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Philosophy of science in fifteen minutes

Philosophy of Science

The Conceptual Mind: New Directions in the Study of Concepts

2016.05.21 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews<b></b>Eric Margolis and Stephen Laurence (eds.), <i>The Conceptual Mind: New Directions in the</i> …


Should we be afraid of AI?

Machines seem to be getting smarter and smarter and much better at human jobs, yet true AI is utterly implausible. Why?<i>By Luciano Floridi</i>Read at Aeon


Your Simple (Yes, Simple) Guide to Quantum Entanglement

An aura of glamorous mystery attaches to the concept of quantum entanglement, and also to the (somehow) related claim that quantum theory requires …

Trop de maths en Economie ?

Dans un remarquable essai pour la revue <i>Aeon</i>, le professeur de philosophie et de religion à l’université James Madison de Virginie, Alan Jay …


Physics, Mathematics and Skepticism // Reviews // Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews // University of Notre Dame

In his address to the Fourth International Congress of Philosophy held at Bologna in 1911, Henri Bergson noted that "a philosopher worthy of the name …


Dear Dr. B: What is the difference between entanglement and superposition?

The only photo in existence<br>that shows me in high heels.<p>This is an excellent question which you didn’t ask. I’ll answer it anyway because confusing …

Was Einstein Wrong?

Last week's announcement of the direct detection of gravitational waves proved, once again, the enduring power of Albert Einstein's scientific vision. Once again, Einstein was right in that this theory accurately predicted the behavior of the world.<p>But with last week's triumph, a deep and …


Donner du sens à la mécanique quantique

Bien que ses étranges prédictions aient toujours été vérifiées, la mécanique quantique, ou plutôt son interprétation, continue de troubler physiciens …


« C’est mon dernier mot, Jean-Pierre : le Soleil »

Qu'est-ce qui gravite autour de la Terre : la Lune ou le Soleil ? La bonne réponse n'est pas si évidente.

The Philosophical Foundations of Physics

One sometimes hears popular science programmes claiming that the scientific revolution began when Galileo had the bright idea of finding out about …


Scientific Consensus Is Almost Never Wrong — Almost

In the 1960s geologists had to throw out their textbooks.


The Trouble with Theories of Everything - Issue 29: Scaling

Whenever you say anything about your daily life, a scale is implied. Try it out. “I’m too busy” only works for an assumed time scale: today, for …


Is dark matter subatomic particles, a superfluid, or both? – Sabine Hossenfelder

Most of the matter in the Universe is invisible, composed of some substance that leaves no mark as it breezes through us – and through all of the …

Let’s Rethink Space - Issue 32: Space

Space is brutally egalitarian. When you become separated from your lover, the two of you retain no tighter a physical connection than do two lumps of …


Features: Quantum biology continues to intrigue

Quantum biology continues to intrigue<p>‘It’s an attractive idea that nature has adopted,<br>and optimized, fundamentally quantum phenomena’<p>By Rajendrani …

Quantum Mechanics

Deviates, Sloths, and Exiles: Philosophical Remarks on the Ockham’s Razor Workshop*

Picking up the pieces…<p>My flight out of Pittsburgh has been cancelled, and as I may be stuck in the airport for some time, I will try to make a virtue …

Machine Learning

How Real Is Reality?

Each day when you wake up, the world is, for the most part, unchanged from the day before.<p>The sun rises again in the east. Your underwear falls if you drop it. The water in the sink spirals down the drain like always. Just as important, your mattress won't turn into a sports car and you can't jump …


Bayes's Theorem: What's the Big Deal?

I’m not sure when I first heard of Bayes’ theorem. But I only really started paying attention to it over the last decade, after a few of my wonkier …


Why too much evidence can be a bad thing

(—Under ancient Jewish law, if a suspect on trial was unanimously found guilty by all judges, then the suspect was acquitted. This reasoning …