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Herzlich Willkommen auf ENORM-EBIKES<p><b>Auf dieser Seite werden dem interessierten Besucher Einblicke in die Herstellung meiner E-bikes gegeben. Den</b> …

Test E-Mountainbike: Haibike XDURO NDURO Pro 26 | E

Review<p><b>There are cars you simply pass by. There are cars that you casually glance at and appreciate with a nod. Rarely, but every now and then, there</b> …

Bosch eBike | Fully Charged

My Cycle To Work Scheme – GTech Electric Bike

My first attempt to bust the daily commute is by cheating, just a little. The chaps at G-Tech sent over their sports electric bike.<p>It makes sense, …

A Ride To Pete's House - Gtech eBike

Review: Stealth Bomber electric bike packs a serious punch

ebike electric bike review MTB Kudos Cobra electric mountain bike

Gtech eBike TV Advert - New Electric Bike From Gtech.

Volt™ Electric Bikes - Steep Hill Test - June 2013

Volt™ Alpine Electric Mountain Bike - Riding up to Glenshee Ski Centre - April 2013

Trek Lift+ Video Review

Trek Ride+ Overview

World's best folding E-bike!

Ford's latest eBike breaks down to fit in your trunk

Ford is serious about marrying eBikes and cars and just revealed a new bike concept called the MoDe:Flex, complete with a new smartwatch app. Like other prototypes from its new Palo Alto Research and Innovation Center, it's an electric-assisted bicycle that uses a special app to help you do …

Ford Motor Company

Smart Ebike Video Review - Electric Bike From Smart Mercedes Benz

Ebike Q&A: One Year and 4,000 Miles With an Electric Bike!

The Smartest eBikes

Here's why the controversial Sondors eBike is worth the wait

The first time I spied a “fat bike,” with its ludicrously oversize knobby tires roll smoothly over a sandy beach, I knew I had to have one. Not long …


Specialized Turbo: Life With an eBike

As a fan of all things go-fast, I approached a test of the Specialized Turbo eBike with some measured skepticism. After all, isn't it easy to distrust something called "Turbo" that's not actually driven by a turbo, let alone an internal combusion engine?<p>This wasn't my first test of an eBike (that …

Electric Vehicles

A controversial low-cost eBike has now raised over $3.8 million on Indiegogo

An controversial electric bike which raised $3.2 million in 11 days by billing itself as the world's most affordable eBike, is still going so strong on crowdfunding site Indiegogo that the company will extend its fund-raising for another 30 days, it announced on Tuesday.<p>Sondors Electric bike has …


Centinel Smart Electric Bicycle Wheel Turns Your Bike into eBike

Don’t need to purchase a brand new electric bike. Using Centinel smart electric bicycle wheel, you can turn your existing bike into ebike. Sounds …

Electric Vehicles

Faraday’s latest eBikes hit Kickstarter with a minimalist step-through design and iOS connectivity

As eBikes have gained traction over the last few years, a variety of styles have come to fruition through crowdfunding and startup companies. Initially we saw plenty of industrial designs but thankfully more traditional cruisers are hitting the scene.<p>Faraday has been cranking out electrical for …

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