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Leica introduces its first ever F1.4 aperture 28mm lens for the M system

Leica has announced the forthcoming availability of its fastest ever 28mm lens for the M-system of rangefinder cameras. The Leica Summilux-M 28mm …


rose lassi recipe, how to make rose lassi recipe | lassi recipes

rose lassi recipe with step by step photos. one more cooling beverage made with fresh yogurt/dahi, rose petals and rose syrup.

lassi is very popular …


Multi-threading Android Apps for Multi-core Processors – Part 1 of 2

As an application developer, why should you care about additional cores in application processors? Some time back, my colleague Liat Ben-Zur asked …

Parallel Programming

poha upma recipe, how to make vegetable poha upma recipe

poha upma recipe with step by step photos – one more easy to make breakfast recipe with poha or flattened rice.

both upma and poha are one of the …

Retouching 101: Learn Basic Photoshop Retouching in Minutes

Retouching 101

If you find yourself stressed out while editing images, we are here to help. Learn to go from the BEFORE to the AFTER quickly.

The video …

Adobe Photoshop

{Food Photography} A Few of My Tips & Tricks - Katie's Cucina

Ever since I attended Food Blog Forum last April my food photography has improved times 100! People think… what’s so difficult about photographing …

Food Photography

Cleaning up Ubuntu 14.10,14.04,13.10 system

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We have already discussed Cleaning up a Ubuntu GNU/Linux system and this tutorial is updated with new ubuntu versions and more tools …


Nikon Introduces Indian Language Menu In Cameras

For the first time, Japanese cameras making giant Nikon has introduced new feature in its cameras. Nikon cameras will now come with menu options in …


Leica M-P 240 "Safari" EditionLeica M-P 240 "Safari" Edition

Leica M-P 240 “Safari” EditionLeica M-P 240 “Safari” Edition

This Leica M-P Set ‘SAFARI’ is a compact digital still and video camera with a round …


How to set up your computer for Android application development

The thought of creating our own Android apps amuses most of us. “I have an excellent idea for an app,” we tell ourselves. “I could do that so much …

Android Development

How to Give Your Macro Photography a Fine Art Touch in Post-Processing

A Post By: Leanne Cole

Editor’s Note: This is part a series on macro photography this week. Look for a new one each day. The next newsletter will have


Food and Product Photographer, Rick Gayle: How'd They Do That?

Fstoppers Original: How to shoot food photography

Tips for Stunning Food Photography with TopWithCinnamon

The Best Overhead Camera Setup For Food Photography

Top 5 Tips for Lighting a Wedding by Photographer Ryan Brenizer

Here’s a 10-minute video in which well-known wedding photographer Ryan Brenizer shares 5 of his top tips for lighting in wedding photography. He …


This Step-by-Step Teardown of the Nikon D80 Shows You What's Inside a DSLR

After having his ex-girlfriend stab his Nikon D80 to death using a screwdriver and a pair of pliers, Jon of Prime Studios decided to “take lemons and …


How does Hibernate NONSTRICT_READ_WRITE CacheConcurrencyStrategy work


In my previous post, I introduced the READ_ONLY CacheConcurrencyStrategy, which is the obvious choice for immutable entity graphs. When …


Java at 20: The JVM, Java's other big legacy

Think of Java, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this week, and your first thoughts most likely go to the language itself. But underneath the …

Python Programming

Java at 20: The programming juggernaut rolls on

What began as an experiment in consumer electronics in the early 1990s celebrates its 20th anniversary as a staple of enterprise computing this week. …


boondi raita recipe, how to make boondi raita | spiced boondi raita

spiced boondi raita recipe with step by step photos cucumber raita, onion-tomato raita and boondi raita are three of the most sought after raitas in …


makhana raita recipe, how to make phool makhana raita recipe

makhana raita recipe with step by step pics – spiced cooling raita made with phool makhana or fox nut.

our summer meals are comforting meals like a …


capsicum masala recipe, how to make capsicum masala recipe

capsicum masala recipe with step by step photos – hyderabadi style capsicum masala curry recipe.

here’s a delicious lip smacking capsicum masala …


Namma Saviruchi: Mixed Vegetable Palya/Mishra Tarakari Palya

Mixed Vegetable Palya/Mishra Tarakari Palya

This Tarakari Palya is a very favourite dish among our family and friends.In our house we prepare this for …


Tasty Vegetable Pongal

Pongal [Pon – gul, rhymes with sea-gull] is a classic one item meal most popular as a breakfast in South India. It would not be an overstatement to …


Traditional Pongal Chutney

South Indian Rice and Lentils Risotto with Coconut Chutney

Being the ubiquitous food it is of South India coming a close second only to Idli and Dosa, …


PuLiyogare Mix

The King of South Indian Spice Mixes This post has been languishing in the drafts for all of summer. I must have opened this post to edit at least …



Green Plant

The New Leica Monochrome Typ 246 has Arrived!

The New Leica Monochrome Typ 246 has Arrived!

Just arrived! My new Leica Monochrom Typ 246! Above it was after I shot 10 frames on it. Attached my JB …