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No Film School is Hiring Editors

The fastest-growing filmmaking website in the world is hiring.In five years, No Film School has gone from 0 to 5 million pageviews/month, and we’re …

Film School

Blackmagic Releases DaVinci Resolve 12 Beta 4

Blackmagic has been slowly and steadily releasing new Beta versions for DaVinci Resolve 12, and they've just rolled out Beta 4.

If you have taken the …

Da Vinci

Filmsupply Is Revolutionizing the Stock Footage Industry

4K footage from 200+ of the world’s best filmmakers.

Stock footage often gets a bad wrap, and, to be honest, rightfully so. There are so many sites …

Music Licensing

Atomos Announces Their Brand New 4K Recorder, the Light & Affordable Ninja Assassin

Atomos first caught our attention with their line of HD to 4K recorders, like the Shogun. Today, they've announced something that's a real kick in the …


Atomos’ New Ninja Assassin is 10% Lighter and 35% Cheaper Than the Shogun

Atomos today announced the Ninja Assassin, a lighter and more affordable followup to the award-winning Shogun for monitoring, recording, playing …


Those Daring Young Men in Their Jaunty Jalopies (1969)

“What is this ‘Monty’ – some kind of a race?” — Chester SchofieldAt eight words, the title of this film is a mouthful. Combined with animated …


Capturing the Most Beautiful Time of Day: 5 Tips on Shooting in Golden Hour

Golden hour produces some of the most beautiful lighting conditions to shoot in, but the results aren't automatic.That time just after sunrise and …

Meet ReelSteady, a Video Stabilization Plugin That Really Does Its Job

If you're staring at some shaky footage in post wishing that it could look a little better, it can -- in fact, it can look a lot better.

No, you don't …

Adobe After Effects

5 Psychological Mistakes that Beginning Filmmakers Make, & How to Avoid Them

There have been plenty of lists about the mistakes that amateur filmmakers make on set. But what about the more insidious mistakes, the psychological …


The Widowmaker (2015)

“How many lives do you think would have been saved if we'd done in 1990 what we're doing now?” — Dr. Bruce BrundageSudden dizziness, shortness of …


Marvel's Daredevil (2015)

“Not everyone deserves a happy ending.” — Matt MurdockA city bleeds and a hero is born.Elastic’s main titles for Daredevil — Marvel’s hardboiled foray …


David Fincher: A Film Title Retrospective

Perhaps no other living director has done as much for the art of the title sequence as David Fincher. The filmmaker’s work inarguably helped …

stop motion

The Boxtrolls

Sep 26, 2014 · interview

The Lego Movie

Jan 31, 2014 · interview

The Evil Dead Trilogy

Apr 2, 2013 · summary


Jan 28, 2011 · …

Stop Motion

Narcos Main Title


The Power of Abstraction

When it comes to making films or any art for that matter there are two sides to making something that people would call a classic. The one side of …


Cinema 2.0: Why 10 Hour Days Work for DIY Cinema

10-Hour Days RULE OK!

Many mainstream crews are slaves to the grind of a very long day and you don’t have to be. The average union shoot day is 14 …


Here's How You Can Win the World's Most Flexible LED Light

Imagine an LED light that is as thin as a piece of cardboard, but as flexible as a piece of tinfoil. What you're imagining is the Westcott Flex …

How the Coen Brothers Use POVs to Put You Inside Their Peculiar, Blood-Soaked World

All filmmakers use a wide variety of shot types, but only a few really make them their hallmarks.

Jonathan Demme seems to have the close-up covered, …


Let John August Show You How to Spruce Up Your Shabby Screenplay Step by Step

Every filmmaker knows that boring an audience means unequivocal failure.And I'm not just talking about the audience sitting in seats watching your …


6 Ways You Can Use Simple Props to Make Your Films More Interesting

Props may not be your primary focus as you're planning your projects, but taking the time to be intentional and creative with your prop choices could …


Counterbalancing Your Jib Made Easy with This Handy Infographic

Setting up a beautiful crane shot takes a little bit of muscle, a little bit of finesse, and unfortunately a little bit of math.

If you're like me and …


How the Coen Brothers Have Used the POV Shot Extensively In Their Films

"What makes a Coen Brothers film look like a Coen Brothers film?"

Jacob T. Swinney poses the question in the description for his most recent video, …


How a Scene from Christopher Nolan's 'Insomnia' Remake Compares to the Original Film

People often forget that Christopher Nolan didn't go from the small indie film Memento straight to Batman.

There was a $46 million remake called Insomnia

Christopher Nolan

10 Film Movements That Changed Everything

Like messages in bottles, film movements come in waves. And also like those floating, nautical correspondences, the significance of their messages …


Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

“Most of what follows is true.”

As the sepia-toned newsreel acts out the story of real-life bank robbers Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, we …


Six Feet Under

The season finale of Six Feet Under laid to rest the story of the Fisher family in the most moving six-and-a-half minute finale in television history …

Motion Graphics

3 Ways To Get Your Film Funded

Starting out making a film is not easy. Whether that is professional or amateur, you need the funds to be able to follow through with the project. …


Cinema 2.0 Guerilla Strategies: 7 People You Need on Your Set

I meet filmmakers all the time who are convinced that the more people they have on set the better it will be. WRONG! I am constantly amazed by the …


How to Make Your Own Director's Viewfinder on the Cheap

A few weeks ago, half way through Nigel Stanford’s follow-up to the Cymatics music video, I had a problem.The shoot involved nearly continuous motion …