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Tabby Awards /Business 2014 winners: Best iPad apps

Here are the 13 apps which have been selected as Winners in iPad categories in the Tabby Awards /Business 2014 competition: Continue reading >>

Best 26 tablet apps for business: The Tabby Awards /Business 2014 winners

Business app publishers from four continents are winners in the 2014 Tabby Awards /Business competition, which recognizes the best Android, iPad and …


Kensington’s PresentAir Pro a laser pointer on steroids for mobile presenters

Laser Pointer

Huge mobile push by NYPD – 6,000 Panasonic ruggedized Windows tablets, 41,000 mobile devices to police officers (video)

Mobile will “transform the way NYPD officers perform their duties,” New York officials said in announcing a major mobile initiative with a unique …

Mobile Devices

Three best features of the new iPad Air 2 you won’t find on any other tablet


Apple unwraps iPad Air 2 - Faster, thinner and more secure with Touch ID

One of Apple’s worst-kept secrets came fully to light today as the company showed off a new iPad, its thinnest model with a number of key hardware …

iPad Apps

Johnny Rockets restaurants will serve up E La Carte’s specialty tablets to customers


Microsoft woos enterprise with Surface Pro 3 extended support & commitment to current accessories

Microsoft says it's making extensive details of every Windows Update available to IT and announced improved support of the Surface Pro 3 tablet for …

Microsoft Surface

Quip Spreadsheets launches as ‘a fresh take’ on productivity for Android, iPad and desktop

Quip has added Quip Spreadsheets, a key addition to the original Quip app that covered word processing and messaging. Rather than create a new and …

Mobile Technology

Adobe gets creative with new category of design apps for iPhone and iPad

Building on its legendary portfolio of design products, Adobe has released a blitz of new mobile apps for the iPad and iPhone. As part of its …

iOS Apps

Apperian’s new Enterprise App Store supports iPhone 6, Android and Windows mobile platforms

Apperian has released a new version of its Apperian Enterprise App Store designed to bring many of the user-friendly features of consumer app stores …

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Windows 8.1 tablets get a productivity & security assist from Good Technology

Jumping on the growing interest in Windows tablets for business, Good Technology has introduced security and productivity software for Windows 8.1 …

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft woos iOS 8 users with OneDrive deal, offering way more free storage than Apple

Who loves you baby? When it comes to free storage, Microsoft is giving iPad and iPhone users a much better deal than Apple – at least for the rest of …

Microsoft Windows

How to create an effective mobile app strategy roadmap for your business [video]

In a fast-paced, informative webinar, available here for free viewing, tech expert Alex Bratton discusses the processes used by his many Fortune 2000 …


CIO survey shows PC spending a 'low priority' while tablets gain in the enterprise

The iPad and its competitors are well-established consumer favorites, while in many enterprises tablets are still finding their way.But a survey of …


Citrix ShareConnect brings desktop apps to Android and iPad tablets

iPad Apps

Apple details the 11 reasons it rejects apps for inclusion in the App Store

Even though there are over a million apps in Apple’s popular App Store for iPhones and iPads, Apple rejects many others. Here’s why.Apple shared a …

App Store

How tablet advertising differs from mobile advertising: Key metrics

While tablet advertising is usually considered as part of the broader mobile advertising category, a recent survey points to key differences in …


L.A. school district puts the brakes on massive iPad deployment.

Los Angeles is giving what was slated to be the largest deployment of iPads to a school district in the nation a time out. In a memo to L.A.’s Board …

School Districts

Box powers mobile content-sharing for sales people and others at major pharmaceutical firms

Online file sharing giant Box is making big progress in winning pharmaceutical accounts.A number of major pharmaceutical companies have adopted Box …

Mobile Technology

Panasonic woos Windows tablet IT buyers - with a comic book (video)

Can your trusty tablet turn you into a superhero? Probably not, but Panasonic is using the superhero craze to generate buzz for its Toughpad line of …


Android takes enterprise share from iOS in Good Technology mobility index


The Right Accessories for Your iPad POS System


IBM flips the script and says ‘Welcome Apple, seriously’

It was a short-lived and long-forgotten ad campaign, but in the early days of the personal computer era Apple once tweaked IBM for being late to the …


Gartner says Cognizant Computing is the next big app trend


IBM and Apple teaming up in mobile push: Tech analysts are impressed

Early comments on Apple’s and IBM’s joint announcement are very positive.(Read the news first.)Why the deal makes perfect sense:"Apple is not an …


How the new Apple/IBM alliance plans to dominate the enterprise mobility market

Archrivals in the previous PC world, Apple and IBM join forces to bring mobile devices, apps and solutions to enterprises.With a joint statement …

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Localytics: Media and entertainment have the most app stickiness

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