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See the first shots from the Rosetta mission’s successful comet landing

The Rosetta mission, the combined effort by European Space Agency and NASA to land a spacecraft on a comet, has so far been a resounding success.

The decade-long journey to Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko culminated 317 million miles from Earth just after 11:00 a.m EST on Wednesday, when the Philae …

Rosetta Mission

Twitter’s growth strategy, as expressed in tweets

Twitter Inc, is holding its inaugural strategy day in San Francisco today, with senior executives selling the company’s plans for growth to Wall Street analysts. Last week marked the company’s one year anniversary since its IPO, and to say that it has been a wild ride since then would be an …


Fox News viewers are the least informed about net neutrality

Where cable news fails, satire succeeds.

A new survey from the University of Delaware Center for Political Communication revealed that viewers of satirical news programs like Last Week Tonight with John Oliver are far more informed about the issue of net neutrality than those who habitually watch …

Net Neutrality

This is what the web looks like without ads

For about one hour today, web users noticed two odd things on most major news sites. First, the pages loaded faster. Second, there were no ads.

That’s because Doubleclick for Publishers (DFP), a Google advertising service, was hit by intermittent outages.

DFP is a service that allows publishers to …


Why cats never became man’s best friend

Dog lovers will find it baffling that cats are the world’s most popular pet. After all, they’re passive-aggressive, emotionally unavailable, and known for their chilly independence—traits that at most qualify felines for the role of “man’s best frenemy.”

It turns out, though, there’s an evolutionary …


Francois Hollande really can’t do anything right at the moment

French president Francois Hollande fell to a new low in the polls last week—and then, in trying to make it better, somehow made it worse. His popularity is now at a stunningly low 12% (link in French). Hollande has been under 20% consistently since last November. The economic malaise means that his …

French Press

Are parents on iPhones endangering their kids?

In 2012, the Yale economics grad student Craig Palsson read an article suggesting that parents were spending a lot of time on their smartphones when they were supposed to be watching their young children, and doctors worried that might be causing the kids some harm—as dad is typing an email, his …


Live: The Rosetta mission’s lander has just touched down on a comet 300 million miles away from earth

Update (11:05am): The probe has landed safely on the comet.


In 2004, a spacecraft known as the Rosetta orbiter was launched by the European Space Agency with with the ambitious goal of landing on a comet. Now, a decade later, that goal is just hours away.

The Philae lander detached from the …

Space Exploration

How Alibaba is using bra sizes to predict online shopping habits

HANGZHOU—Earlier this summer, a group of data crunchers looking at underwear sales at Alibaba came across a curious trend: women who bought larger bra sizes also tended to spend more (link in Chinese). Dividing intimate-apparel shoppers into four categories of spending power, analysts at the …

Alibaba Group

The lucrative rewards of failing at the highest levels of soccer

In May of last year, David Moyes was appointed the manager of Manchester United, one of the world’s plum jobs in soccer. He was personally handpicked by his predecessor, Alex Ferguson, who became the most successful manager in British soccer history in his 27 years in the job. It should have been a …


How the craft beer revolution made cans cool again

For decades, US beer drinkers have operated on the assumption that high-end, foreign brews come in bottles, while down-home, budget beers are packaged in flimsy, 12-oz. cans, the better for pounding and crushing.

#CrushItLikeQuint @christiesnptA photo posted by Narragansett Beer (@gansettbeer) on …

Aluminum Cans

This gossipy social network is getting huge on US college campuses

This piece has been corrected.

One of the fastest growing apps in America, Yik Yak, has obtained millions of users through Facebook’s original model—targeting American college students. But can it go mainstream?

The app, which allows users to anonymously post messages from or within 1.5 miles of US …

College & University

How a police atrocity in Mexico unleashed a nation’s anger

On Sept. 26, 43 students went missing in Iguala, a town in the southwestern Mexican state of Guerrero. An investigation concluded that local police had kidnapped them and handed them over to a local criminal gang, who killed them. Only last week did the authorities announce they had found what they …


Here’s what it takes to make your down coat ethical this winter

When the California-based clothing company Patagonia released a short animated video last month—”What the Pluck?”—it sparked a flurry of media coverage of the gruesome live-plucking and force-feeding that the geese who grow the feathers for down coats are subjected to.

