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By Primal Essence | “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.” -HIPPOCRATES

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Infused Coconut Oil

<b>Primal Essence</b> offers a line of award winning infused virgin coconut oil products. The artisan coconut oils come in two categories: savory and sweet. …

All The Benefits Of Coconut Oil. Only Easier.

Coconut oil is all the rage.But the TSA confiscated our machete last week, so we’re having to look for alternative ways to access the miraculous …


Primal Essence Instant Tea Lemon Ginger is a HIT!

Primal Essence Instant Tea Lemon Ginger is a HIT!

TASTE<p>28 / 30<p>VALUE<p>17 / 20<p>NUTRITION<p>15 / 15<p>INGREDIENTS<p>15 / 15<p>PREPARATION<p>5 / 5<p>APPEARANCE<p>5 / 5<p>PACKAGING<p>5 / 5<p>SUSTAINABILITY<p>2 / 5<p>TOTAL<p>92 / 100<p>No or Low …


Primal Essence offer organic, gourmet, flavored coconut oils and instant teas.

Primal Essence

Add a squirt of Turmeric Tulsi Super Tea to your favorite typical dish. Check out this Cuban favorite "Arroz Con Pollo"

Let your imagination run wild with Lemon Pepper Coconut Oil now available at @sproutsfm!

Food News: New Super Teas from Primal Essence

As huge tea drinkers, Bunny and Brandy are always excited to hear about new ways to enjoy their favorite beverage. So when they first heard about …

Organic Food


<b>Primal Essence Debuts New Line of Organic Herbal Super Teas Overflowing With Purely Natural Flavor; Just Squirt Once or Twice Into a Cup of Hot or</b> …

Frequently Asked Questions

SUPER TEA QUESTIONS:<p><b>Q: Can I add your Super Teas to my morning juice?</b><br>A: Absolutely! Our Super Teas are extremely versatile. We particularly like …

Salmon Wrapped Asparagus and Primal Essence Garlic Onion Coconut Oil

March 01, 2016<p>We love Gigi's latest recipe video. Half the fun is watching her cook. The other half is trying out a new recipe with our Garlic Onion …

Coconut Oils & Herbal Super Teas

Tea - Classic Chai<p>Sold Out<p>Delicious blend of aromatic essentials provides a soothing respite from the stresses of the day. Relax and restore, with …