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Colorado's Top 12 Experiences

From vibrant cities to gorgeous peaks, Colorado offers terrific experiences that should be on every traveler’s list. Here are Fodor’s top picks for a memorable trip.


25 Things to Do in New York This Fall

New York City is an exciting place any time of year, but the ideal time to visit isfall. Following the relatively slow summer months, the cultural calendar swiftly kicks into high gear with film festivals, Broadway openings, and more, all while the trees in Central Park turn beautiful shades of …

New York Style

36 Hours in Burlington, Vermont

Burlington, home of the University of Vermont and the birthplace of Phish, Ben and Jerry’s and Seventh Generation, has long embodied the earthy progressivism and can-do independence that define the state’s spirit. Lately that ethos has taken on a sophisticated sheen, as chefs apply Vermont’s …

Southern Ontario

36 Hours in Berlin

There are few cities in the world that transform themselves as profoundly from season to season as Berlin. The purgatorial winter, with its lightless days and frigid nights, gives way to four months of balmy intoxication. Cafe and gallery culture spills out into graffitied alleyways; the parks fill …

European Travel

22 reasons to visit Barcelona

1. The Mediterranean climate is the best for just about everything.Skies are usually clear, winters are short and mild, summers are hot but bearable. …

Santa Claus

10 Sweet + Savory Buttermilk Recipes to Embrace Autumn

With fall looming right around the corner, comfort food recipes will soon be filling your Pinterest feed to the brim. One ingredient that is sure to make a repeat appearance this year is creamy and delicious buttermilk.

Since buttermilk is not something that everyone has in their fridge year-round, …


The Ultimate Guide to Grilling Corn

Corn is a summer staple because it’s the best there is. But you know what makes corn better than the best? Throwing it on a grill and getting some char on those kernels. The technique’s easy, convenient, and loads up sweet corn with smoky depth. From selection to husking, cooking to topping ideas, …


Why Kroger Co's Growth Strategy Beats Its Rivals

There is some serious growth afoot in the supermarket industry. It seems like nearly every big grocery chain, private or public, has major plans for expansion under way. Trader Joe's and Wegman's are both opening their doors in new parts of the country, while big box chains likeWal-Martare adding …


Buttes and beasts: amazing US national parks – in pictures

Pacific Northwest

Green River, Last Light


A typical photo kayaking in Alaska

Photo @ladzinski / Golden beams of sun breaking through storm clouds and warming up the hills of South West Utah. This is a classic scene of complimentary colors, meaning, that when paired together each color is amplified creating the strongest contrast. Leonardo da Vinci once observed that "the finest harmonies were those between colors exactly opposed"

Put an Egg on It: 20 Great Ways to Eat Fried or Poached Eggs

I can't tell you how many times a simple egg has saved my life, or at least my day. That's because adding a perfectly fried or poached egg, its runny yolk surrounded by creamy white, can turn just about anything into a filling meal—even the random bits and bobs from my refrigerator on nights when …


What to Eat With Salmon: Tried and True Side Dishes for a Versatile Fish

When you work at a food website long enough, you learn a few basic facts: stories about chicken and beef and pretty much anything cheesy or fried will do very, very well; stories about fish? Not so much. In fact, a lot of them straight-up flop. What gives?

First off, many kinds of fish don't come …


How to Peel Tomatoes

I'll tell you what you don't need to peel a tomato: You don't need one of those silly unitaskers sold solely for the purpose of peeling tomatoes. What do you need? Water, and plenty of it.

But first, why peel a tomato at all? Honestly, for the majority of tomato-preparation tasks, it's not really …


36 Hours in Pittsburgh

Sometimes gritty, always hilly, Steel City’s charms are often hidden below the surface. While the revitalization of downtown Pittsburgh has earned lots of attention, lately much of the action is found farther out, in once-overlooked neighborhoods like Lawrenceville and East Liberty. Here, …


Thunderstorm approaching

Yet Another Tree.

Shelter From The Storm

Cliff Palace Mesa Verde IMG_6538

Moulton Barn

Crater Lake Sunset HDR Pano

From Mild to Wild: How to See Alaska's National Parks

Alaska is a state of superlatives, so it's fitting that the state's eight national parks contain the nation's highest peak, the largest landmass, and some of the wildest and most remote wilderness areas in the world. 2016 marks the centennial of the national parks, so there's no better time to plan …


10 Most Incredible Views of America's Cities

What better way to see a city than from the very top? With views that stretch on for miles, sky-high observation decks and scenic points allow you to experience America’s cities in a uniquely thrilling way. Of course, there’s more than just the vistas—heart-racing activities, rotating restaurants, …


5 Chicago Restaurants That Will Transport You Around the World | Fodor's Travel

With dirt-cheap taco joints and trailblazing temples of haute cuisine—and everything in between—Chicago has one of the richest, most diverse, most satisfying food scenes in the United States. Of course, the city has hometown staples like deep-dish pizza, Italian beef sandwiches, and Chicago-style …


10 Things You Need to Do Before Any International Trip

Memorize the following and make it your mantra: Good travel is the result of good planning. That applies to any trip you take, but it’s especially true when you’re heading to a foreign country. It can be tempting to book a ticket and start fantasizing about your getaway, but there’s work to be …


Wine Lover's Guide to Italy's Prosecco Region | Fodor's Travel

Thanks in part to the recession, economical Americans began switching from Champagne to Prosecco, a more affordable alternative with the same effervescence and celebratory spirit, and never looked back. Its fresh, light quality makes it easy to enjoy with any cuisine (even brunch). While many …

Travel Writing

Nashville's 5 Best Coffee Spots

Any city with nightlife as kicking as Nashville's needs an equally robust coffee scene for those morning afters. Until recently, the pub crawlers and last-callers who made their way through Music City's legendary honky-tonks had only a few options for much-needed roast and relaxation. But over the …


Top 25 Free Things to Do in San Francisco

They say the best things in life are free, and in San Francisco, enjoying some of the most iconic sights won’t cost you a dime. With its stunning natural beauty and a thriving arts and culture scene, the city has an abundance of things to do if you’re on a budget or just saving for other …

Northern California