create a chair and a collection of pendant …


360º Refresh: 10 Homemade Solutions for A Healthier Home and Body

If you let it, January can be one of the bleakest, chilliest months on the calendar. After all, the sparkle of the holidays has come and gone, the …


Light-filled classrooms surround a courtyard garden at DS Nursery in Japan

Small-scale fittings, blackboards walls and round toilet cubicles are incorporated into this kindergarten in Japan, designed by architecture studios …


Top 15 Interiors Trends of 2015

From interesting mirrors to ugly marble to cut crystal to moody minimalism: our predictions of the design trends that will define 2015.

Above: Moody, luxe minimalism; our favorite practitioners include Dimore Studio (shown), Ochre, Faye Toogood, Joseph Dirand, and Nicolas Schuybroeck.

Cut crystal …


A staircase lands on a desk inside House in Hikone by Tato Architects

Forty-two identical windows puncture the exterior of this house in Japan by Tato Architects, which also features a staircase that leads onto a piece …


Edouard Martinet's enchanting metal animal sculptures are made from old bike parts

The French artist created his jolly running ostrich by securing the assorted metal parts with a few screws and opted not to use a welding iron. His …