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New photography book showcases Alasdair McLellan's British style

A new book from Alasdair McLellan takes a deep dive into the photographer's very British visual world. Art directed by M/M, Ultimate Clothing Company …


Botanical Inquiry

“Botanical Inquiry” is a series of photographic dioramas that shuffle nature, geography, and physics into familiar but fictional environments.<p>In these compositions, the physical characteristics of the unremarkable plants I have collected become storytelling elements which, when staged against the …


Bread and Circuses: Dubai’s Extravagant Contradictions

<i>Belgian photographer Nick Hannes has been pursuing independent documentary projects for over a decade. His travels (and curiosity) have taken him across the 15 former Soviet Republics as well as all around the Mediterranean Sea, and yet his latest work focuses on a completely different part of the</i> …



It’s impossible to remember everything. The failure to recall the majority of our lives can result in a hazy collection of past experiences: our internal hard drive is overloaded with daily information where only a fraction gets replayed. Photographs have now become our back-up method. They help us …

The Arctic

Previously on Hans Lucas #18: Supernatural

Studio Hans LucasGathering together a wide variety of photographic practices, this group exhibition showcases the extraordinary power of the image to change our view of the world.The issues of <i>Previously on Hans Lucas</i> published during the summer are always special. Last year, our team published the …


In Search of the Poets and New Masters of Street Photography

<i>Olivier Laurent has worked with photography on both sides of the Atlantic—raised in France, beginning his career in London and continuing at TIME Lightbox in New York. Throughout, Laurent has remained passionate about discovering how great photographs are made, while consistently drawing attention</i> …

Street Photography

Back to Petersburg: Past Perfect Continuous

Igor Posner“After years of absence, an immigrant’s homecoming is an exercise in spectral doubleness. Returning to a city where one grew up, one understands the new order of things but fails to belong to it. Immersed in the here and now, one holds allegiances only to the past…”At the very end of …


Small Differences Can Make Great Pictures

When I first started practicing street photography, I fell in love. It seemed plain, simple even, but I was deeply attracted by its natural intensity.<p>Back then, I wasn’t sure exactly what to look for. Perhaps that’s still true. But I now know that I am interested in the play of light and shadow, …

New Delhi

Rio Alone

Claudio EdingerThere are no landscapes—there is only light. Poetic responses to the unique beauty of the Rio de Janeiro coast made using a 4x5 film camera.<i>Brazilian photographer Claudio Edinger has been an active photographer for over 40 years. He has published 16 photo books and won awards from</i> …


Pictures of the Week 5.4.17


B-Uranus: Inside an Island in the Venetian Lagoon

<i>Azu Nwagbogu, Founder and Director of LagosPhoto Festival and the African Artists’ Foundation, chose this project by Mirko Saviane as his Juror’s Pick in the Magnum Photography Awards 2017. He explains his choice in a brief statement below. We’ve also included Saviane’s artist statement so you can</i> …

Street Photography

Pictures of the Week 8.15.17

Pictures of the Week 4.28.17


Pictures of the Week 8.10.17

Pictures of the Week 8.3.17

Pictures of the Week 7.21.17


Godox A1 Smartphone Flash, LED, and Trigger Now Official with $70 Price Tag

After teasing the product and sharing some sample portraits, the Chinese flash manufacturer Godox has now officially announced the A1. It’s a flash, …

Gear & Gadgets

4 Top NYC Photographers Shoot the Same Model

Here’s a new 13-minute video showing a shootout recently done between four popular NYC-based photographers: Joey L, Dani Diamond, Brandon Woelfel, …

Portrait Photography

Photo Essay: The Wildfires Leaving Portugal in Ashes

Wildfires have been burning across Portugal, causing tens of deaths and scores of injuries. Yesterday, I stumbled upon a village called Pereiro De …

Photo Essays

A Night out with the Voigtlander 35 1.2 II and Leica SL, Sony A9 by Steve Huff

<b>A Night out with the Voigtlander 35 1.2 II and Leica SL, Sony A9</b><p><b>By Steve Huff</b><p>It’s almost Friday which means yet another weekend is almost upon us, …


How to Successfully Fail at Photography

Photography is a lot of fun. For the most part, it’s a solo pursuit where you are completely responsible for your own success or failure. But anyone …

it doesn't matter

This $11,000 Camera Lens Shows Why You Don’t Check In Gear When Flying

If you’re flying with camera equipment, bring the gear onto the plane in a carry-on bag with you if at all possible. This $11,000 Leica lens shows …


5 Classic Portrait Lighting Mistakes You May Be Making

In this article, I am going to highlight 5 key things that I see portrait photographers doing that I consider to be “in need of improvement.” And …

Portrait Photography

Photographer Nailed in the Groin by First Pitch, Still Nails the Shot

The ceremonial first pitch at a Boston Red Sox baseball game went horribly (and comically) wrong yesterday, and a sports photographer behind the …


Taking 30 Street Portraits of Complete Strangers in 2 Hours

In this 4-minute video by Wex Photographic, street photographer Matt Higgs takes up the challenge of capturing 30 street portraits of complete …

Street Photography

4 Must-Snap Etsy/Ebay/Online Shop Listing Photos

You don’t need fancy pants photo equipment to take great product photos. Chances are your phone has a camera in it that takes great photos. Just add …



In order to create her expressive and captivating series “Stars,” Ellie Davies combined images of the Milky Way, Omega Centauri, the Norma Galaxy and other celestial phenomena with “mature and ancient” forest landscapes that speak to the age and history of our earth. The result is a breathtakingly …


Ep: 203: Amazon’s Mistake Eclipses Its Last One – and more

Featured: <b>Photographer, blogger and BlackRapid Culture Liaison, LaRae Lobdell</b><p>In This Episode<p>If you subscribe to the PetaPixel Photography Podcast in …


5 Reasons Creative Obstacles to Your Photography Are Healthy

<b>“The brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how</b> …


Using Photos to Fight Hate: For Better or Worse

On August 10, 2017, the popular podcast Radiolab published an episode entitled “Truth Trolls,” which recounted the story of actor Shia Lebeouf’s “He …