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Beautiful Backyards: Be Inspired! - Water Gardens, Water Features, Ecosystem Ponds by Aquascape

Beautiful backyards create additional living space on your property. Perhaps you’ve added a deck or patio to your backyard for outdoor dining and …

10 Tips for Buying Healthy Fish - Aquascape, Inc.

Adding fish to your pond provides a whole new element to the overall experience of owning a water feature. In fact, many pond owners decided to …

Small Plants for Small Ponds - Aquascape, Inc.

Plants in the water garden not only provide beauty and naturalization, but they also help balance the pond ecosystem. Even a small pond will benefit …


How we all became experts on everything

I decided to build a pond in the backyard.<p>That information is not, on its face, interesting to anyone but me and, perhaps, some frogs who live nearby. But I beg you to stick around, as this might eventually make sense.<p>First off, "pond" may be an overly generous term for what I'm building. It's more …


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It's going to be a hot weekend... Cool off with a water feature

Landscape Ideas: Small Space Water Features - Aquascape, Inc.

Looking to spruce up your yard in 2017? When planning your landscape ideas and options, consider a new water feature. Fountains and container water …


Tips for Building an Amazing Waterfall! - Aquascape, Inc.

Not only do waterfalls provide melodious tunes for the garden, but they provide necessary aeration to keep your ecosystem pond functioning and …

Planning Your Pond

<b>Getting Started</b>Building a water garden should be a fun, creative and enjoyable process. You will be creating an Ecosystem which when created properly …


Planting Your Water Garden

Whether you have just finished installing a new water garden or you are in the planning stages, you must decide what type and how many plants you are …


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