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Screeching in a Metal Band Takes Lozenges, Tea and a Patient Vocal Coach

Singing for a death-metal band is an often overlooked art form.<p>Some liken the shrieks and growls to the sound of vomiting. Others compare it with the gravelly singing style of Cookie Monster from “Sesame Street.” Elizabeth Schall, lead singer for Dreaming Dead, describes her voice as “kind of like …

Death Metal

Solar Guitars Announces 8 New Instruments

The lineup now includes two left-handed models.


Metal By Numbers 5/16: May the charts have your attention please

<i>Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in whic</i><i>h we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week.</i><p>Yet another week is topped by a top-selling …


Iron Maiden's Piece of Mind: 13 Things You Need To Know

On May 16th, 1983, <b>Iron Maiden</b> <b></b>released their fourth album, <i>Piece of Mind</i>. To celebrate the classic record's 35th anniversary, here are 13 things you …

Rock Music

Andrew Gouché Opens New Online Bass Lessons Site

Legendary bassist Andrew Gouché, who was our January 2013 cover (VIEW) artist, has opened a new lesson website.<p>The site,, …


Fiilex announces the new Matrix II Light in RGBW & Tunable White variants

Fiilex has announced the new Matrix II RGBW and Matrix II Tunable White. These new models build on the original Matrix light with a new larger, more …

Gear & Gadgets

This Week’s Top 10 Basses on Instagram

Check out our top 10 favorite basses on Instagram this week…<p>This is not a food-related post, but it was SO amazing that I wanted to share it anyway. …

Top 10

Help Invisible Oranges continue writing about metal music

We’re proud to have saved long-running metal site <b>Invisible Oranges</b> from shutting down four years ago, and we continue to do what we can for the site …

Heavy Metal

Upcoming Metal Releases 5/13/2018-5/19/2018

<i>…</i><p><i>Here are the new metal releases for the weeks of May 13, 2018 – May 19, 2018. Release dates are formatted according to proposed North American</i> …

Death Metal

Slayer's Final Tour: See Exclusive All-Access Photos

An inside look at the thrash-metal titans' farewell trek<p>Slayer have always strived to be the hardest, fastest and toughest live band around. Now …

Rock Music

Paul Vario – Bass Playthrough “Somewhere In Transylvania”

Darkglass Electronics Vintage Deluxe V3 – Paul Vario Bass Playthrough "Somewhere In Transylvania"

Bass Gear Magazine is your source for the most thorough, detailed, and objective reviews of all gear related to bass guitar and double bass, with …

Bass Guitar

10 Ways Slayer Changed the World

From double bass to Public Enemy to 'Californication'

Rock Music

America Is Still Afraid of Heavy Metal

Two Native American metalheads were kicked off a campus tour last week by a white woman who feared their brown skin and black T-shirts. That fear is nothing new.<p>Heavy metal has always had an uncomfortable—and often downright acrimonious—relationship with the rest of society. In a way, that’s the …

Death Metal

Farewell, Slayer: Metal's Most Unflinching Band

We pay tribute to the thrash titans, who are calling it quits with a final world tour after their nearly four-decade reign<p>Everybody who's seen Slayer …


'Slayer Doesn't Play Funk' And Other Untold Stories

<i>This week, Loudwire pays tribute to Slayer, who kick off their final tour on May 10 in San Diego. The thrash metal titans took the genre to faster,</i> …

Rock Music

The story behind Blinded By Fear by At The Gates

Flash back to 1995. Thrash metal was dead, death metal had reached its peak and grunge ruled the airwaves. The extreme end of metal was screaming for …

Death Metal

Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Number One” tells its Story!

<b>By Eric Dahl</b>I was raised by a blues playing bass guitarist, so as a youth my parents warped my mind predominantly with that genre of music with their …


Thrash Metal Is Going Through Its Second Puberty

Power Trip, Slaegt, and Oozing Wound discuss how thrash has moved on from mid-2000s nostalgia to become a whole new kind of killing machine.<p>Of metal’s many subgenres, thrash is perhaps the iconic. A cutthroat mixture of heavy metal’s big riffs and hardcore punk’s ferocious speed, thrash is metal at …


Paul Gilbert Lesson: The Truth About Inside and Outside Picking

3<p>SHARES<p>Guitarist Troy Grady hosts a web series called "Cracking the Code."<p>In each episode, he breaks down a phrase—or something awesome that he has …

Electric Guitar

Watch documentary on the life of late Metallica bassist Cliff Burton

A new documentary about late Metallica bassist Cliff Burton has been released online.<p>It’s titled <i>The Salvation Kingdom</i> and it’s narrated by Burton’s …


Mom on College Tour Calls Police on Two Native American Teens: They Made Her “Nervous”

It was their dream school. But when the brothers joined a Colorado State University tour, they got an experience that was far from what they were …

Native Americans

Brothers in metal garb removed from campus tour, university apologizes - News - Alternative Press

Two Native American brothers fom the Mohawk tribe were removed from a campus tour at Colorado State University after a parent on tour became …

Death Metal

TC Electronic Announces the Aeon

TC Electronic has expanded their line of musical gadgets with the Aeon, a handheld infinite sustainer that allows for holding out notes. The device …

Music Production

The Concept of Musical Harmony Explained in Five Levels of Difficulty, Starting with a Child & Ending with Herbie Hancock

<i>Wired</i> magazine has entered the video explainer game with a novel series that takes concepts from kindergarten to graduate school and beyond in under …

Communication Skills

Steve Martin: Working Smarter Faster in Final Cut Pro X

Time for another presentation from the Faster Together stage at NAB 2018. This time Steve Martin takes to the stage to run through his favourite FCPX …


Massed guitars beat word record for playing Hendrix's "Hey Joe"

A new record for the number of guitarists playing Jimi Hendrix's "Hey Joe" simultaneously has been set in Poland.<p>In total there were 7411 musicians present, from around Poland and abroad. It was a hesitant start at first, accompanied by the original recording.<p>No air guitars here, more an electric …


Guitar-maker Gibson Brands files for bankruptcy

Storied guitar maker Gibson Brands Inc. filed for bankruptcy protection Tuesday as the company has struggled with its debt load after a series of …

Mergers & Acquisitions

Playing the blues for B.B. King’s Times Square music mecca

B .B. King Blues Club & Grill, which opened in 2000 when Times Square hadn't completely rid itself of porn shops, peep shows and three-card monte, is …

Live Music