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Sally Cruikshank: A Career Retrospective, Part 2

If you could create a world of your own, what would it be like? Would you roll back time, would gravity exist? Would you take advantage of the …


Independent Filmmaking; LESS is MORE, and here's why.

Camera! Lights! Act- Hold on a second, I don't own any camera equipment...yet.

So, you want to get into filmmaking? Lovely. But you have a limited …


Weekly Production Tip #14 - Character Tools

Indiana Jones

Cinema 2.0: Casting Hacks & Tips

Star casts define most mainstream movies. You know the name - you go and see the movie. Distributors won’t even look at your microcinema picture …


Smartphone Filmmaking Is Here to Stay: Learn How to Do It Right in This Free Workshop

Even the most cynical among us (myself in particular) has to admit that smartphone filmmaking has come a long way in the past few years, and that the …


Production Sound

Game of Thrones

A fiery astrolabe orbits high above a world not our own; its massive Cardanic structure sinuously coursing around a burning center, vividly …

Mad Men

A shadowed figure enters his office, sets down his briefcase, and the room collapses around him. As he tumbles through a chasm of diamond rings, …

Mad Men

Finally! The Definitive Guide on How to Be a Filmmaker

So, you watched The Boondock Saints and have chosen to become a filmmaker, huh? Way to go, buddy! But before you get yourself a fishing vest and a …


Michael J. Larnell & Cast Speak Out About Their Seminal Filmmaking Experience with 'Cronies'

Michael J. Larnell's directorial debut is a film that feels equal parts dangerous and playful. Employing stunning black & white cinematography and …


This 'Tales by Light' Trailer is 2 Minutes of Pure Photo Passion

Want an incredible dose of photographic inspiration? Check out this newly-released 2-minute trailer for the new TV series Tales by Light, a new TV …


Tip: A Book and Some Powder Can Work as a Camera Dolly in a Pinch

Need to do a quick tracking shot on a table but don’t have any dedicated camera equipment for doing so? A book and some fine powder can be a cheap …


Do the Right Thing (1989)

“Who told you to step on my sneakers, who told you to walk on my side of the block, who told you to be in my neighborhood?” — Buggin' Out"Eight hours …

Rosie Perez

Rocket Rooster Makes Great Looking Film Emulation LUTs That Are Super Affordable

The ability to shoot flat log footage is both a blessing and a curse.

Sure, it can help you maximize dynamic range and maintain the utmost flexibility …


Meryl Streep Funds The Writers Lab to Support Women Screenwriters Ages 40 and Up

The paucity of female screenwriters needs to change. So Meryl Streep has decided to do just that.Meryl Streep has provided funding for The Writers …

Meryl Streep

Robert De Niro to Film School Graduates: "You're F@#&ed"

When legendary actor Robert De Niro delivers a commencement speech, he doesn't mince words about the harsh realities of making it as an artist. In …

Robert De Niro

Composition & Framing Can Help You Tell Great Stories with Your Cinematography. Here's How

Effectively telling a story through cinematographic choices can seem intimidating if you're just starting out. Luckily, if you know the basics of …


Tutorial: Seamlessly Blending Live-Action & Timelapse for a Stunningly Surreal Effect

Motion timelapse is a surreal effect in and of itself. When you composite live-action footage atop said motion timelapse, the effect becomes …


Robert De Niro to Graduating Art Students: 'You're F**ked'

Robert De Niro was recently invited to give the graduation speech to the 2015 class at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts — a large …

Robert De Niro

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Introduction to Editing

Understanding Subtext


Subtext of a Phrase


Subtext and Shot Choice

Approaching the Edit


When to Conceal Information


Creating Suspense

The …


Developing Custom Plugins with FxFactory

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Internet Explorer


DSLR Filmmaking Production Reality Check

Who knew that major feature films and television shows would eventually start shooting with cameras that are primarily marketed for consumers and …

Reality Check

A $6 IKEA Storage Box Makes for a Thrifty Collapsible Laptop Sun Shade

Need to block out some sunlight and glare from your laptop screen during outdoor photo shoots? Instead of dropping some cash on a pricey sun shade or …


ScreenCraft's 1st Annual Sci-Fi Screenplay Contest is Truly out of This World

ScreenCraft is back with yet another excellent screenwriting contest, this time for fresh voices working in sci-fi.

Even though it's the first year of …

Jeremy Irons

Learn the Intricacies of Film Scoring & Composing in This Free Day-Long Workshop

We know that music is incredibly powerful, and that it can mean the difference between a good film and a great one. So let's dive into the nitty …

Entertainment Industry

A Simple Trick That Will Make Your Dialogue Sound Better & Stand Out in the Mix

Mixing dialogue for maximum impact and clarity can be challenging, especially within the context of a mix that has multiple tracks of sound effects …

Sound Effects