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Just Knowing These 8 Facts Will Make You Way More Productive

Whether trying to conquer Mount Everest or just pick up your laundry, learning these quick facts will make it easier to be super productive -- or at least understand why you're not.<p>And if you're the type of person who is likely procrastinate instead of reading the rest of this article, then you …


<b>Focus and the Science of Attention</b><p>What is focus, and why is it important to talk about focus now? Daniel Goleman talks about the subtle and elusive …


How Happy People Work Their To-Do List

Ever considered how people with a spring in their step tackle their to-do lists? Check out this guide to productivity... the happy peoples' way.


3 Ways to Motivate You to Show Up at Work Everyday

Mustering enough motivation to show up at work every day is a common problem…no matter if you love or hate your job. If you hate your job it goes …


How to Manage the Two Biggest Distractions

Being able to keep your focus amidst the daily din of distraction makes you better able to use whatever talents you need to apply - whether making a business plan or a cheese soufflé. The more prone to distraction, the worse we do.<p>Yet we live in a time when we are more inundated by distractions …