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Here’s the one paranoid political fear that Donald Trump won’t—and can’t—exploit

Fears of immigrants, foreign workers, terrorists, big corporations—Donald Trump has adroitly exploited them all to fuel his presidential campaign.

But last night’s debate in New Hampshire, held just three two days before the second contest of the primary season, revealed one bogeyman he embraces: …

How to watch Super Bowl 50 for free on all your devices

Despite the rise of cord-cutting and online streaming, the Super Bowl is still largely watched by Americans on TV. In fact, it’s the biggest viewing event in the United States—last year’s game on NBC drew 114 million viewers, making it the most-watched television broadcast in American history.

Only …


Elon Musk is thinking about building an electric airplane that takes off vertically

Electric cars and and commercial spaceflight are clearly not enough. Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said he’s mulling how to provide super-convenient, electric-powered air travel.

When asked to reveal his “next great idea” during a brief Q&A session this week, Musk answered: “Well I have been …

Elon Musk

An artistocratic murder mystery worthy of Sherlock Holmes has been resolved after 40 years

In 1974, Richard John Bingham, also known as Lord Lucan, vanished shortly after Sandra Rivett, nanny to his three children, was bludgeoned to death in ritzy Mayfair in London. Her attacker had also beat Lucan’s estranged wife, Lady Lucan, but she managed to escape. She reportedly ran to a local …

Sherlock Holmes

The only African running for FIFA president will not be supported by African voters

On Feb. 26, FIFA, the world’s soccer governing body will hold elections to elect a new president to replace Sepp Blatter. The chances that the new president will come from Africa have now been pretty much erased. At a meeting in Kigali, Rwanda, the executive committee of the Africa’s soccer …


Apple is overdoing a security check by bricking people’s iPhones and iPads

Apple is getting flack for a security check in recent iPhone and iPad models that can disable all use of a device when it has been fixed by a non-Apple-certified repair person. Repairs to the home button on an iPhone or iPad, or even screen replacement—a relatively common procedure—can trigger the …


There’s a new service offering unlimited flights on airlines like American, Delta, and JetBlue

All-you-can-fly subscription service OneGo launched on Feb. 1, providing its members with unlimited service on 500 commercial routes around the US for a flat monthly rate of $2,950. Cheaper regional plans include 35 routes in the West, 158 routes in the East, and 35 routes in the central US …


Henry VIII’s erratic behavior was likely caused by an NFL-style injury, argue Yale researchers

King Henry VIII was a complicated and contradictorily character, according to historical accounts. In his youth, he was reportedly “lighthearted, merry and easily given to laughter,” while in later years he became cruel and tyrannical, with an explosive temper.

The cause of this personality change …


We talked to five experts about what it would take to actually institute Universal Basic Income

Universal Basic Income (UBI) proposals are gaining in popularity across the political spectrum. The measures would see governments hand a set monthly income to every single citizen within a country, either in addition to existing benefits or in place of them (depending on the details of the …


The Bay Area is donating 25% of its Super Bowl funds to local nonprofits

The Super Bowl, which takes place this Sunday (Feb. 7) in Santa Clara, California, is already going to be unique because of a heavy influence from Silicon Valley tech firms. And it’s the half-century anniversary of the world’s largest annual single-league sporting event. But the man who spearheaded …

Super Bowl

These architects are in the process of reshaping New York City’s skyline

New York has long been a laboratory for architecture—a “theater of progress,” as Rem Koolhaas called it in his seminal 1978 text, Delirious New York. Yet even within that tradition, 2016 is poised to be a defining year for New York’s future development. Already dubbed “the Manhattan skyline’s …

New York City

Lunar new year is all about money, but that doesn’t mean it’s a shallow holiday

Happy new year! This week, people around the world are getting haircuts, buying new clothes, and stocking up on treats to fête the Year of the Monkey, which begins Feb. 8. Businesses across China, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and their respective diasporas have shut down for the …


The race to outsmart invasive plants before they get the best of us

Some climate change apocalypse narratives are inherently dramatic: thriving metropolises plunged underwater, “megadroughts” that could cause millions to be displaced. But there’s a far more prosaic danger that’s already underway: the human race may get taken down by weeds.

Weeds and vines, fueled by …

Long Island

Here’s what a billion Chinese will be eating this lunar new year—and why

Like most holidays, lunar new year is celebrated with food. Lunar new year is observed not only in China, but other Asian countries and their diaspora all over the world. The meals are about more than food. As you’ll see in the video above, they take on a deeper meaning.

Chinese Food

Amazon Echo is a sleeper hit, and the rest of America is about to find out about it for the first time

It was a weird surprise when Amazon unveiled Echo, an internet-connected speaker that listens and talks, in late 2014.

