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Unseen Movement

Basalt stone walls

Night shot for the "Heart of Love River"

After work, home

SUNSET hohuanshan mountain in Taiwan 合歡秋夕


New Moon Bridge

Taipei & 101

Taipei night view

sea of clouds

Manzhou Township

Harp Bridge with Sunset & Car Lighting Trails

Shuinandong, Taiwan 臺灣水湳洞

Bridge with neon

Burning Sky

Golden Flower Sea

Hi, Taipei 101


MOON BRIDGE IN DAHU PARK, TAIPEI - Amazing Things in the World

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Taipei Flower Expo

The World of Imagination

Taiwan-Alishan National Scenic Area

早安二寮, Dawn of ErLiao.

Stormy Sunset

Misty Forest 迷霧森林

Wild night