Vegan Couscous Recipes

Let's get cooking and dive into the world of couscous. Couscous is a tasty grain that is technically a pasta which I love to use in many ways. From salads to pilafs and stuffed veggies. Discover the versatility of couscous in vegan cooking and learn how to make these delicious meals yourself.

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Vegan Couscous Recipes
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    Is Couscous Vegan?

    Are you vegan and wondering about couscous, whether or not it is suitable to your diet?

    Is Couscous Vegan?

    Is Couscous Vegan?

    Couscous, a traditional North African food, has gained popularity worldwide due to its unique texture and versatility. As more people embrace vegan …

    Couscous Salads

    Couscous salads are vibrant, versatile dishes featuring fluffy grains mixed with fresh vegetables, herbs, and protein like chickpeas. Bursting with flavor from tangy dressings, lemon juice, and aromatic spices, they offer a delightful combination of nutrition, textures and colors.

    Couscous Pilaf

    Forget rice pilafs, you need something new. Try couscous pilaf, when done right, the flavors are rich and inviting.

    Couscous stuffed vegetables

    Have you ever considered using fluffy couscous to stuff your veggies?

    How To

    Guides to help you on your couscous journey.

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