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@phisco | I love basketball soccer and dacing this is JKLM in the picture they are my best friends

when someone says they don't like me

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they got me

My town's public library has a clever blizzard solution

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515-Pound Halibut Caught By Marco Leibenow Near Norway May Be World Record (PHOTO)

One German fisherman may have just reeled in a world record.

According to fishing tour company Angelreisen Hamburg, Marco Liebenow was fishing off the coast of Norway when he managed to catch a 515-pound halibut in July.

Speaking on behalf of Liebenow, Angelreisen Hamburg's David Bottcher said that …


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Finnish reindeer sprayed with glow-in-the-dark liquid to prevent accidents

Glowing reindeer can be spotted in northern Finland thanks to a reflective spray which makes them more visible in a bid to prevent car accidents, Finnish reindeer breeders said on Tuesday.

"We are hoping that it is so useful that we can use the spray in the entire region and on all reindeer, from …


Man, Declared Dead, Wakes Up in Body Bag at Funeral Home

A Mississippi man woke up in a body bag as funeral home workers prepared to embalm him, ABC affiliate WAPT reported.

Walter Williams, 78, of …

Funeral Homes

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In case hedgehogs swimming in a bathtub cheer you up...

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Cookware, Cooking Utensils, Kitchen Decor & Gourmet Foods | Williams-Sonoma

Cookware, Cooking Utensils, Kitchen Decor & Gourmet Foods | Williams-Sonoma

Chevron Easter Egg Garland / Chevron Easter Bunting / Chevron Easter Banner / Easter Photography Prop / Easter Party Decor

Chevron Easter Egg Garland

This banner is made from bright patterned cardstock and is threaded thin, light beige twine.

Each egg measures 3.5 inches tall. Eggs are made of brightly colored, patterned cardstock. The chevron patterns are in white with pink, blue, yellow, green and purple.

The banner …