Amazon’s track record creating hardware had been inconsistent. While the Kindle e-reader was a long-time success and its Fire TV streaming media device was looking good, the …


Now it’s Cairo taxi drivers’ turn to say they’re fed up with Uber

Dozens of Cairo taxi drivers protested this week against Uber and others ride hailing apps such as Dubai-based Careem.

In a widely shared list of demands circulated online ahead of the small protest that caused traffic disruption in the upmarket Mohandeseen area on Thursday, the drivers complained …


A Lord of the Rings-inspired space opera wants to connect you with African mythology

Artist Paul Louise-Julie counts among his inspirations the words of Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien, the images of Star Wars and the whispers of a Senegalese elder who opened his eyes to the oral history of West Africa.

Six years ago, he challenged himself to combine these influences with his …


Music streaming is forcing record labels to try playing nice with artists

Big shifts in the music business tend to make artists wary, and perhaps rightly so. With the exception of superstar acts like Adele and Taylor Swift, musicians and songwriters across the board have seen their earnings dwindle thanks to the new payment models of digital downloads and music …

Universal Music

For lunar new year, Asians are flocking to the bank for luck

As lunar new year looms, people in China, Vietnam, South Korea, and the diaspora are hustling to get ready. Celebrants are scrubbing their kitchens, buying new clothes, getting hair cuts, paying (and collecting) debts this week, all to prepare for the first day of Monkey Year on Feb. 8.

One …

Chinese New Year

Burberry is radically upending the way fashion collections are shown and sold

Burberry just fired a shot at the whole fashion system. The British label announced that it’s radically changing the way it presents and sells runway collections, making them seasonless, showing men’s and women’s lines together, and—perhaps most importantly—making the new designs available for …


There’s no easy way to tell if Zika is transmitted sexually

Earlier this week, the first case of Zika was reported (pdf) in the US in Dallas County, Texas. But unlike other cases of the virus, the county’s health department claims that transmission occurred between two people who had sex.

The pandemic is concentrated in Latin America occurs from a mosquito …

UNC Chapel Hill

The worst El Niño in years is triggering acute food shortages in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has declared a state of disaster in parts of the country which have been badly hit by one of the worst droughts it has seen in recent years. According to reports, as many as 2.4 million people—almost a quarter of Zimbabwe’s population—are in need of food aid as the drought has adversely …


Here is every Super Bowl ad that we know will run on Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday (Feb.7) is almost upon us, but the commercials, which are the main event for 75% of Americans, are already here. Below is every national ad that we know will run between kick-off and the end of the game this weekend. Roughly 45 spots from paid sponsors are confirmed for the …

Super Bowl

Bernie Sanders’ refusal to reveal his economic advisers is an ominous sign

No surprise: Senator Bernie Sanders had a lot to say about Wall Street at last night’s Democratic primary debate.

“Too much economic power, too much political power, and the economists that I talk to say we should break them up,” he said.

In a previous debate in January, he talked about the …

Bernie Sanders

It’s easier for North Americans to travel within Africa than Africans themselves

Despite the rhetoric that extols the vision of “pan-Africanism” and “one Africa” by their leaders, Africans remain severely disconnected from each other. This is in no small part due to policies by African states that make it difficult for the continent’s citizens to gain access to each other’s …

Africa Travel

Only 1% of crimes are punished in Mexico

For criminals in Mexico, the cost-benefit analysis of killing, stealing or paying off government officials is a no-brainer.

The vast majority of crime—93%—is not even reported due a lack of trust in the authorities. Of the cases that are filed, less than 5% result in convictions. So overall, the …


A robot just sunk a hole-in-one on the PGA Tour

About a week after beating a supposedly unbeatable board game, robots are now turning their attention to a game you’ve actually heard of: golf. LDRIC, a robot named after Tiger Woods’ birth name (“Eldrick,” phonetically), knocked in a hole-in-one on the 16th hole of the Waste Management Phoenix …


The iPhone 7 might have a camera with two lenses—here’s why that’s a great idea

The biggest rumor so far about this year’s iPhone 7, expected in the fall, is that it will have two camera lenses on its back.

Among various design changes, the new iPhone will reportedly lose its rear camera “bump” and it’ll get two cameras on its rear instead of one, according to MacRumors. …


A Michelin-starred chef is leaving Copenhagen’s Noma to revolutionize American school lunches

After working as head chef at Noma, the famed two-Michelin-star restaurant in Copenhagen, Dan Guisti is taking on an even bigger challenge: school lunches in America.

Giusti, an Italian-American born in New Jersey, founded a for-profit food service company called Brigaid that hopes to work with …


Highs and lows of the American economy, as told through Super Bowl ads

Super Bowl ads are known for being flashy, funny, risky, celebrity-packed, and extremely costly. But, looking back over the last three decades, they also say a lot about the US economy.

When the now-defunct online pet-supply store Pets.com ran a Super Bowl spot in 2000, it highlighted the massive …