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Small Changes in Teaching: The Last 5 Minutes of Class

Don’t waste them trying to cram in eight more points or call out as many reminders as possible.


Four scientific ways teachers can cope with stress

From basic mediation exercises to learning to say ‘no’, there are many simple changes teachers can make to improve their physical and mental health<p>The pressures of teaching can be difficult to manage and it can sometimes feel like you have no time to switch off. So if you ended last year feeling …



Created by educators in Australia, this diagram can be a helpful resource for students, as they embark on the inquiry learning process.<p>The Inquiry …


The (possible) myth of young teachers being tech-savvy

PHILADELPHIA – Like all those attending an educational technology conference here last week, teacher Lauren Midgette had a large nametag hanging from …


This Is What Happens When Machines Dream

When we let our minds wander, sleeping or waking, they begin mixing and remixing our experiences to create weird images, hallucinations, even …

Machine Learning

Highly trained, respected and free: why Finland's teachers are different

Extensive training is the basis for giving teachers the autonomy to work the way they want. The result is a highly prized profession and an education system always near the top in international rankings<p>In a quiet classroom adorned with the joyful creations of small children, Ville Sallinen is …


10 Essential Skills for The 21st Century Worker/ Learner

April 18, 2015<br>Here is an interesting infographic from university of Phoenix featuring 10 essential skills for the successful worker.Going through the …

21st Century


Flickr: AngryJulieMonday<p>By Heather Chaplin<p>Since MIT’s Lifelong Kindergarten group released Scratch in 2007, kids ages 8 to 13 have built more than …


Why Teachers Need Time to Succeed

Commentary<p>Printer-Friendly<p>Email Article<p>Reprints<p>Comments<p>In the hoopla surrounding Duke men’s basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski’s 1,000th win this past …



“We tell a story about the power of learning that is very different from what we practice in traditional models of school,” says Steve Hargadon, …


Voices and Research for and Against Differentiation

« Role-Model Program Offers Boys of Color Support, Study Says | Main | Is Leaving Home for Boarding School Better for At-Risk Students? Yes and No. …


4 Tips to Transform Your Learning Space

<i>Editor's Note: Elissa Malespina, Jennifer LaGarde, and Laura Flemming contributed to this post.</i><p>I have always been infatuated with libraries. As a …


A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School - Uptown Funk Dance

How Stress Affects the Brain During Learning

A fight or flight reaction may be useful in some situations, but it is highly detrimental in the classroom. Whether anxiety stems from test taking or …

The Brain

Motivation: The Overlooked Sixth Component of Reading

Trina is an eighth grader trapped in her own prison. She has every excuse in the book and is often referred to as just unmotivated. But I don't buy …


There’s no app for good teaching |

8 ways to think about tech in ways that actually improve the classroom.<p>Bringing technology into the classroom often winds up an awkward mash-up …


8 Myths That Undermine Educational Effectiveness

Certain widely-shared myths and lies about education are destructive for all of us as educators, and destructive for our educational institutions. …


5 examples of blended learning success

Discover how New Hampshire is sustaining positive blended learning policies in its schools<p>As new educational models gain support among educators and …


4 easy solutions for a successful blended learning transition

The blended learning classroom is different to the traditional classroom, and the strategies of the past need to be modified<p>The world changes, and …



Education and learning could look radically different in the next few years. The education foundation KnowledgeWorks has released a forecast on the …



Scientific research has provided us with a number of ways to get the learning juices flowing, none of which involve paying money for good grades. And …


How to Better Retain Information from Books, Articles, and More

Although we can learn a lot of great information from books, articles, interviews, and conversations, we naturally forget a lot of it. Create a …


6 Design Principles Of Connected Learning



Picture a “genius” — you’ll probably conjure an image of an Einstein-like character, an older man in a rumpled suit, disorganized and distracted even …


Bloom's Critical Thinking Questions to Use in Class

December, 2014<br>Critical thinking is an essential skill in the cognitive development of students. It is probably the number one skill teachers would …

Critical Thinking

The Shift From Teaching Content To Teaching Learning


15 Questions To Help Students Respond To New Ideas