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This JAWS Trailer Mashed with GODZILLA Is Terrifying

This Mash-Up Of The ‘My Girl’ Bee Scene And A Mentos Commercial Is Amazing

I don’t post a lot of recut movie mash-ups here (“OMG, it’s The Exorcist recut as a Happy Madison comedy, LOL!”) but this mash-up of the bee scene in 1991’s <i>My Girl</i> with the music from those old Mentos commercials is incredible. That this has only racked up 1,600 in almost a year and a half is …

'Full House' as a Horror Movie? TGIF Never Looked So Creepy.

"Full House" was the story of one big happy family all living together under the same roof. Right? Not if you watch this trailer of "Full House" recut as a horror movie!<p>As the tag line ominously reads, "Once you move in ... you can never move out." In the "Full House" horror movie, Danny Tanner …

Teen Wolf Recap: Death Is Here

The penultimate episode of <i>Teen Wolf</i> <b></b>Season 3 began with the search for Lydia, but by the end of the hour, Scott and his pack had much <i>bigger</i> problems …

Teen Mom OG Predicament: How Should Tyler Handle Butch's Latest Setback?

MTV Shows<p>Get the latest on MTV Shows like Teen Wolf, Awkward, Teen Mom and reality TV classics such as Beavis and Butt-head and The Hills. Visit …

9 Things Changing on the New SAT

The College Board announced some radical changes to the SAT on Wednesday. Starting in 2016, the college entrance exam will take on a whole new format …

10 Actors Who Auditioned for the Hero But Were Cast as the Villain

A Year After J.J. Abrams Was Tapped To Direct, We Still Don't Know Anything About 'Star Wars'

The email from Disney came in January of 2013, confirming what had already been rumored for the last couple of days -– J.J. Abrams had been hired to direct “Star Wars: Episode VII.”<p>I specifically remember this because I had just landed at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport, after returning from the …

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self-stuck in an apartment in melbourne, can't seem to find my writing discipline tonight (is it because maybe it's fucking SATURDAY at fucking …

After a number of Kick-Ass 3 reveals in recent weeks, what has been said and how likely is a sequel? Kick-Ass 2 opened below expectations at the box office this weekend with around $13.5 million, $6m less than its predecessor. This is partly due to the needlessly negative critical/blogger reaction, which created doubt and stopped many from going. It almost put me off, but Kick-Ass 2 turned out to be one of the best movies I’ve watched this year. The public who have seen it love it too (a 7.5 user score on IMDB is very strong). This should mean similarly strong dvd/blu-ray sales, which propelled Kick-Ass into sequel territory. The key factor though is that Kick-Ass 2′s production budget was only $28m, just like the first movie. It’ll make that back by the end of its theatrical run. With the movie set to make a profit, albeit not as much as last time, it’ll be up to the creative team if they want to complete the trilogy (the source material was always written that way). Any release date is likely to be many years away since they’ll wait for home entertainment results to come in, mull it over, then, as happened with Kick-Ass 2, it could take some considerable time to align everyone’s increasingly busy schedules. So what can you expect to happen in Kick-Ass 3? As before, the vast majority of material will inevitably come from Mark Millar’s comic book series. *** HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD *** The ending of Kick-Ass 2 differs from the graphic novel in a number of key ways. The comic’s less conclusive, more Empire Strikes Back, with Hit-Girl being locked up in a high-security prison. The movie’s post-credits scene shows the Motherf**ker has lost his lower legs and arms, but in the comic his limbs are intact. Issues 1 and 2 of Kick-Ass 3 the graphic novel are already available. They see Justice Forever team up to stage a daring prison break for Hit-Girl, only to chicken out and run away to “train some more”, leaving her trapped - Kick-Ass 3 Movie Plot - With high school done, Marty (Battle Guy) proves himself a boy genius and goes off to Harvard, while Dave (Kick-Ass) and Todd (Ass-Kicker) end up working in a burger joint. Dave is trying not to find it cool that his father was killed by a villain, just like Bruce Wayne. A new ‘superhero’ called The Juicer starts living in Hit-Girl’s private headquarters, acting like an asshole lazy leach. Meanwhile, The Motherf**ker, who has been in prison hospital for 6 months, finds that the charges against him have been dropped thanks to his uncle Rocco’s mob connections. However there’s a backlash against The Motherf**ker on Twitter which has him scared for his life. Uncle Rocco, known as the Ice Man for putting ice picks through people’s heads, is shaping up to be the main villain, assembling a supermob encompassing every criminal gang on the east coast. The Motherf**ker is having serious regrets about his super-villain past, hinting that he might be about to switch sides. Meanwhile his mother (already dead in the movie) has a big role, sneakily getting close to Kick-Ass and Ass-Kicker, and saving her son when Colonel Stars’ brother tries to assassinate him in the hospital. As to where the story goes from there, Millar will only say “it’s the logical conclusion of what would happen if you were a realistic superhero. Dave’s story ends in 3, that’s it.” It’ll be Millar’s last Kick-Ass novel. But maybe not his last Hit-Girl story… What would you like to see happen in Kick-Ass 3 (movie version)? Did you prefer Kick-Ass 1 or 2? How can they improve on both? Leave your thoughts in the comments -Mhiee<3

15 Whimsically Surreal GIFs To Get Lost In

These amazing GIFs, created by artist Romain Laurent, will definitely bring a smile to your face.

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The 'Orange Is The New Black' Cast Cleans Up Nicely In Elle Spread (PHOTOS)

Well, this is certainly an upgrade from orange jumpsuits.<p>The "Orange is the New Black" castis all glammed up in the upcoming issue of Elle Magazine, out January 14th. The cast shared anecdotes from the set as well as insight into each of their characters.<p>They credit their newfound mass following to …

flashback... NPR Music tiny desk music concert from october 2012

Amanda F**king Palmer

The Future of the Music Industry

<b>The European: A crucial question facing every artist today is: “How will I finance my next project?” How much space does that question take up in</b> …

Music Industry

13 Ways You're Wrong About Los Angeles

All your stereotypes are false, and here's why.

Los Angeles


<b>Photos by David Black</b><p>“When I make art, I like to just get it over with,” explains <b>Best Coast</b> frontwoman Bethany Cosentino. “I write songs, and I move …

A D I played Caught In the Act (feat. Bethany Cosentino) by New Found Glory on Path

Detail<p>A D I4 years ago<p><i>music</i><p><b>Listening to Caught In the Act (feat. Bethany Cosentino) by New Found Glory</b>Radiosurgery (Deluxe Edition), 2011<p>Sign in and …

If you could date/marry one famous singer, who would it be? |

Mouthwash - Kate Nash

This is my face<br>Covered in freckles<br>With the occasional spot and some veins<p>This is my body<br>Covered in skin<br>And not all of it you can see<p>And this is my …


I Hate You This Christmas - Kate Nash

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Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer: an audience with geek royalty

Musician Amanda Palmer and graphic novelist Neil Gaiman met, fell in love, toured and have now made an album. The misfit heroes of the alt scene share their lives with millions of Twitter fans. What's public and what's off-limits? Hermione Hoby joins them for gluten-free crackers and a chat<p>Over the …