For an outerwear brand that …


How baby boomers ruined parenting forever

About 25 years ago, when the era of irrational exuberance allowed enough disposable income for irrational anxiety, the concept of “helicopter parenting” arose. A “helicopter parent” micromanages every aspect of his child’s routine and behavior. From educational products for infants to concerned …


The complete guide to staying in shape on the road

You’ve mastered the morning workout, conquered your favorite running track, and nailed the healthy packed lunch for work. But what about when your boss sends you off to a conference, or it’s finally time for a well-deserved vacation? Packing on the pounds isn’t uncommon on the road, what with …


Thailand’s anti-coup protesters are psyched about the new “Hunger Games” movie

Hollywood movies get a lot of flack for cultural imperialism, but they don’t often run the risk of actual sedition. Yet that may be the case later this month when the latest installment of “The Hunger Games” arrives in Thailand, where opponents of the ruling junta have adopted the films’ …


The only major social media platform Narendra Modi is not using is Tinder

It was just a matter of time before prime minister Narendra Modi created an Instagram account. With an active presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn already, Tinder is possibly the only major social media platform Modi hasn’t yet conquered.

Perfectly timed at the start of his 11-day foreign …

Social Media

Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Banks’ forex fines, US-China climate pact, Japanese tax delay, comet probe landing

What to watch for today

Touchdown, space rock. Europe’s Rosetta satellite has deployed the Philae probe it’s been carrying in its belly for 10 years and billions of miles. The probe’s landing on the comet affectionally known as 67P is scheduled for around 4pm GMT (11 am ET); there’s a live stream …


This map captures the blood-soaked history of India’s sterilization programme

At least 11 women died and dozens more were hospitalized after a single surgeon performed 83 sterilization surgeries within six hours at a government-sponsored camp near Bilaspur in Chhattisgarh. That’s a little over four minutes for each patient, assuming the surgeon worked uninterrupted the …


Singaporeans are the latest burger fans to go ga-ga for In-N-Out

Burger lovers in Singapore queued up for hours today to get a chance at a burger from the cult-favorite In-N-Out, a California-base chain that is testing out foreign markets with one-day “pop-up” restaurants.

#INNOUT #POPUP | @victoriaaalim takes the first bite #InNOutBurgerA video posted by …


A new China-US emissions pledge mostly confirms what China was going to do anyway

US president Barack Obama and Chinese president Xi Jinping announced a joint agreement to reduce carbon emissions today in Beijing. Under terms of the deal, the US pledged to more than double its reduction in greenhouse gas emissions between 2020 and 2025, for a total reduction of 26-28% below 2005 …


The true story of Bollywood’s undercover female makeup artists

Sexism in Bollywood is old news. Male stars get screen time and lengthy monologues; women get dances in skimpy clothes.

But until last week, much of the world didn’t know how deeply entrenched—and official—the discrimination really is. The Supreme Court of India lifted a 60-year-old informal ban on …


The journalist who took on the Italian mob—and scared it to death

Monday (Nov. 10) marked the end of a trial against two mafiosos, Francesco Bidognetti and Antonio Iovine, and their lawyer, Michele Santonastaso, who were accused of threatening a writer during a court proceeding in 2008. The lawyer was found guilty, but the bosses were acquitted. So why does the …


The numbers are in: US politicians love Uber

If the spending habits of American political operatives are an indicator, Uber may be right about its ability to expand the car service market beyond current use.

An analysis of US campaign spending data by Hamilton Place Strategies shows how quickly Uber replaced taxis (and, perhaps, volunteer …


Howard Schultz and Starbucks are trying to shift how veterans are hired

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz likes to experiment in things other than pumpkin lattes. He has inserted himself and his company with varying degrees of success into myriad social issues. His newest focus is on American veterans, and includes the following: a commitment to hiring 10,000 vets and …


Forget Taylor Swift: Spotify is facing a much bigger problem

Spotify is growing nicely. The Swedish-born streaming music service now has 12.5 million paying subscribers, and 50 million active users.

That’s an increase of 25% on both measures over the past six months —attractive growth rates in anyone’s book.

The update on subscriber growth was contained a …

Taylor Swift

Ignore business school rankings—they’ll be totally different by the time you graduate

A new business school now sits atop Bloomberg Businessweek’s biennial ranking of American MBA factories. Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business leapt to the number one position on the list, up from sixth place in 2012.

It might be surprising to see a school jump several places to the top, but …

Business School

Oil prices are plunging through symbolic barriers at a rate of once a month

As the next OPEC meeting fast approaches, the data increasingly point to relatively low oil prices for some time. Short of the cartel digging deep and finding gumption by Nov. 27, no member will soon make the cuts in oil output necessary to turn around the trend.

In trading today, Brent futures—the …

Oil Prices

Stunning images of deforestation (and other consequences of globalization) via Google Earth

Visuals are hard to shake. That’s why, on Nov. 20, the Danish Architecture Centre (DAC) will be addressing the issues of deforestation and other earthly destruction in an exhibition called Mind the Earth in Copenhagen, using images shot by none other than Google Earth.

The exhibition first started …

Google Earth