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Interview Question of the Week #015 – How to Move TempDB to Different Drive

Here is one of the most popular questions I often come across-Question – How to move the TempDB to different drive when the log files are …


SQL SERVER – Is XP_CMDSHELL Enabled on the Server?

I am not a big fan of using command line utilities in general. But from time to time I do explore and play around with command line tools that make …


SQL SERVER – Script – Removing Multiple Databases from Log Shipping

Have you ever come across a situation where you have large number of databases in log shipping and you have to remove all of them? If you use SQL …


SQL SERVER – Finding What Policies Are Enabled on Our Databases

When I wrote about Policy Management last week (SQL SERVER – Introduction to Policy Management), lesser did I know I will get queries from blog …


SQL SERVER – Walking the Table Hierarchy in Microsoft SQL Server Database – Notes from the Field #076

When you need to manage a set of tables in Microsoft SQL Server, it’s good to know the required order of operations. The order could be hard-coded


Presenting 3 Technology Session at GIDS 2015

Great Indian Developer Summit is my favorite technology event and I have been extremely happy to present technology sessions here for over 5 years. …


SQL SERVER – Create Login with SID – Way to Synchronize Logins on Secondary Server

How many times you had a problem where you have deployed a high availability solution, but the application is not able to use database and getting …


Interview Question of the Week #016 – How to Take Database Offline

Here is the question, I received in the recent conference where I was presenting on Database Technology.

Question: What does it mean by Taking …

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SQL SERVER – How to View the Dirty Pages In Memory of a Database?

I always get an opportunity to talk on topics that are basic from time to time. As I was preparing for GIDS 2015 (Great Indian Developer Summit) this …


SQL SERVER – Storing Data in Hindi, Chinese, Gujarati and Tamil (or any other) Language in the Same Table

Long time ago, I have written a blog which talks about multi language support available with SQL Server.

I have been getting below questions on …


SQL SERVER – List the Name of the Months Between Date Ranges – Correction

Earlier I wrote a blog post about SQL SERVER – List the Name of the Months Between Date Ranges. It was written in the response to the question – How …


SQL SERVER – How to Learn SQL Server 2014 – Video Tutorial

As December begins the realization is that Year 2014 is about to come to an end. The month of November was a travel month for me. I have travelled to …


SQL SERVER – Beginning with SQL Server Security Aspects

SQL Server Security AspectsThis article is the high-level overview of the SQL Server security best practices and aspects. Ensuring SQL Server …


SQL SERVER – Puzzle – ISNUMERIC and Unexpected Results – SQL in Sixty Seconds #076

It has been a long time since I have asked, puzzled on this blog so let us have fun time together with ISNUMERIC function. If you get the correct …


SQL SERVER – Curious Case of Disappearing Rows – ON UPDATE CASCADE and ON DELETE CASCADE – T-SQL Example – Part 2 of 2

Yesterday I wrote a real world story of how a friend who thought they have an issue with intrusion or virus whereas the issue was really in the code. …


SQL SERVER – Do You Know Your Data’s Classification? – Notes from the Field #050

[Notes from Pinal]: Data is a very simple word, yet it is very powerful. There is a famous saying – Know Your Data. I have quite often found that …


SQL SERVER – Finding Max Value From Multiple Values

Here is a question which I have received a few days ago.

“I have three different variables, I want to find out which one of them has the maximum or


EXCEL / SQL SERVER – Extract the Domain from an Email Address

Just like any business person, I work with Excel pretty much half of my time when I am not working with SQL Server. Recently I faced challenges when …

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SQL SERVER – Combined Multiple .SQL files into One Single File

Here is an interesting problem which I enjoyed solving yesterday.

There were multiple SQL Files in my one folder. When I had to send it to my friend I …


SQL SERVER – Search Records with Single Quotes

Every day when I woke up there are hundreds of emails with various questions related to SQL. I spend my first hour of the day answer each of them.



SQL SERVER – Search Records with Single Quotes – Part 2

Yesterday I wrote a blog post about and it has created quite a lot of interest in the community SQL SERVER – Search Records with Single Quotes. Here …


SQL SERVER – Search Records with Single Quotes – SQL in Sixty Seconds #075

Earlier I wrote two blog posts about Search Records with Single Quotes in two parts. Refer the blog posts over here.• Search Records with Single …


SQL SERVER – Learn SQL Server 2014 Online in a Day – My Latest Pluralsight Course

Click here watch SQL Server 2014 Administration New Features. SQL Server 2014 was released earlier this year and it has been extremely popular in …


SQL SERVER – SSMS: Server Dashboard Report

The term dashboards come from the automobile world where it meant as instrumentation or controls for operating a vehicle. In the IT parlance, the use …


SQL SERVER – Automate Database Operations for Success – Notes from the Field #035

In the Linchpin People mindset, it’s not about how busy you are, but how valuable you are. You don’t increase your value to your organization by your …


SQL SERVER – Introduction to SQL Server Management Studio Reports

I get a ton of questions over mail and one of the most theme is always around Performance tuning and troubleshooting. To add to this confusion, even …

SQL SERVER – Activity Monitor to Identify Blocking – Find Expensive Queries

Recently when I was busy working on my next course for Pluralsight, one of my friend pinged me for some help over messenger. And the conversation …


MySQL – Add a Column at Particular Ordinal Position in Table

Sometimes you may need to add a column at a particular ordinal position in the table. In SQL Server there is no option to do it via SQL although you …

Developer’s Life – Every Developer is a Iron Man

Iron Man is another superhero who is not naturally “super,” but relies on his brain (and money) to turn him into a fighting machine. While …