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when someone says they don't like me


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they got me

My town's public library has a clever blizzard solution

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515-Pound Halibut Caught By Marco Leibenow Near Norway May Be World Record (PHOTO)

One German fisherman may have just reeled in a world record.<p>According to fishing tour company Angelreisen Hamburg, Marco Liebenow was fishing off the coast of Norway when he managed to catch a 515-pound halibut in July.<p>Speaking on behalf of Liebenow, Angelreisen Hamburg's David Bottcher said that …


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Finnish reindeer sprayed with glow-in-the-dark liquid to prevent accidents

Glowing reindeer can be spotted in northern Finland thanks to a reflective spray which makes them more visible in a bid to prevent car accidents, Finnish reindeer breeders said on Tuesday.<p>"We are hoping that it is so useful that we can use the spray in the entire region and on all reindeer, from …

Man, Declared Dead, Wakes Up in Body Bag at Funeral Home

A Mississippi man woke up in a body bag as funeral home workers prepared to embalm him, ABC affiliate WAPT reported.<p>Walter Williams, 78, of …

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In case hedgehogs swimming in a bathtub cheer you up...

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Cookware, Cooking Utensils, Kitchen Decor & Gourmet Foods | Williams-Sonoma

Cookware, Cooking Utensils, Kitchen Decor & Gourmet Foods | Williams-Sonoma

Items similar to Spring Aztec Pattern - Nail Art

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