Embracing Soledad

The regressive idea that to be single is to be sad and lonely is on its way out. This generation of young women are embracing singlehood on their own terms. Check out PS's Embracing Soledad, featuring personal essays and As Told Tos by prominent public Latine figures on the various ways they are embracing single hood on their own terms ahead.

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Embracing Soledad
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    Juntos | POPSUGAR

    Juntos | POPSUGAR

    The Undeniable Influence of Black Latine Artists on Latin MusicBlack. Bruja Tarotscope: March Tarot Horoscope For Every Zodiac SignWelcome to March! Jennifer Lopez's New Doc Is Less About Ben Affleck and More About Self-LoveIf you had a hard time understanding Jennifer Lopez's recent music video …

    Why Aren't Enough Latina Celebs Embracing Singlehood?

    Why Aren't Enough Latina Celebs Embracing Singlehood?

    POPSUGAR - Kimmy Dole

    In Hollywood's dynamic landscape — where narratives around romance and relationships continue to evolve — there's still a void when it comes to singlehood. Although prominent women figures like Mindy Kaling, Jennifer Aniston, and Tracee Ellis Ross have proudly embraced their solo journeys, Latina …

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