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FIA World Rally Championship - Review Clip 2014

Used Fiat 500 [Pre

Un vídeo grabado con drones confirma los daños de Greenpeace a Nazca

La semana pasada, activistas de Greenpeace desataron las iras del gobierno de Perú y de no pocos entusiastas de la arqueología al entrar sin permiso …

A Mighty Wind: Bugatti Rumored To Be Considering Limited Run of Veyron Speedsters

In his recent reporting on the Bugatti Chiron, which could pack 1500 horsepower, hit 288 mph, and have swing-up doors, <i>Automobile Magazine’s</i> Georg Kacher stated that the Veyron successor has been delayed until 2016, and with the Veyron’s 450-car run just about finished, a very limited run of …

Sports Cars

Death of Rare White Rhino Leaves 5 in the World

Breeding northern white rhinos with their cousins may help preserve their genes, scientists say.<p>When an elderly northern white rhinoceros died Sunday at the San Diego Zoo, he left behind just five of his kind on Earth. As for the chances of any more being born, scientists say, there is limited hope.<p>…

Endangered Species

Radical concept tires morph to handle any terrain

Hankook reaches for the stars, comes up with sci-fi tires.<p>Hankook Tire just showed off the results of its Design Innovation Project, a bi-annual daydream challenge to come up with the wildest, most futuristic tire concepts imaginable. This year's winners are amazingly sci-fi: Morphing, transforming …


Watch: VW’s Golf R400 Concept Sounds Positively Filthy

There are many things to like about Volkswagen’s insane Golf R400 concept. It has 395 horsepower. VW actually is going to build the thing. Oh, and we found out the salable car likely will deliver <i>more than 400 horsepower</i>. We can now add another item to that list: The incredible exhaust note, which …


Hyundai builds a Cayman killer

This Hyundai Veloster concept has a turbocharged 2-litre, 296-horsepower engine in the middle. It's called the Midship, and we demand that it's built this instant.<p>Because it is, essentially, a baby supercar. A bit like the Renaultsport Clio V6 and VW Golf GTI W12-650. There's lightweight alloy …

World Rally Championship

BMW Motorrad sculpts its future

To those who insist that a machine cannot be a work of art, BMW offers the dazzling Concept Roadster motorycle, unveiled in Italy at this year's Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este.<p>This two-wheeled glimpse into BMW Motorrad's future features a dramatic wedge shape and split colouring – a pearl-white …