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By Paul Katz | Far away locales and what to do once you arrive.

10 Luxurious Cabins That Are Well Worth the Trip

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These far-flung resorts bring new meaning to getting away.

When you need to get away, a trip outside town isn't going to cut it. You need remote, you need relaxation, and you need luxury. We've picked out the world's most luxurious cabins, all of which are a flight …


The world’s most unique underwater adventures

For most, the depths of the ocean are shrouded in mystery.

Few often venture below the surface of the deep blue sea, and even fewer have explored its far-reaching corners.
Slideshow: 11 Totally Unique Underwater Adventures Around the World

Heck, according to the National Ocean Service, in all of the …


How to Book Insurance for a Foreign Rental Car

Q: I’m renting a car abroad. Should I get collision insurance through the rental agency or my credit card? —Hannah W., Portland, Ore.

A: Domestically, the answer would be simple: go with the insurance offered by your credit card company (after reading the fine print, of course). Once you head …


America's 21 Most Beautiful Campsites


5 Things to Love About Cape Cod

There's a magical moment as you crest the Sagamore Bridge, after sitting in hours of Cape Cod-bound traffic, when the Christmas Tree Shops' windmill comes into focus and you breathe in the fresh ocean air. It makes the horrific ride in the car worth it.

The same can be said for the moment when you …

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27 must-have travel apps for every step of your journey

Travel is one of the industries that has completely transformed by the smartphone evolution and as a result, there is an abundance of ingenious apps designed to make your trips easy to plan, cheaper, well-informed and more enjoyable.

Short of literally packing your bags and rooting out your …

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50 Things to Do in Europe Before You Die

Whether it's catching an opera in Vienna, having afternoon tea in London, shopping for leather in Florence, or sipping a cocktail by the Eiffel …

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Free Things to Do in New York City

Finding free activities to fill your day in the City That Never Sleeps is easier than you might think. With countless cultural attractions and a large city parks system, there's plenty to do that won't cost you a cent.


Skip the $25 ticket price when the Museum of Modern Art opens its doors, …

New York City

5 Top Retirement Havens Where Real Estate Purchase Comes With Residency

When you buy a piece of property overseas, it can sometimes come with an important bonus -- it can open the door to foreign residency. When it does, you not only have a second home in the traditional sense, but you've got a second home in a broader sense as well ... a place where, when you go …


How to Survive the Middle Seat

T+L editor tips on making the best of an always annoying situation.

So, it happened. You waited until the last minute to book your flight and now you’re stuck with the dreaded middle seat. You're mentally preparing yourself for a flight filled with awkward grazes of your neighbor's arm, …


The Best Old-School Restaurants in Downtown Los Angeles - Bon Appétit

L.A. has more old-school restaurants than a place obsessed with the cool new thing deserves. And by old school, we mean the kinds of places where the chef’s tattoos are from 20th-century wars, there’s likely a “chops and steaks” section on the menu, and waiters wear red tuxedos without irony. Here, …


15 airports you'll actually want to have a long layover in

Having a long layover while waiting for your next flight at the airport is often an unpleasant experience, but some airports are adding a variety of entertainment features to make your wait as enjoyable as possible.

These airports have everything from IMAX movie theaters to golf courses and rooftop …


The 25 best cities for foodies around the world

One of the best parts about traveling is getting to indulge in regional delicacies from around the world.

We combed through a recent Quora thread on the best cities for foodies and pulled out the top food cities where you'll find everything from high-end Michelin-starred restaurants to scrumptious …

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America's 21 Most Beautiful Campsites

With 3,794,100 square miles of soaring mountains, pristine beaches and crystal clear lakes, the United States offers endless options for those looking to spend a few nights under the stars. But not all campsites are created equal. To help you decide where to pitch your tent this summer, we enlisted …


The perfect hotel for thrill seekers hangs 400-feet off the side of a mountain

There's nothing quite like arriving at your hotel after an exhausting trip, strapping into a safety harness and ascending 400-feet using a series of ladders and cables to your see-through room that dangles off the side of a mountain.

The hotel, appropriately named the Skylodge Adventure Suites is …


America's 21 Most Beautiful Campsites


Stunning Underwater Restaurant Lets Guests Dine next to Ocean Life

At the Subsix restaurant, located in the PER AQUUM Niyama resort in the Maldives, guests can dine with the fishes. The subterranean locale descends six meters below the waterline, and it was recently transformed by Poole Associates from a nightclub into a trendy dining spot. Its updated decor draws …


20 Places Every American Should See Before They Die

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From sea to shining sea.

Looking for an epic summer road trip idea? Whether you crave culture and history, spectacular natural landscapes, or serious adventure, look to these national parks and small towns.

Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska

Snow and ice cover most of this massive …


Into the wild: Twelve of the world's most secluded homes

Every now and then we all dream of living a peaceful and quiet life off the grid. Maybe the thought creeps up on us when work is starting to feel …


18 Beautiful Places You Probably Didn’t Know Were In Los Angeles

It’s not all skyscrapers and beautiful people.

Note: All of these locations are in the Greater Los Angeles area.

1. Wayfarers Chapel

Location: Rancho Palos Verdes

This beautiful church overlooking the Pacific Ocean was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright’s son (Lloyd Wright), in the late 1940s. You’ve …

Los Angeles

These Are the World’s Best Airlines

These airlines are bringing back the Golden Age of air travel

Decades ago, flying was an incredible privilege. Travelers would don their sharpest duds and dine on real, non-plastic glassware. Boarding the plane meant settling into cushy—and dare we say it: spacious—seats for a few hours of …


The 10 Best Coach-Class Airlines in the World

You see a lot of "best airline" stories, but many look suspiciously like they were based on business- and first-class. For most travelers, however, what happens at the front of the plane stays at the front of the plane—it's something to fantasize about, but prohibitively expensive and not even …


11 Beautiful Places That Look Like a Postcard

Have you ever been to a place that's so painfully beautiful, it seems as though you've walked straight into a postcard? Anytime I visit these "postcard places," I feel as though my eyes are playing tricks on me. Except, they're not, and what I'm seeing is very much real.

I have visited some amazing …


11 Of America's Best Small Towns, Perfect For A Long Weekend Trip

Whether you've got an extra vacation day to spare or not, summer is ALWAYS a good excuse for a long weekend trip. Life moves a little slower, food tastes a little sweeter and everything is just a bit simpler than in the place you left behind.

Luckily enough, America is chock-full of cool small towns …

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The 10 Best Places to Visit This Summer

We've heard this refrain all too frequently of late: "Where should I go in August? I want a long-weekend getaway, or maybe I'll just take the week before Labor Day off . . ." We rounded up 10 destinations (a few unexpected) that offer great weather, value, food, and culture—just be sure to book …

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Ready to Feel Small? Otherworldly Tourism Photos from the Gobi Desert

A single postcard image inspired Hungarian photographer Bence Bakonyi to make the 2,000 mile train trip to Dunhuang, China from Budapest. His final destination? The very edge of Asia's largest desert and long-gone checkpoint for the ancient Silk Road, The Gobi. He explains in an interview with …

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What NOT to do in Portugal

Photo: pedrosimoes1. Go ‘out drinking’ instead of ‘living the night’.Please don’t come here and try to drink like you are sprinting to the finish …


26 Classic Restaurants Every Angeleno Must Try

Matthew Kang on Jan 26, 2015, 10:00a

Inside Dan Tana's, West Hollywood

Los Angeles has been blessed by a multitude of long-standing restaurants that …