Njaya Lodge, Nkhata Bay Malawi

By paulnorrish | Njaya Lodge opened for business in 1993. The lodge was built and developed from scratch on what was originaly a maize field on a steep hill overlooking the clear blue waters of Lake Malawi. Over the years it has become more than just a tourist business. Njaya is a labour of love and we like to think a 'work in progress' as well as an established part of the community. As well as a beautiful and welcoming place for people to have a wonderful holiday or a stopover en-route through Malawi, the lodge has become a catalyst for local and international charity initiatives. Quite simply a place that actively sets out to help the local population, and a place to do tourism differently...........

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Malawi: Out of Clapham, into Africa

On the shores of Lake Malawi, Claire Norrish and her husband, Paul, have realised their dream - for the price of a London bedsit<p>THE 400-acre plot was head-high in brown grass. Inside our campervan were a tent, two rucksacks, reference books and a sheaf of plans and sketches. This plot, this patch …

old slides - Njaya lodge, 1994: Love Da Life You Live

Chikale then and now

Lake Malawi Sunrise

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Malawi 73

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The Balcony Cottage 1


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Nkhata Bay, Lago Malawi

Nkhata Bay

Nkhata Bay

Nkhata Bay