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Best Videos from Justin Bieber's Instagram

Stunning long exposure shot of the L train in Chicago by Elden Ramirez @elden_ramirez

Sunset in Jersey City by Kosten @kostennn

Stunning photo taken in Diablo Lake by Kyle Mims @mimskyle

Stunning landscape in Iceland by Dean Cothill @deancothill

Through the woods of Germany by Hannez Kurz @hannezkurz

Nothing burns like the cold, taken in Toronto by Mike @mindz.eye

Amazing fox portrait by Dimitris @d_fordesign

Bekoh City Lights in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by Lane Ramage @laneramage

Wandering sands in #Dubai by iHerok @iherok

Great photo taken in Toledo, Ohio by Eric Ward @littlecoal

Sagrada Familia at night by Matt Bluejay Searles @matt_bluejay

Create your own directions, don’t let others control your life by Optic Brand @optic.legacy

Dope shot taken in DUMBO, Brooklyn by Michael Steric @michaelste

Red square, Moscow by Gleb @otradnv Tag #photogrist for a feature

Stunning symetrical urban photo taken ib Singapore by Miguel SG @momentos_SG Tag #photogrist for a feature

Throwback to being the only person on the Great Wall China at Sunrise by Robert King @king_roberto Tag #photogrist for a feature

Gorgeous photo taken in Schinveldse Bossen by Remo Jacobs @livingitrural Tag #photogrist for a feature

Paris from the Montparnasse Tower by Sophie @photosfromsoph Tag #photogrist for a feature

From a surf trip in remote Alaska in 2014 by Chris Burkard @chrisburkard Tag #photogrist for a feature

Stunning photo taken in Staples Center Arena by Chris @cstone710 Tag #photogrist for a feature

Milky Palmer in North Shore Ohau by Cory D @surrealshotz Tag #photogrist for a feature

Stunning photo taken in Key Biscayne, Florida by Brian Johnston @brianj_photography Tag #photogrist for a feature

Finding your focus in Boston, Massachusetts by Kan Kankavee @kankankavee Tag #photogrist for a feature

Angry birds in London by Joshua Perrett @josh.perrett Tag #photogrist for a feature

Unrealistic landscape in Oahu, Hawaii by Kamohai Kalama @roadlesstraveler Tag #photogrist for a feature

We life for the nights when the wolves are silent and the moon howls by Justin Main @photified Tag #photogrist for a feature

Kyoto, Japan by James Relfdyer @jamesrelfdyer Tag #photogrist for a feature

Stunning portrait of Alexa Pagnani @alexapagnani by Chris Highsmith @junejissle Tag #photogrist for a feature