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Sudden rain at the flea market

Lean Startup Summit London, June 13-14 2017, London Stock Exchange and Here East

Lean Startup Summit London (June 13-14 at London Stock Exchange and Here East) brings to life the strategic tactics that startups, high-growth …

How do I learn to use a Canon EOS 550d?

I used to own Canon 550D. I bought two books at Amazon: the first and third from the left, authors in the same order Jeff Revell and Charlotte K. …

How long does it take for DSLR cameras to get outdated?

It depends how do you define outdated – in terms of functionality or sensor quality. I owned Canon 550D, later on I switched to full frame Canon 6D. …


What should an excited amateur know about purchasing their first DSLR and lenses?

That he/she is in the beginning of long and very expensive journey. Purchasing photography gear is highly addictive. First, you buy into platform – …

When photographers take pictures of random people, do they need their permission especially if they intend to sell those photos?

Generally no, if the pictures taken in public place. However, if the photographer intends to sell person’s photo, Photo Release Form is a must, …

The Short Happy Career of Erik Kim

Here is a guy, Erik Kim, who is kind of self-promoted celeb in the world of photography, a kind of David Lebovitz/Anthony Bourdain of street …

Street Photography

Trump’s Government is Dysfunctional

Let me put it clear – I’m glad it’s Republicans and not Democrats are in the White House. I’m for lower taxes and lesser role of the government in …

A photographer traveled with only two disposable cameras. This is the result.

WE LIVE in a time of potential instant photographic gratification. We check the screens on our digital devices often before we’ve even looked at a …


Eric Kim Proves the Value (and Fallacy) of SEO for Photographers

In nearly every industry, the Web has enabled a cadre of Internet-famous individuals, who on the merits of their marketing prowess have gained …

Street Photography


Dear friend,<p>Blogging has always been my passion, ever since I was 15 years old (I started with Xanga).<p>Why I blog<p>To me blogging was great, because I …

Street Photography

15 Photographers Share Their Go-to Lenses for Taking the Perfect Shot

While it's true that great photography is much more than stocking up on gear, the perfect lens can help photographers achieve their vision. And with so many talented photographers featured over the years, we were curious about what lenses our favorites reached for first when they went out to …


Jogging into sunset

XPOSURE 101 Detroit Photography Conference, May 18-21 2017, Detroit

Photographers from across the United States will come together in Metropolitan Detroit to address photographic standards, receive free training in …


How I Earn $200,000+a Year from Photography

It’s kind of a crazy thing: I believe you can stay true to your roots, values, and ethics, and also get rich. In this post, I’ll share some of the …

Street Photography


Winner of the silhouette photo contest

A dreadful moment familiar to any photographer

A dreadful scene familiar to any photographer – after you composed your perfect shot some sandvich-gulping jerk crosses into your field of view …

Newly discovered color photos show everyday life in Soviet Russia through American eyes

The Manhoffs were there at the height of the Cold War<p>Martin Manhoff’s color photos of Soviet life in the 1950s seem almost unreal when we look at …


Foggy morning landscapes

photo journal<p>article<p><p>Visit the post for more.<p>Photo Studio<p>en_US

The International Virtual Reality Photography Association IVRPA Conference, June 3-6 2017, Vienna, Austria

The International Virtual Reality Photography Association IVRPA Conference will feature 4 days of talks, workshops, panels, exhibitors and other …

Virtual Reality

Photo Walk, May 5, 2017, Haifa, Israel

article<p><p>A great day for photo walk coinciding with Victory Day parade.<p><p>en_US

Street photography

photo journal<p>article<p><p>Visit the post for more.<p>Photo Studio<p>en_US

Street photography

Context in the street photography

Navigating busy street on a bicycle with a dog in hand is an art.<p>Street photography is often about the context, context is the king. The context in …

Collage “The future of photography is mobile”

A collage “The future of photography is mobile” to illustrate the point of the market report on future of photography.

Big, very big, huge

This is Israel

A beautiful girl with automatic rifle? No, it’s not an erotic fantasy of arms aficionado, this is Israel.<p>A guy in swimming trunks on the public beach …

Canon Announces Entries Are Open For The 2017 New Cosmos of Photography 2017 Photo Competition

MELVILLE, N.Y., April 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, is excited to announce today that its parent …