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Midwest Leaders Pressure Trump's EPA Over Renewable Fuel Standard

<i>The White House and the Environmental Protection Agency were at the center of another rural American sector –biofuels- as four governors and 38</i> …


Five Former Ag Secretaries Gather for Iowa Hunger Summit

<i>Millions of Americans receive assistance to put food on the table. How much and what kind was part of a discussion in an Iowa gathering of the five</i> …


Wildfires Spared the Vineyards, but the Wines Could Suffer

SONOMA, Calif. — As wildfires tore through Northern California wine country last week, the dire news piled up: buildings destroyed, workers displaced, precious housing stock lost. A fragile economy, at the mercy of nature even in a normal season, was threatened.<p>But as the smoke has begun to clear …


Corn, Wheat Futures Tumble to Month-Low

Grain and soybean futures turned lower on Friday as the prospect of growing supplies stymied buying interest.<p>Rain in the Midwest in the coming days should slow the speed at which farmers can harvest their corn and soybean crops, though analysts expect them to soon resume a brisk pace. Meanwhile, …


Where Did the Napa Fire Begin? Investigators Scour the Ashes

CALISTOGA, Calif. — On a blackened hillside across the road from Napa Valley’s prized vineyards, investigators have cordoned off driveways and posted round-the-clock security guards, forming a protective seal around what is believed to be the origin of the most destructive fire in California …

Sonoma County

Monsanto sues Arkansas board for banning disputed herbicide

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — A major agribusiness company is suing Arkansas regulators over their decision to ban its version of an herbicide.<p>Monsanto asked a state judge on Friday to block the Arkansas Plant Board from enforcing regulations that prevent the company's dicamba weed killer from being …


Many Companies Are Treating Their Chickens Better. Why Isn’t Tyson?

Last week, the world’s largest food company cried foul about poultry production. Nestlé USA has announced a groundbreaking set of mandates for its …


Iowa's hog confinement system isn't sustainable, and it's corroding the state

It's good to see the Register finally realize there's a limit to the number of pigs we raise in Iowa ("Iowa Puts Pigs Over People", Oct. 1, 2017). …


A huge salmon die-off is happening — and our cars might be responsible

Silvery coho salmon are as much a part of Washington state as its flag. The fish has a sacred place in the diets and rituals of the state’s indigenous peoples, beckons to tourists who flock to watch its migration runs, and helps to sustain a multimillion-dollar Pacific Northwest fishing industry.<p>So …

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Trump Tells EPA to Halt Ethanol Quota Changes

White House officials have directed the Environmental Protection Agency to stand down on efforts to weaken a federal biofuel mandate after pressure …


Deere wins trademark lawsuit over its iconic green, yellow color combination

A U.S. District Court in Kentucky has ruled in favor of farm equipment maker Deere & Co. in a trademark lawsuit filed to protect use of the iconic …

John Deere

Farmers are working on conservation and water quality

CLOSE<p>A central Iowa farmer explains the magic behind the work he and his family are doing for the local economy.<p>Sustainability is a goal we all …


NAFTA’s potential end is a wake-up call for Canada

‘Instead of trying to please an ambivalent neighbour, it is time for Canada to seek more new friends on the world stage.’


How the USDA Is Changing Under Trump

Restructuring, budget cuts, and stalled policy proposals are threatening progress<p><i>This story was originally published on</i> <i>Civil Eats</i><i>.</i><p>The Trump Administration has been riddled with high-profile scandals since the President took office. But looking beyond the front page reveals yet more controversy, as …


Could a power company be responsible for the California wine country fires?

The cause of the California wine country fires is still under investigation, but a California power utility is emerging as a possible culprit. On the same evening that reports of the wildfires began to crop up in Sonoma County, local fire crews were called to at least 10 different locations along …

California Wine

Mexico Braces for the Possible Collapse of Nafta

MEXICO CITY — Mexico is steeling itself for the increasing possibility that the United States will pull out of the North American Free Trade Agreement, envisioning how the Mexican economy would adapt without the deal that has guided relations between the neighbors for a quarter-century.<p>Since …


Step Inside the Silicon Valley of Agriculture

A powerhouse of innovation, this tiny country embodies the future of farming.<p>How did the Netherlands, a country better known for its tulips, become a leading tomato producer and the top exporter of onions and potatoes? With more than half its land area used for agriculture, the nation is a pioneer …


Increased immunity in weeds may threaten U.S. crops

Info<p>Embed<p>Return to Video<p>The impact of herbicide-resistant weeds on farms in Iowa and other parts of the U.S.<p>Premiere Date: Nov 15th, 2014<br>• Rating: …

United States

Heavy Spring Rain Causes Significant Drop in 2017 California Tomato Harvest

The 2017 planting season in California was unusually wet, delaying planting for many spring crops. Processing tomatoes were especially impacted, with …


They Didn't Learn. More Closed-Door Meetings by Burgum and Hoeven

North Dakota Politics<p>They Didn’t Learn. More Closed-Door Meetings by Burgum and Hoeven<p>By Oct 11, 2017<p>Here they go again. Governor Doug Burgum and …

Scott Pruitt

Thirty years later, 1987 crash holds lessons for investors

Tensions with Iran and lack of volatility are among similarities today

St. Louis

The autumn cult of Jenne Farm

<i>Share your most stunning autumn photos with us on Instagram: Use the hashtag #GlobeFall. We’ll round up our favorites and share them on</i> …

Landscape Photography

An accident at a farmers market costs $2,800 and causes months of aggravation

As he loaded his truck early one Saturday morning last May, farmer Chuck Currie had high hopes of raising some badly needed cash by selling fresh …


How a group of Florida tomato growers could help derail NAFTA

Tony DiMare, a third-generation Florida tomato grower, has spent two decades contending with cheap Mexican imports, watching his neighbors abandon crops in their fields and sell off their farms when they couldn’t match the price of incoming produce.<p>But emboldened by the Trump administration’s …


NAFTA negotiators trade barbs, indicate wide differences

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The top U.S. and Canadian and trade officials on Tuesday accused each other of sabotaging efforts to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, even as they and Mexico agreed to extend talks into the first quarter of 2018.<p>A seven-day round of talks in suburban …

Robert Lighthizer

Midwestern senators to press EPA chief on ethanol

A group of Midwestern Republican senators are meeting Tuesday with EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to express their concerns about the agency's recent …

Scott Pruitt

Business lobby: Remove 'America's Dairyland' from Wisconsin license plates

The head of the state's business lobby, Kurt Bauer, said the move could help modernize outsiders' perceptions of the state's economy.


Solo, ND - #170 John Torpy

ABOUT MARKET TO MARKET<p>For more than four decades, Market to Market has covered the issues affecting the nearly $800 billion business of agriculture. …


As the quartet breaks up, central banking leadership flux looms

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The leaders of the world's top central banks who risked trillions of dollars and their reputations to rescue the global economy are now set to walk off stage at a time when the lingering effects of the crisis, evolving technology and a combustible political landscape will …