An Invitation to Join My New Street Photography Class
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Hey everyone, today I want to extend a warm welcome and invitation to join my new street photography course. You can join from your home, your favorite coffee shop, or even wherever you are on your cell phone in your pocket. And to celebrate my Grandmother this week who started me in my journey of photography, you can register for this course for just $24 before March 31st. If you have been in one of my street photo classes before, this one is different also. I talk about getting over fear, legal issues, and outside-the-box techniques, and give you even more tools in the toolkit to win including talking about street photography for personal benefits outside of the 9-5. If you have wanted to start street photography, or want to improve your street photography, drop by and join my course. It is only $24 before March 31st. If there is enough interest, I will do a live Q&A for office hours and critique once per week on Zoom. You can read more at the link. See you in class!

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