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NBC to Trump: 'You're fired'

NBC gave the heave-ho on Monday to Donald Trump, sacking the businessman and Republican Party presidential candidate after ''recent derogatory comments'' about immigrants, the company said.

It's move followed that of Univision, which backed out of broadcasting the Spanish-language version of Trump's …

Donald Trump

A son to his mom: 'You’re OK. The court said it was OK.'

I called my mom after news broke that the Supreme Court had upheld Affordable Care Act subsidies.

“Did you hear the news about Obamacare?” I asked.

I could sense the panic in her voice. “No,” she replied in Spanish. “¿Que paso? What happened?”

“Don’t worry,” I reassured her in Spanish. “You’re OK. The …

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While gay people in America can marry, gay people in India face jail time

When Manil Suri left India in 1979 and immigrated to America, he was drawn to the freedoms the country offered. But he was still denied the freedom to marry someone he loved. Until today.

"I was just overjoyed. I mean, it's been such a long time coming," Suri says.

In the US, Suri is a mathematician …


Is Mexico doing the US’s dirty work on Central American migrants?

Historically, the United States has led efforts to stop the flow of Central American migrants. This year, Mexico takes the lead, detaining 20,000 more “other than Mexican migrants” than its northern neighbor.

A new initiative, Mexico’s Southern Border Program, has largely contributed to the …


The immigrant roots that link six 2016 candidates

As the 2016 race for the White House gets underway, presidential hopefuls are already stamping out ground to differentiate themselves from each other. But at least six candidates share something in common: they're the child of at least one immigrant parent. Here is a roundup of the six and a little …


Mournful and angry, Ireland remembers five students — and a newspaper's insensitivity

A mournful Ireland has been sickened by recycled stereotypes in a New York Times article after a balcony collapse that killed six college students in Northern California.

Five of those killed in the collapse in Berkeley were Irish. "These students were on the summer of a lifetime and it's turned …

Northern California

Tanzid Sakib's first experience with an American school literally left him on the floor

I was 10 years old when I arrived in fourth grade. I was chubby. I didn't know much English. The thing I most remember about the first day of school is me falling down in front of everyone right as I was taking my seat for the first time.

So the teacher goes, "Who would like to sit next to him?" and …

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How Filipino Americans spun their way to pop music fame

If you were a teenager in the ’80s, certain pop music might take you back — maybe to a nightclub, a wedding, birthday or house party — when disco hits and remixes by bands like Menage and Boys Town Gang got people on the floor.

For Filipino American communities putting down roots in California, pop …

Pop Music

Now in the US, this Afghan writer is unable to return home

Afghanistan’s millennials are the best-educated generation in their country’s history and represent its future. For the past three years, one of them — Qais Akbar Omar — has been studying in the Boston area. He is a writer, but his success has come at a price.

Omar lives on the first floor of an …


I never knew traffic could smell so sweet

In India, there’s always some kind of smell in the air, and it’s usually a strong one. Growing up in Lucknow, I’d wake up to the aroma of a cotton wick burning, doused in clarified butter. My mother used it to pray in her little temple. The house would be filled with the scent of boiling rice, …


Senator: Investigate Disney for firing Americans, using US visa program to bring in foreign replacements

A US senator demanded an investigation of a US visa program that Walt Disney World used to replace 250 American workers with Indian laborers who were flown in to take their jobs.

Before cleaning out their desks in October, some of those 250 employees were told that they had one last indignity to …

Walt Disney

How some nail salons in California are finding a less toxic way to work

Nationwide, there are 17,000 nail salons — outnumbering Starbucks in the US — and they cater to the rising demand for “mani-pedis.” In California alone, there are about 8,000 salons. Of those, just 55 have signed up with a small, non-profit collaborative that is getting more attention in the wake …


A new Harvard grad mulls the notion that Asian Americans should 'appear less Asian’

Go to the campus of any top American college or university, and you'll see a lot of Asian faces. Asian-American students make up a disproportionate percentage (about 20 percent) of the student body at many of the most competitive schools, relative to their share of the general population, which is …


How do we raise a global nation?

It seems obvious to say that to catch a glimpse of America’s future, just head to a public school classroom. And those changes are probably bigger than a lot of us realize.

To start, US public schools recently hit a milestone: 2014-2015 marks the first school year when students of color outnumber …

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Here's what eighth graders can teach us about perpetuating stereotypes

Ghetto. White girl. Terrorist.

These eighth graders have heard it all. And dealt with it. Now their teachers are helping them think through how those stereotypes affect them — and could be turned around.

