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Miss CyberTech Israel 2018

Israeli cyber warfare is becoming a global force to reckon with. About $850 Million were invested in 2017 in Israeli cybersecurity startups, …

The world’s largest megayacht A embarks in Haifa

The world’s largest megayacht A (as the first letter of alphabet) embarks in Haifa. The futuristic looking supership belongs to Russian oligarch …

citizenM London Bankside Hotel Review

The best business hotel I’ve ever stayed in London, stylish, modern, funky, very friendly stuff. Super convenient in terms of Internet connectivity. …

Birthday party in shaping studio

All parents in Israel know that organizing a birthday party for kids is a headache of epic proportions. We tried it all – home party with clowns, …

Digital camera market to go smartphone

Digital Cameras

Performance of musical quartet Salut Salon

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Smartphone as a major personal computing device

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Fashion Show

A scene in department store

The department store saleswoman groping mannequin's breasts. Unconsciously sexual scene captured in a department store in Antwerp, Belgium.

Fashion Show

Elegance vs clumsiness, street scene, Paris

Sheer elegance of the woman in nautical-themed dress, her enticing figure and beauty contrast sharply with clumsiness of her companion and his rather …

Street photography, Barcelona