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10 Skills that Make a Perfect Project Manager

Need a simple project management software to manage your team?
Check-out our valuable and unique Top 15 Web Applications 2015.Project manager is a …

Apple Watch

An Introduction to Volley

Volley is a networking library developed by Google and introduced during Google I/O 2013. It was developed because of the absence, in the Android …


How To Set Up Your Raspberry Pi For The First Time

My Raspberry Pi arrived with the evening mail—by midnight, my husband and I had turned it into a working print server. And neither of us had any background in computer science.

Raspberry Pi is a computer the size of a credit card that’s so simple, anyone can program it. Designed as an introduction …

Raspberry Pi

Introduction To URL Rewriting


Many Web companies spend hours and hours agonizing over the best domain names for their clients. They try to find a domain name that is …


Trust, Agile Program Management, & Being Effective

If you read my most recent post, Comparing Teams Is Not Useful: Exposing Another Management Myth and the comments, you will see that I rant about the …

Agile Development

The OAuth Bible

Exchange Request Token for Access Token, signed request

oauth_token Request …

The languages

In a keynote address that I once co-presented with Martin Fowler, he made a perceptive observation:

The legacy of Java will be the platform, not the

Writing Effective Designs - Architect's Diary


As the software development is maturing, the HLDs and LLDs are widely accepted as an integrated part of software development cycle, no matter …

WebSockets: A Glimpse of the Future

Computing Thoughts
WebSockets: A Glimpse of the Future
by Bruce Eckel
December 31, 2011

In order for HTML5 to become the true user interface …

Pragmatic Programming Techniques: Scalable System Design Patterns

Scalable System Design Patterns

Looking back after 2.5 years since my previous post on scalable system design techniques, I've observed an emergence …

Effectively Planning UX Design Projects – Smashing Magazine


Planning user experience (UX) projects is a balancing act of getting the right amount of user input within the constraints of your …

UX Design

Everything You Wanted to Know about SQL Injection (But were Afraid to Ask)

Put on your black hats folks, it’s time to learn some genuinely interesting things about SQL injection. Now remember – y’all play nice with the bits …

The Changing Field of Software Architecture

The authors of Software Architecture in Practice, 3rd Edition discuss how technologies like cloud and edge-dominant systems have changed (and not …

Why Programmers Need Design Patterns to Communicate Effectively

Design patterns have long been recognized as a tool for effective software engineering, but more than that, they are a tool for effective …

SQL Injection through HTTP Headers

Identifying the input vectors of the target application is a primordial step during vulnerability assessment or penetration testing. This article …

A Beginner’s Guide to Design Patterns - Tuts+ Code Article

Ever wondered what design patterns are? In this article, I'll explain why design patterns are important, and will provide some examples, in PHP, of …

Object-Oriented Programming

45+ Excellent Code Snippet Resources and Repositories


The beauty of code snippets is their ability to save you time when developing a site. Whether you keep a file with your own often-reused …

Software Architecture Resources From Microsoft

Thank you for joining us at Microsoft’s Strategic Architect Forum 2015

Session videos and presentations are now available online
See sessions, …

Using the SMART Goals Program in Your Workflow

After you graduate from college and join the workforce, you will begin to develop your own unique workflow. While this workflow will be shaped in …

From Scrum to Lean - Tuts+ Code Article

While Scrum's primary goal is organization and project management, Lean is more about optimizing processes in order to quickly produce quality …


How to Write Code That Embraces Change - Tuts+ Code Article

Writing code, which is easy to change is the Holy Grail of programming. Welcome to programming nirvana! But things are much more difficult in …

Object-Oriented Programming

SCRUM: The Story of an Agile Team - Tuts+ Code Tutorial

Scrum is one of the most heavily used agile techniques. It's not about coding; instead, it focuses on organization and project management. If you …

Agile Development

How to Document a Project Plan: The 10 Elements of a Good Project Plan

A plan to manage risk events.

This is probably the most important of the plans. Not everything that occurs within a project is certain. Some things …