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Instagram's Newest Food Obsession

But is it worth "liking"?<p>Instagram is on a diet. Food porn has gone paleo. Excuse the "basic" terminology, but as "bikini season" fast approaches the Valencia-filtered bacon-wrapped food pics that once flooded your feed are being swapped out for crisp bird's eye shots of steamed salmon and lettuce …

Kathy Griffin

Want Success? Surround Yourself With People Who Challenge Your Thinking

Are you feeling uninspired and stuck? Perhaps it's the people around you. Here are five ways to get people to challenge and inspire you to success.<p>It's nice to have people around who support you and are of like mind. Agreeable people boost your confidence and allow a certain level of relaxation. …


A Printer That Develops Your iPhone Pics Into Lasting Polaroids

Previously on Kickstarter and finally available for order, the Impossible Lab is an analog gadget that lets you print Polaroids from your iPhone. It’s brilliant. Here’s why.<p>There are plenty of ways to turn an iPhone picture into a Polaroid-like print, from online services like Moo to portable Wi-Fi …

Polaroid Photography

33 Insanely Clever Upgrades To Make To Your Home

Your dream home is only a few DIY projects away.

"Star Wars" Characters Dancing To Pharrell's "Happy" Is The Best Thing You'll See All Day

Who knew Stormtroopers could dance?


Extraordinary Women Of History You Need To Know Now

It's International Women's Day, so let's celebrate some incredible women.

Ada Lovelace

15 Acts Of Women's Activism That Are Changing The World

These women haven't won Nobel Prizes or hit the speaking circuit. But they're pushing boundaries, changing norms, saving lives, and speaking up -- even where bad news dominates the headlines.

Tahrir Square

5 Questions to Ask During Your Job Interview

It’s easy to feel like you're in the hot seat during a job interview — you really want the position, you're battling all sorts of jitters and it …

16 Scientific Reasons Love Is Bad For You

Love is a sexually transmitted disease you're better off without.


What The Internet Would Look Like As A World Map

The world of the Internet mirrors the real-world in myriad ways: there are members (we call them populations), websites (destinations to visit), acquisitions of companies (redrawn political boundaries). So what if the Internet could be visualized like our global politics?<p>That’s exactly what …

These Diagrams Are Everything You Need To Plan Your Wedding

So you're engaged. Now what? Fire up that printer because there are a LOT of things to keep track of.


If a Time Traveller Saw a Smartphone

Are we getting smarter or stupider? In “The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains,” from 2010, Nicholas Carr blames the Web for growing cognitive problems, while Clive Thompson, in his recent book, “Smarter Than You Think: How Technology Is Changing Our Minds for the Better,” argues …

Why You Make Bad Decisions When You're Attracted to Someone

Dating new people is fun and exciting. It's also likely to cause even the most rational, level-headed people to make really dumb decisions. Don't …

This Is Your Brain On Sugar (VIDEO)

Being able to make complex dietary choices is an incredibly important skill in this age of crowded supermarkets and high fructose corn syrup. Wading through all of the available information is often half the battle.<p>Lucky for us, neuroscientist Nicole Avena broke down the effect of sugar on our …

The Reality of The Biggest Loser for a Formerly 400-Pound Man

I do not like <i>The Biggest Loser</i>. I have written about it numerous times. My view has not changed since I started this journey in weight loss. I have opened my eyes to so many other things with weight loss. I do not find the show inspiring. I do not find the trainers to be inspirational. I think it …

Top 10 family travel destinations for 2014

Slide 1 of 12<p>Planning a family vacation can become a series of questions followed by several attempts to get everyone from grandparents to parents …

European Travel

15 Truly Breathtaking Pools From Around The World

Forget the world's most crowded swimming pool. If you're planning a vacation in the future, why not treat yourself to a dash of luxury and check into …

How baby boomers screwed their kids — and created millennial impatience

Ambitious but easily distracted, Gen Y wants to be good but can’t stick to anything. It’s their parents’ fault<p>"This Be the Verse"<p><i>They fuck you up, your mum and dad.</i> <i><br>They may not mean to, but they do.</i> <i><br>They fill you with the faults they had</i> <i><br>And add some extra, just for you.</i> <i><br>But they were fucked up in</i> …

The Best of the Best Places to Visit in 2014 (Photos)

To help with 2014 vacation planning, the Andrew Harper team has rounded up the best of the best bars, restaurants, spas, adventures, and more from …

28 Fruits And Vegetables That You Had No Idea Grew Like That

OK, some of these you might know, but the first time I saw Brussels sprouts in their true form, I literally screamed.

Creative Commons

18 Ways To Make The Best Of Your Twenties

Being a twentysomething doesn't have to be horrifying. According to three people who have lived through their twenties.


How Can I Make My Workout Less Boring?

Dear Lifehacker, I get extremely bored while working out. When I go for a run, I'm just counting down the minutes until I get home. When I exercise, …

Mount Everest

Put Dryer Sheets at the Bottom of Trash Cans to Ward Off Stench

Dryer sheets are pretty awesome, whether it's for detangling a thread or keeping basboards dust-free. And apparently they can also keep your trash …


Reasons Your Skin is Oily

<b>Your Menstrual Cycle</b><br>Not so surprising, right? "Every month your body is going through a regular cycle of hormone production," says Zeichner, "and as those hormones wax and wane, they can stimulate your oil glands." So <i>that</i> explains those pre-period acne bouts!<p><b>Stress</b><br>We’re talking both the emotional …

Skin Care

Everything You Need To Know About Make-A-Wish Foundation's Adorable, Crime-Fighting Batkid

Five-year-old Miles spent the day keeping the streets of Gotham/San Francisco safe from ne'er-do-wells.

Comic Books

Handmade Skin Care — It Can Be Done!

Photographed by Janelle Jones.<p>We know, we know: <b>Making your own skin care products</b> is one of those "good in theory, pain-in-the-ass in practice" …

Skin Care

Stage A Thunderstorm In Your Living Room With This Weird Lamp

Puff piece: The interactive Cloud Lamp, a bolt of genius, will storm the scene at home to thunderous effect. Someone stop me…<p><i>Happy Black Friday! We’re taking the day to republish some of our most popular Wanted posts of the year. For a complete roundup, go here.–Eds.</i><p>People see things in clouds. We …

Living Rooms

How to Listen Like a Therapist

<b>How to listen like a therapist:</b><p>You walk into a cocktail party. As you stop in the hallway to hang up your coat, you hear the buzz of voices. Excited, some laughter, no voice distinct. Sounds like a good party, you think. You walk in. Gradually, you begin to pick out individual voices. "Is that …