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Unlocking the Future Remotely With Japan’s Akerun Smart Lock and IoT Technology

Most people, aside from locksmiths, probably don’t spend much time thinking about keys—until they lose one, need a copy of one, or have to give one …

Home Automation

5 Technology Innovations Can Help Your Architecture Firm Work Smarter

The road less traveled? Not for long. Forward-thinking architecture firm Perkins+Will shines light on new technology your firm should embrace now.


And the Award Goes to…: Top-Rated Sessions from AU Las Vegas 2017

AU isn’t a popularity contest—far from it. Every speaker offers something unique and plays an important part in our learning community. (Every …


The Time Is Now to Inspire a New Generation of Women in Construction

No sector can afford to ignore half of the population: Women in construction are the next frontier for the industry’s evolution.


Unleash Your Inner Cyborg With the Fashion Tech of Behnaz Farahi

Trained as an architect, Behnaz Farahi is now set on deconstructing the walls between design, technology, and interactivity with otherworldly fashion …


New Year, New Skills: Setting Intentions for 2018

It’s the start of 2018—time for all that “new year, new you” business.<p>But let’s face it: a “new you” doesn’t suddenly appear at 12:01 a.m. on January …


Production Designer Seth Reed Re-Creates Sadr City, Iraq—in Texas

Meet Seth Reed, architect-turned-production designer who can transform a U.S. Army base into a realistic—and affecting—Iraqi backdrop for Nat Geo.


Going Deep with BIM: AU Speaker Jon Servedio Talks with Redshift about the Parallel Thimble Shoal Tunnel Project

Drilling a tunnel under the Chesapeake Bay using a machine the length of a football field? It’s just another day on the job for AU speaker Jon …

Chesapeake Bay

6 Prosthetic-Technology Breakthroughs That Promise Better Living Through Design

It’s a heady time to be involved in prosthetic technology and development—one marked by quantum leaps in research and understanding how human bodies, …


Mott MacDonald Designs Chesapeake Bay Thimble Shoal Tunnel Project

Learn what's going on below the surface of the Chesapeake Bay as the new mile-long Parallel Thimble Shoal Tunnel is being built.


Looking Back, Looking Ahead: AU 2017 in Review

And just like that, 2017 has come to a close. Sure enough, it was another year of transformation, exploration, and integration, with technology …

Big Data

The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing

The future of artificial intelligence in manufacturing depends on today’s ever-smarter tech: robots and algorithms that can see, think—and even …


Revisit Redshift’s Top 10 Most Popular Articles of 2017

As the year draws to a close, take a moment to look back on Redshift's 10 most-popular articles of 2017.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Happy Holidays from All of Us at AU

The holidays are here, the season of joy and gratitude and all that warm, fuzzy stuff. We here at AU want to express our gratitude for you—the AU …


8 Construction-Technology Innovations That Changed the Game in 2017

Build it greener, faster, and safer—but how? Here’s a look at 8 construction-technology innovations that changed the industry in 2017.


2017 Showed That Future Robots Are Here Today—and They Can Dance

From bionic prosthetics to self-teaching algorithms, future robots in these 6 stories from 2017 show great promise for human-machine progress.


Social Media for Manufacturing: AU Speaker John Saunders Shares His Insights with Redshift

“To post on social media, to be a creator of content, you should also be a consumer of content. It’s simple. What do you enjoy looking at? What’s fun …

Social Media Marketing


In praise of the year's best performances from women artists, across mediums.<p>Here are 30 scenes, songs, shots, reactions, line-readings, gestures, …

Michelle Pfeiffer

The Big Trends Shaping the Factory of the Future

New technology is starting to come down the line in three key areas that will help manufacturers transform how factories are run.

6 Social-Media Tips for Manufacturing Companies From a “10-Year Overnight Success”

When it comes to social media for manufacturing companies, John Saunders is killing it. His video channel, NYC CNC, is the biggest for CNC machining …

Social Media Marketing

Could Carbon Fiber Be the Superhero of Building Materials?

Carbon fiber is stronger, lighter, and more flexible than steel. Can it be used to construct tall buildings? Yes, say researchers at Autodesk BUILD …


Devialet and Bosch—A Case Study in Manufacturing-as-a-Service from AU 2017

If you caught the Opening Keynote at AU 2017 in Las Vegas, you heard about a number of customers using automation to make more, and more diverse, …


AU Las Vegas 2017 Sessions Are Now Online

Well, it’s here. The big harvest. More than 700 classes were presented at AU Las Vegas 2017, including those offered in the MEP and Structural …

Las Vegas

5 Ways to Protect a Construction Business Against Cybersecurity Threats

Learn five tips to protect your construction business’s systems and data from bad actors and hackers threatening your cybersecurity.

Metal Casting Plus Additive Manufacturing Equals Paradise Found(ry)

For many manufacturers, the barrier to entry for metal additive manufacturing is too high—but combining additive with metal casting is a different …

3D Printing

Next Cities Institute: Designing Global Urban Futures

The University of Virginia’s School of Architecture Dean Ila Berman recently announced her intention to launch the Next Cities Institute, an …


Girls Who Code Is Working to Bridge the Gender Gap in Tech

Watch how Girls Who Code is working to build the new pipeline of female computer scientists who will staff the future tech workforce.

Next-Gen Virtual Reality Will Let You Create From Scratch, Right Inside VR

The next generation of virtual reality will let designers and engineers create objects and projects from scratch, entirely inside VR.

Virtual Reality

The Learning Continues from AU Las Vegas 2017

AU Las Vegas 2017 may be done and done, but in many ways the learning is just beginning. The new workflows, approaches, and ideas from last week are …

George Westinghouse May Be Forgotten, but His Inventions Endure

Everyone remembers Thomas Edison and his inventions, but what about Edison’s rival in the War of the Currents—and its eventual winner—George …