One tool they use: "The Danger of a Single Story," a powerful TED talk by the Nigerian novelist …


I am Muslim and from Bangladesh. That does not mean that I am a terrorist.

(Reader's Note: Sumaiya Mahee wrote this essay "You're Not Who You Say You Are: Beyond the Single Story" for her 8th grade English class in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was part of a course that taught all students that they each have been stereotyped — and how those stories are generally all


Federal court deals setback to Obama's immigration proposals

On Tuesday, a federal appeals court denied a request from the Justice Department that would have allowed President Barack Obama's executive action on immigration to go into effect.

While the decision will be appealed, it keeps on hold the president's initiative, which would have granted work permits …

Sex, religion and politics collide in 'Dirty Paki Lingerie'

Azziah Fatima used to worry that the title of her one-woman play, "Dirty Paki Lingerie," would offend her fellow South Asians. But after nearly five years of staging the production from Toronto to Turkmenistan, the Pakistani American actress is less concerned when the ethnic slur raises …


How anti-communist Vietnamese refugees signed up for a cooperative farm

Sang Ho, a Vietnamese refugee, is painting his boat, checking up on nets and getting ready for shrimping season in New Orleans, which gets underway in May.

Like many Vietnamese refugees, Sang relocated to the US after the end of the Vietnam War and settled in New Orleans East, an outlying area of …

The day to remember the 'forgotten genocide'

If you go past a Russian consulate or embassy in some parts of the world today, May 21, you may see something unusual and perhaps not welcome to the Russians inside: Green Circassian flags waving in protest on the streets and sidewalks. May 21 is when the world’s Circassian diaspora marks the …

Lalo Alcaraz warns the sensitive to avoid his new show, 'Bordertown'

If you've ever felt guilty for laughing at a Seth MacFarlane show like "Family Guy," get ready to do it again. His latest offering, "Bordertown," is set to air on Fox in January.

The show is set in a fictitious Texas town near the US-Mexico border. The main characters are Ernesto Gonzales, a Mexican …

How Victor Agbafe's immigrant parents taught him the lessons to get into all eight Ivies

Victor Agbafe will start college this fall at Harvard. But before he made the decision, he pulled off a rare feat: Getting accepted to all eight Ivy League universities.

Agbafe was one of just seven students in the nation to make a clean sweep of the Ivies this year. Many of them, including Agbafe, …

How many Asian Hollywood stars can you name? Right, it's not easy

There are a lot of dating clichés. Some that are backed up with data. Like the one that says Asian American men are thought of and see themselves as one of the least desirable groups. To quote some recent articles: Are Asian Men Undateable? Why Won’t Western Women Date Chinese Men?

So I Skyped my …

How African Americans and immigrants in Baltimore find common ground in police reform

Yves Gomes is 22 and lives near Baltimore. He came to the US when he was a baby. His parents were undocumented and tried to get asylum here. They’re Christian and claimed they faced persecution in majority-Hindu India, where Gomes’s mother is from; and majority-Muslim Bangladesh, where his father …

Her first days in America were lonely, but this immigrant from India built a life here

In Bombay, we're surrounded by people — the cook, the cleaning lady, the vendors who come to your door to sell eggs, fish, vegetables or milk. There are uncles, aunts, cousins, second- and third-cousins of your extended family. If you are a friend of a friend, upon introduction you instantly become …

In Baltimore, neighborhoods come together across cultural lines

I met Grace Lyo while she stood in front of one of the markets she runs in the West Baltimore neighborhood of Sandtown-Winchester. A handful of National Guard soldiers were at a metal barricade nearby. It's a few days after violence broke out during generally peaceful protests in the wake of the …


Celebrating Mother's Day from 'across the seven seas'

For those lucky enough to have a mother and a loving relationship with her, being separated is always tough. On Mother’s Day, the feeling blooms. Millions of Americans have moms (and mother figures) in other countries, making the day a particularly bittersweet reminder of what they’re missing.

Neha …

Thank the Ottoman Empire for the taco al pastor

At the Supermercado Mexico in Portland, Oregon, you’ll find a turning spit of pork, basted with chili and onions, dripping fat and flavor. Shave some off into a tortilla and you’ve got a taco al pastor, the classic Mexican street food.

It’s a similar scene halfway across the world in Jerusalem. At …

Manicured nails come cheap for New Yorkers, but workers pay the price

Reporter Sarah Maslin Nir was getting a pedicure at a 24-hour nail salon a while back when she started chatting with her manicurist.

"I said it's crazy that this is a 24-hour salon," Maslin Nir recalled. "Who does the night shift?" The woman laughed — she did.

Maslin Nir soon learned that the …