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By Paul Katz | Far away locales and what to do once you arrive.

12 Great Las Vegas Restaurants For Every Taste & Budget

Las Vegas

15 reasons why you should visit Singapore this year

A common misconception of Singapore is that the city-state is dull, without much to offer except for a stopover to other places. Change your plans, …


17 majestic mountains that will have you packing your bags

As the refrain goes, there are two types of people in the world: those who like mountains and those who prefer beaches.

Beach people are extroverts, while mountain people tend to be introverts, one study found. But whichever you are, there's no denying the beauty of these amazing mountains, as …

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The Scientific Reason Why Airplane Food Tastes Bad

It has to do with the dry cabin air

Why does airline food taste so lousy? A new study from Cornell University has come up with an answer, and it ain’t bad cookin’.

Turns out, the noisy environment inside a claustrophobic airplane cabin may actually change the way food tastes.

In the study, 48 people …

Healthy Eating

Cuba's railroad

The slowest, cheapest and least reliable way to cross the country

HAVANA, Cuba — The National Railway Company of Cuba, Ferrocarriles de Cuba, is the sixth oldest railroad in the world, having opened its first 17-mile long route in 1837. Now the railway covers more than 2,600 miles, stretching from …

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How to become a Pittsburgher in 20 easy steps

Photo: C.C. Chapman

1. Incorporate “yinz” into every sentence, but know that if you’re ever outside of Pittsburgh, no one’s going to have any idea …


An Insider's Guide to Reykjavik, Iceland

THE ADAGE “good things come in small packages” certainly holds true for Reykjavik, a world capital with a diminutive downtown of just three square miles. Blending the casualness of a village with big-city know-how, Reykjavik has world-class chefs who are pushing culinary boundaries with New Nordic …


How to Plan an Insanely Cheap Trip That Feels Expensive

You don't have to spend a lot of money to feel like a jetsetting boss while traveling. The trick is a combination of knowing how to get expensive amenities for cheap while also adopting the mindset that indulgences do not always have to be expensive. Here are seven tips for planning a luxurious …

Locals Tell All: The Most Annoying Things Tourists Do In Their City

We envy the people that live in the dream destinations we visit. But we understand it can be hard for locals to deal with crowds of tourists day after day. We asked our readers: "What are the most annoying things tourists do in your city?" Find out what bothers residents the most, so you can avoid …

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How to Eat the World in America

The empty stomach is the ultimate travel ice breaker. Everyone eats, everyone loves food, and the less you know about what’s on offer in a place, the more people want to help you.

Whether you live in the United States or are simply visiting, you don’t have to leave the country to get a taste of the …


The Beginning Of The End For Terrible Wi-Fi On Planes

Internet on the plane doesn’t feel magical anymore, just slow and expensive. That could soon change.

Ever wonder why, in 2015, Wi-Fi on U.S. airplanes is still terrible, or expensive, or both? Or completely nonexistent, as is the case on one in five domestic flights? Does it have to be like this? …


America's best old-school bowling alleys

You won't find fancy equipment and computerized scoreboards beamed above your head at America's best old school bowling alleys, Bud.

Though you might find real guys named Bud, who actually know how to keep score with a pad and pencil.

To connect you with bowling's classic days, here are 13 of our …

Bowling Alley

9 Secret American Beaches You've Never Heard Of


Get with more from BudgetTravel.com

10 Awesome & Affordable Spring Break…

45 Best Mother-Daughter Getaways!

10 Most …

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Top 10 Eye-Catching Train Stations

When you think of train stations, you most likely think of a way to get from point A to point B, and, of course, you would be correct. However, there's more to some railway stations than mere transportation. Many train stations are works of art in and of themselves, featuring breath-taking …

Train Stations

These are the world's most expensive countries to visit

Travel is expensive. Between flights, hotels, meals, transportation, and the barrage of tourist traps, it is hard to keep to a strict budget when traveling in a different country.

However, it's even harder if you don't do your due diligence.

In the recently published 2015 Travel and Tourism …


10 of the best festivals in Europe ... that you’ve probably never heard of

Meadows in the Mountains, Bulgaria

With a wild camping vibe – bonfires, small stages and bunting in the trees – Meadows in the Mountains has built a reputation over the past five years for offering a uniquely magical experience. Set in the lush environment of the Rhodope Mountains, mornings are …

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Finding Cheap Flights 101

I've been traveling pretty intensely for many years. When I had a full time entertainment job with minimal pay, I took at least twice monthly weekend trips and bi-annual overseas trips. When I had a more remote job, I roamed for long periods of time. As a result, when I catch up with friends who …

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The Aescher Hotel Serves Some of the Best Charcuterie in the World

April 22, 2015 /

Written by Elias Cairo, as told to Amiel Stanek Photographed by Eric Wolfinger

In the village in the Swiss Alps where I apprenticed for four years before opening Olympia Provisions in Portland, Oregon, it was a rite of passage to climb up this crazy mountain called Altmann. So when my …


48 epic dream hotels to visit before you die

A GOOD HOTEL CAN MAKE or break a trip. The worst hotel in the best place is still going to make retiring after a long day an unfortunate experience. …


Top 10 Things to Do in Hawaii


Eating at the Bar: The Best Thing You Can Do on a Solo Trip

I often find myself traveling alone. Whether it’s a short trip to Los Angeles or a longer one to Barcelona, my itineraries are often just for one. …


5 Tips to Enjoy Onsen Like a Pro

Onsen is a word for "hot spring" in Japanese and is a root of the bathing culture in Japan. As a volcanic island, Japan offers various types of …


How to pack for the Trans-Siberian Railway

Watching thousands of miles of snow-kissed forests fly past your window, alighting in remote cities across Russia – it’s no wonder that travellers are captivated by the Trans-Siberian Railway. Planning a train journey from Moscow to Vladivostok or Beijing is easier than ever, but packing the right …

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10 ramen shops in Tokyo worth visiting

Photo by Dust Mason

Kyushu Jangara is a chain shop hailing from the island Kyushu (hence the name). Jangara is one of the most tourist friendly ramen …

The 30 Types of Japanese Restaurant - Japan Talk

When most people think of Japanese restaurants they think of Sushi restaurants. The fact is, there are 30 kinds of Japanese restaurant in Japan — all …

Sushiya no Yoshikan — すし屋の芳勘

We hadn’t had sushi in a while and had a craving for it so we did some research and decided to try this place and surprisingly had a great experience.

What to Do in Lisbon

Everything old is new again in the Portuguese capital. Throughout the hilly metropolis on the Tagus River, fading structures and spaces are being stylishly reborn. Once-forlorn neighborhood markets have undergone ambitious renovations and currently form the city’s newest hot spots for dining and …


Airbnb announces more than 1,000 listings in Cuba

Americans' options for traveling to Cuba have been changing rapidly since late last year, when President Obama announced an historic change in the long-contentious relationship between the two countries. On Thursday, a major change came to options for where to stay.

Airbnb announced that more than …

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The 14 Best Dallas Patios for Drinking

That pleasant weather you've been begging for is finally here, and it's in your best interest to soak up as much of it as you can while it's …