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12 Tips From Homicide Detectives

I have been fortunate enough to work with some highly recognized homicide detectives throughout my career. They are well known for their expertise in …

What It's Like to Be Shot

"And then it felt like something just jumped up and bit me."—Forrest Gump

It's rarely a failure of the imagination that causes officers who find …

Law Enforcement

Understanding the OODA Loop

The more you study law enforcement training, the more you are likely to see the term "OODA loop." This term was coined by U.S. Air Force Col. John …


Dealing with the Deaf

About nine percent of the American population is either deaf or hard of hearing. And as baby boomers reach their senior years, the percentage is …


Shots Fired #100: Anywhere, USA

The first POLICE Magazine "Shots Fired" article was published in June 2005. I've written one for every issue since. And that makes this our 100th …

Mental Disorders

The Danger List

One of the first lists I had in law enforcement is still one of the most important ones in my mind to this day and should still be on every crime …

Dave Smith

The Last Full Measure

All magazine and newspaper columnists have ideas that they keep in their back pockets to write about when the stars align. Mine is a personal story, …

Abraham Lincoln

Glock 30S Subcompact Pistol

Editor's note: View our "Glock's 30S" photo gallery for detailed photos of the pistol.

Most people wouldn't put Glock in the category of firearms …


Fla. Officers Probed In Rough DUI Arrest

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Video: Fla. Officers Probed In Rough DUI Arrest

Two Tallahassee (Fla.) Police officers have been placed on administrative leave as part of an …


N.J. Parole Board's Sex Offender Management Unit

The New Jersey State Parole Board's Sex Offender Management Unit (SOMU) supervises about 6,000 sex offenders with the twin mission of preventing …


Ford Recalls Crown Vic Interceptors

Ford is recalling certain model year 2005-2011 Crown Victoria Police Interceptors to address a steering failure reported by several law enforcement …

Product Recalls

Cop Slang app

An iOS iPhone app that lets you browse and add to police & law enforcement related slang terms. Brought to you by POLICE Magazine & Bobit Studios.


Incorporate Fitness Into Your SWAT Training

Part of the SWAT lifestyle is fitness; make no mistake about it. Teams should not have the "look" of a model but actually just good sound fit …


The Mexican Mafia: Down But Not Out

This month was a bad one for the always resilient contender—the Mexican Mafia prison gang. The Eme organization took a couple of hard shots in its …


Seattle Police To Hand Out Doritos at Hempfest

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Seattle Police To Hand Out Doritos at Hempfest

Seattle Police officers will hand out bags of nacho-cheese Doritos Saturday at Hempfest to …


Can Mumbai Come to America?

In 2008, a coordinated multipronged terrorist attack in Mumbai, India, resulted in the killing of 164 people and wounding of at least 308 more. This …


In Praise of Condition Yellow

Of the legacies endowed to me by my law enforcement career, perhaps none have proven more profitable than living life in Condition Yellow.

Not that …

Malcolm Gladwell

Fla. Officer Saves 100 Sea Turtle Hatchlings

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Fla. Officer Saves 100 Sea Turtle Hatchlings

A Sarasota (Fla.) Police officer is being hailed for rescuing 100 sea turtle hatchlings from a …

Gulf of Mexico

10 Rookie Errors To Avoid

Photo courtesy of iStock.

Newly appointed police officers can find that it is quite challenging to transition from being a recruit officer in a …


K-9 Vehicle Searches

Two U.S. Supreme Court cases from Florida have clarified the use of police dogs by officers for search vehicles and private properties. Law …


Officer Safety Training Tips

Mixed martial arts has become a fast and rising sport, with Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling being just a few of the popular techniques …

Martial Arts

Fire Nobody!

I have finally had it with Nobody. I know that sounds harsh, but I simply can't take it anymore. Nobody has got to go. Gentle crime fighting readers …

Dave Smith

La. Deputy Killed In Head-On Crash

We respect your privacy. Please let us know if the address provided is your home, as your RANK / AGENCY will not be included on the mailing …

NYPD Officer Kills Armed 14-Year-Old Gang Member

We respect your privacy. Please let us know if the address provided is your home, as your RANK / AGENCY will not be included on the mailing …


Police Product Test: Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed Chest Rig

Blue Force Gear's new Ten-Speed Chest Rig takes the simple yet highly functional concept of the load-bearing chest rig and not only makes it more …


Shots Fired: San Dimas, California 06/20/1989

Dep. Walt Brown was only two days shy of being signed off training at the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department's Walnut Station when he and his …


Victory's Stealth Police Motorcycle

Stealth police vehicles do wonders for traffic enforcement. Scofflaws often recognize the pursuing officer just when the officer lights up the …


Why Patrol Rifles Need a Suppressor

The 1997 North Hollywood bank robbery identified a need in law enforcement agencies for an AR-type patrol rifle in an urban environment.

Since that …

Hearing Loss

Concealable Body Armor Gets More Comfortable

For decades, body armor companies have been working to make concealable ballistic vests that are lighter, cooler, more comfortable, and more likely …


Pittsburgh Officer Who Posed with Porn Star Faces Discipline

We respect your privacy. Please let us know if the address provided is your home, as your RANK / AGENCY will not be included on the mailing …