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"The human is full of opinions, but the horse is the truth." - Ray Hunt.

"Once you have seen quality horsemanship and are exposed to the things you can do to help a horse be gentle and dependable, then why wouldn't you do those things? No matter what your horse's age, you are going to try to offer him the best that you can. If you adjust what you are doing, he will adjust too; horses have an amazing capacity to make changes. There is always hope." - Buck Brannaman

Yes, this is cow

"If the shoe fits; wear it. If it doesn't, then I wasn't talkin' to you anyway." - Ray Hunt

"It’s too bad that people are so ready to blame their horse’s poor response to them on a deficiency in his makeup, or on a previous owner, or trainer or vet. They wouldn’t need to spend time blaming the horse or other people for the situation if they had an idea of what changes they needed to make in themselves. That’s where the problem is.........them not being able to figure out what they should do." - Bill Dorrance

He's catching on...

"For a lot of people it’s about self-discovery, finding things you need to adjust, change, or improve. When you find that the horse is compelled and interested in you, something in you changes. That can be healing or move you deeply. There’s a difference between mastering something physical and working with an animal. There’s a spiritual component to working with a horse. You’re dealing with the spirit of a live animal that thinks and makes decisions. In nature this animal would have nothing to do with you. 'NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP' is just words. It’s not natural at all. There’s an abundance of trust that must be developed for you [by the horse]. Imagine if humans were that pliable." - Buck Brannaman. Buck's quote is from an interview with 'American Cowboy' - Image of Buck is care of Pathe Films AG -

"In difficulty, there is opportunity." — Ray Hunt

This was Tom Dorrance's reply when Larry Mahan asked him to comment on the many 'self-promoting' clinicians that seem to be so prevalent today: "They are surface workers. They are not getting to the in-depth for the horse OR the human. They are just working on the surface, and a lot of those people, I have seen them, [the clinicians] they are trying to promote themselves. Some of them to a small degree, some of them to a full [extent]. They get a lot of people's attention......some of them......and along almost all day. [People] may get exposed to some good things, but so many times when those people go home, nothing much happens." Taken from the DVD 'A Day with Tom Dorrance'. Image of Tom Dorrance is from the book 'Tom Dorrance - More Than A Horseman' by Margaret Dorrance.

“It’s the control of the feet through the mind that a person [should be] after. If you’ve missed that on the ground, [from] the start, why you’ve missed the part that means the most to the horse. The person should be focused on getting the best possible connection with the horse on the ground - through feel - if they want to have those parts of the horse available to them when they ride." - Bill Dorrance From the book 'True Horsemanship Through Feel' by Bill Dorrance. Image of Bill is from the 'California Classics' website.

Unfortunate Things Happening to Little Kids

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Questions are good. A legitimate, "why?" is enough to change the world.<p>But stalling, stalling is the last thing you need. And <i>why</i> is often an escape …

Geeks vandalizing

"Some people call this 'conflict resolution' because humans are inclined to see conflict when they encounter a strong will. My advice; don't take it personally. You might think you're pretty important, but don't flatter yourself. You're not so important to the horse. If the horse was bucking you off, it's because you put him in a position where he felt a need to defend himself. Remember the old saying - He who angers me, owns me." - Buck Brannaman. Buck's quote is from an article by Patricia Sellers titled 'Buck on leadership: Taming managers is like taming horses' - Image of Buck is by Heather Kessler -

"The horse is a mirror. It goes deep into the body. When I see your horse I see you too. It shows me everything you are, everything about the horse. I try to face life for what it is. There’s heartache, but it’s a good thing. I’m trying to save the horse’s life and your life too. The human is so good at war. He knows how to fight. But making peace, boy, that’s the hardest thing for a human. But once you start giving, you won’t believe how much you get back." - Ray Hunt. Ray's quote is from an article titled 'Ray Hunt: The Cowboy Sage' by Gretel Ehrlich, Shambhala Sun, July 1998. Image of Ray is by Julie Baldocchi.

Stop Holding On

In the making of a Hackamore or Bridle Horse, the quality of the finished product will depend greatly on the timing and feel offered by the hands on …

"Horses don’t think the same as humans. Something that’s most unique about the horse, that I love, is not what he possesses but what he doesn’t possess..........and that is greed, spite, hate, jealousy, envy or prejudice. The horse doesn’t possess any of those things. If you think about people, the least desirable people to be around usually possess some or all of those things. And the way God made the horse, he left that out." - Buck Brannaman. Image of Buck is by Heather Kessler -