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Nest has a new proprietary IOT protocol with the same name as Google's open one

There's no denying the Internet of Things ecosystem is a complicated mess right now. Manufacturers are releasing one-off ideas with little regard to …


How to Capture a Photo of a Bubble Bursting

Set yourself a high-speed challenge: Capture a bursting bubble
I have always loved the idea of photography as being a way of taking an instant out of …

Zoom Lenses

This Stop-Motion Video of a Child’s Imagination Took 1.5 Years to Make

PermaGrin Films just released this new short film titled “Imagination.” It’s a mind-bending stop-motion journey that follows a child through his …

Stop Motion

A 365 Project Will Not Change Your Life… Unless

A 365 project can change your life… just ask Marius Vieth. The incredibly talented and successful street photographer has said he owes his …

Street Photography

Contrasting architecture patterns with design patterns

Developers are accustomed to design patterns, as popularized in the book Design Patterns by Gamma, et al. Each pattern describes a common problem …


Beacon Technology | How Beacons Fit With the API and the Internet of Things

Source : news.sys-con
: Jennifer Riggins
: Beacon Technology

Forbes called 2015, the Year of the Mobile Beacon. AdWeek talks about how

Internet of Things

Android Studio 1.4 | Android Developers Blog

Vector Assets

Starting with API 21, you can use Vector Drawables for image assets. For most apps, using VectorDrawables decreases the amount of …

Nikon D5 Specs Surface, Canon 70-200mm L Rumors, Leica SL Rumor Update {Daily Roundup}

Welcome to our roundup series where we will hit on several gear news and rumor topics each day. This gives you a chance to get caught up on all of


With the EOS M3, Canon finally has a worthy mirrorless camera

Canon's entry into the mirrorless space started with the EOS M in 2012. Unfortunately, the company's first interchangeable lens camera failed to impress, due to its sluggish performance, a tedious user interface and subpar battery life. A year later, the improved (and mostly faster) M2 was …


Android App permissions explained

Applications use a lot of permissions including those needed to access the SD card, use the Internet and so on. Google does a great job of displaying …

Android Apps

Microsoft's Windows 10 IoT starter kit can help you build smart robots

If your organization is eager to begin using Windows 10 for Internet of Things projects, you’re one step closer today.

Microsoft just unveiled a new …

Microsoft Windows

May 10, Part 2: The Leica APO-Summicron-M 50/2 ASPH review, and a comparison

All non-product images in this review were shot with a Leica M9-P and the 50/2 APO-Summicron-M ASPH, with the exception of the one B&W image lower


Project 365 - 9/24/2015 - 267/365

Commlite EF-FE AF Adapter | Is This Affordable Adapter Worth It?

I have had my Sony A7 II for many months now, and I have used adapters for old film lenses like Canon FD, Nikon F, and Olympus OM. But I have been …


Take a Break From Reality With The Photo Manipulations of Achraf Baznani

As a child, Moroccan photographer and filmmaker Achraf Baznani was obsessed with movie miniatures and the magic of movies. So when this self-taught …


Battle for Bokeh: The Best 50mm Lens for a Canon DSLR

Fifty milimeter prime lenes are the quintessential workhorses of the photography world. They’re fast, lightweight, super sharp, and reasonable priced …


Make Your Photo Subject Really Stand Out

Great photography subjects are all around us. You don’t have to go far to find interesting people, flowers, or wildlife. The real test is to use your …


5 Common File Types in Photography and When You Should Use Each One

You’ve spent the last few hours working on the perfect photo shoot and everything went better than you could have possibly imagined. After importing …


How to Use ISO Settings in Digital Photography

ISO should be one of the easiest aspects of digital photography to master, but many beginners in photography still have a hard time understanding …

Digital Photography

6 Tips to Get Started with Portraits

A Post By: Melinda Smith

People fascinate me. I love the diversity in personality and expressions, and I love using my camera to capture all those …

Portrait Photography

Tips for Shooting Better Portraits

Editor’s Note: We’re pleased to welcome Brian Smith to the Photofocus team. Brian’s portraits of celebrities, athletes and business executives have

Portrait Photography

A Primer on Planning a Lunar Eclipse Photograph

This article is about how this time slice shot of a lunar eclipse was made. Its focus is mainly on the planning that went into it, even before the …

Lunar Eclipse

Italy Through a Vintage Lens

I have always wanted to see the Alps. They look so grand in the movies. After my roadtrip through the Norwegian mountains in 2014, it felt like the …


Sony Alpha 7R II Review

The Sony a7R II is the company's fifth in the company's a7 range of full frame cameras and the second high-resolution 'R' model. However, although …

The Future of the Internet of Things Will Be 'Notification Hell' Before It Gets Better

Right now, the Internet of Things (IoT) is primarily the realm of futuristic-minded early tech adopters. Think of the pioneers who use Google Glass to snap pictures, Nest to control their home temperature or turn to their smartphone to dim the light bulbs in their bedroom. In a decade, things will …

Internet of Things

In the Few Minutes You Weren't Watching, the Connected Future Arrived

I’m a futurist and IoT obsessed. The implications for a connected world are limitless. Our world is already so awesome, and is only getting better with our crazy advances in technology. In our pockets alone, we hold the computing power of what the most advanced countries held at their highest …

Internet of Things

Interview: Maintaining security in IoT products

The Internet of things is set to worm its way into many areas of our lives, but as our cars and domestic appliances become connected how can we be …


Here's what IoT will do for transportation | VentureBeat | Big Data

The Internet of Things (IoT) is dramatically accelerating the pace of innovation in the transportation industry—especially the cars and trucks we drive every day. And when you apply the laws that have been driving technology innovation for decades—Moore’s Law and Metcalfe’s Law—it’s not long before …


Review: The Canon EOS 5Ds is about more than megapixels - Images


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Understanding Security in IoT: Wi-Fi Link Layer

There are many different wireless technologies that can be utilized in your IoT system but Wi-Fi will almost certainly make an appearance somewhere. …