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Support Art of the Title creating In-depth articles on title design

Art of the Title is an online publication dedicated to the creative process of title sequence design in film, TV, and beyond. Each week, we take an …

Title Sequence

Experience? Who Needs It?

Experience? Such an overrated quality. When a cameraman tries to sell himself to me with the line “I have over twenty years of experience”, my first …

5 Things I Learned Making A Film With No Money, No Ideas, & No Camera.

You don't need a camera to make a film.

Honestly. I did it. It turned out pretty good too.

I'd been trying to get a short film funded for a couple of …


10 Big Mistakes Documentary-Makers Make

I made my first doc while in film school, and have been doing it ever since.

Documentaries are flavour of the month now - people love real and true …

Film (UK)

7 Things Screenwriters Forget About Filmmaking

If you are a screenwriter reading this you are likely wondering how to get your screenplay sold and turned into a movie.

Join the club.

For some reason …


See All the Crazy Stunts They Pulled Off for 'Mad Max: Fury Road' in This BTS Footage

Director George Miller, who has been at the helm of all three previous Mad Max films, has returned for Fury Road, and claims that a majority of the …


The Last Film from Legendary Albert Maysles Might Inspire You to Direct as a Group

The definitive documentary filmmaker of American cinema, Albert Maysles, had been talking about making one film for nearly thirty years. Just before …


How to Make Compelling Lighting Decisions that Support Your Story

It's something that aspiring cinematographers hear all the time: "Make sure your lighting supports the story you're trying to tell." But how the hell …


GoPro Acquires Kolor, A Virtual Reality and Spherical Imaging Company

This past Monday, GoPro announced that it has acquired Kolor, a French company that’s pioneering the use of 360-degree cameras for immersive virtual …

Virtual Reality

Raindance Film Festival – Truly International

Our programmers are hard at work viewing the entries to this year's 23rd Raindance Film Festival We were looking at the address of the submissions …

Film Festivals

Cinema 2.0: Shooting Live Sets in One Day

Welcome to my new blog on Cinema 2.0.

Cinema 2.0 is A NEW APPROACH TO DIY FILM PRODUCTION, MARKETING and DISTRIBUTION working outside of the accepted


'Come Down Molly' Takes a Quiet Approach to a Mushroom Trip

We've all been there -- get away for the weekend and take some drugs with your friends -- but can the experience be translated to film? Gregory Kohn …


This Video Explains Why Mapping Out Locations for Your Film is So Important

Every part of your film, from the costuming to the length of a single shot, communicates with your audience. This includes locations.This video from …


A Complete Guide to Correctly & Creatively Exposing an Image

In this helpful lighting tutorial from cinematographer Eve Hazelton, we learn five ways to expose an image, as well as how aperture, shutter speed, …


DJI's Lightweight Ronin M Gimbal Is Way Less Expensive than Everyone Was Expecting

Two weeks back, DJI announced a new addition to their gimbal lineup, the lightweight Ronin M. The only thing that we didn't know was the price. Now …


Documentary on EBR motorcycles coming to PBS, on-demand

When Erik Buell's eponymous motorcycle brand was shuttered by parent company Harley-Davidson in October 2009, Buell came back a month later with EBR Racing. In 2010, Joseph Sousa, Matt Sienkiewicz, and their camera crew began following Erik Buell and the new EBR outfit to document the rise of his …


Orphan Black (2013)

“Normally I'd say don't do anything rash, but rash seems to be a genetic trait.” — Alison HendrixWhat would you do if suddenly confronted by your …


Game of Thrones

A fiery astrolabe orbits high above a world not our own; its massive Cardanic structure sinuously coursing around a burning center, vividly …

Game of Thrones

Mad Men

A shadowed figure enters his office, sets down his briefcase, and the room collapses around him. As he tumbles through a chasm of diamond rings, …

Mad Men

10 Youtube Film Stars Making Big Bucks Pimping Brands

1. DevinSupertramp
Devin Graham, a.k.a. Devin Supertramp, is like a one-man Red Bull media powerhouse. For four years now, he’s been creating …


The Broke Filmmaker’s Guide To Making Movies

So you really want to make a movie but you are broke, right? Join the brigade of broke wannabee filmmakers. Here's the downside: You'll be getting …


The Winners of the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival

We've seen some amazing pieces of cinema come through this year's Tribeca Film Festival. Here's a list of the films and filmmakers that took home …


Innovating on the Flashback Device in True-Crime Thriller 'The Adderall Diaries'

We've all watched films that use flashbacks to show something being remembered by a character. (Many of us have probably made a film with a flashback …


'Toto and His Sisters' Blends Documentary and Fiction Invisibly

Alexander Nanau explores life in a Romanian ghetto by placing a camera into the lives of children coping with poverty and boredom.

Toto lives with his …


Your iPhone Is Now a Professional Light & Color Meter

Light metering apps and accessories have been around for years, but color metering has remained elusive in the realm of smart phones. Until …

iOS Apps

Youtube to TV!? Webseries Venus vs Mars Makes the Leap!

Nowadays, it is not surprising that YouTube shows are being taken seriously by entertainment industry professionals. However, the process of getting


Share my Video: Pros and Cons of Video Platforms

Wanna learn more about online video platforms? Check out our FREE class on Monday 27th April - 'Building Success on Online Video Platforms'

Since the …

Video Sharing

Sound Devices' 4K Monitors Offer Touch Sensitivity & Full Range of Apple ProRes Codecs

At NAB, Sound Devices showed off their robust line of 5" and 7" field monitors, the PIX-E Series, which offers tons of monitoring tools, SDI and HDMI …


Meet Sachtler's Affordable Ace Tripods, Baseplate, Follow Focus, & Matte Box

Sachtler is well known for the quality of their tripods, but not so much for their affordability. That changed that a few years ago when they …

Film School