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Taking the Risks Out of Project Profitability with BIM

","title":"Taking the Risks out of Project Profitability With BIM","content":"<p>High risk, low margin. This all-too-familiar description of the …


SpaceX’s Hyperloop Pod Competitions Highlight Student Engineers

At an unknown point in the future, a trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles could take approximately 30 minutes—an amazing feat of mass …

Elon Musk

3Discovered Makes Modern Manufacturing an Online Exchange

Through its cloud-based platform and distributed 3D-printing service, 3Discovered connects designers and OEMs with the means to manufacture.


How the Sharing Economy Will Revolutionize Structural Fabrication

Learn more about fabrication software’s power.>>","title":"How Technology-Enabled Collaboration Will Streamline Engineering Economics","content":"<p>The …

Sharing Economy

What’s New at AU

<b>We’ll admit it – we’re never satisfied.</b><p>Every year, we try to make AU better than it was the year before. We listen to feedback, we look to your …

Professional Development

The Real Life of a Machine-Tool Design Manager: Precihole’s Azhar Qazi

Precihole’s website dubs Azhar Qazi the “next generation” to lead the machine-tool company. The son of cofounder A.A. Qazi, he fully intended to jump …


Learning by Heart: 3D Printing Could Help Save Lives One Day

Dr. Richard Trimlett and Sutrue used 3D printing to create an affordable stainless-steel tool that keeps the heart stable during delicate keyhole …

3D Printing


All the film, TV, music, VR, games, and boundless creativity you could want.<p>For the 17th year, the <b>Tribeca Film Festival</b>, presented by AT&T, will …

Tribeca Film Festival

London’s Postal Museum Delves Underground Into 3D-Capture History

The Post Office Railway, also known as the Mail Rail, helped deliver London’s mail for more than 75 years. Built as a series of eight tube stations …


Registration Is Now Open for AU Las Vegas 2017

There are all the reasons you already know to love AU—like 600+ classes and workshops. Inspiring keynotes and groundbreaking case studies. Unique …

Las Vegas

The New Bulgari Factory Updates Tradition (While Thwarting Jewel Heists)

Italian jewelry making has been bringing the bling since the 6th century BC, when the Etruscans (influenced by the Egyptian and Mycenaean …


Is India’s Plan to Build 100 Smart Cities Inherently Flawed?

India plans to develop 100 smart cities by 2020 to address the country’s rapid urbanization, but some urban planners worry about its implementation.

Smart Cities

Respect: Engineer Lillian Gilbreth Added Efficiency and Humanity to the Workplace

Read about more visionaries in the “Respect” series. >>","title":"Respect: Engineer Lillian Gilbreth Added Efficiency and Humanity to the …

The Workplace

Respect: Engineer Lillian Gilbreth Added Efficiency and Humanity to the Workplace

How many industrial-engineering degrees does it take to be regarded as a pioneer in the field? For Lillian Moller Gilbreth, none—she had degrees in …

The Workplace

Architectural Upcycling Builds Earth’s Better Future Out of Trash

Explore sustainable design at BUILD Space. >>","title":"Architectural Upcycling Builds Earth\u2019s Better Future Out of …


A Bionic Man: Hugh Herr Strides Forward on Next-Generation Robotic Legs

Hugh Herr’s conviction that he could engineer better robotic legs has produced superior next-generation, sensor-driven prosthetics.


The World’s Greenest Winery Through LEED and the Living Building Challenge

en_US<p>article<p>After a terrible fire, Silver Oak Winery reimagined green viticulture through LEED Platinum status and imminent Living Building Challenge …


Virtualizing the Glen Canyon Dam

“This is the coolest reality capture data set I’ve ever seen.” — Pete KelseyIf you were at AU Las Vegas in 2014, you likely remember Pete Kelsey, …


Back To The Future: This Plane Will Make The Jet Set Feel Supersonic Again

","title":"Back To The Future: This Plane Will Make The Jet Set Feel Supersonic Again","content":"<p>The Concorde, the iconic pointy-nosed supersonic …


STEM Toys Motivate Students to Play Hard in Science and Math

To capture education’s Holy Grail—engaged and motivated students—these UK companies are giving it their best shot with innovative STEM toys.


How Startup Accelerator DesignX Turns Architecture Students Into Entrepreneurs

Outdated teaching practices at architecture schools are finally giving way to a modern, tech-savvy approach to architectural education. MIT’s new …


Grasping the Future of Machine Learning and Cloud Robotics With Ken Goldberg

Meet Ken Goldberg, the UC Berkeley engineering professor whose machine-learning research is laying the groundwork for a new era of intelligent robots.

Machine Learning


A classic love story from the queer film canon reemerges.<p>One of the most exquisitely swooning images I’ve ever encountered on the big screen occurs …


Making Shade in Abu Dhabi: The Al Bahr Towers’ Adaptive Architecture

The Al Bahr Towers in Abu Dhabi showcase a high-tech facade design based on mashrabiya, an ancient lattice method providing shade, airflow, and …

Abu Dhabi

The Next Big Boom? Arctic Architecture and Cold-Climate Resources

With winter temperatures averaging a frosty -30 degrees Fahrenheit, the Arctic is one of the coldest places on Earth. A coming blizzard of economic …

The Arctic

The Next Big Boom? Arctic Architecture and Cold-Climate Resources

In 2015, 14 students from the University of Virginia School of Architecture traveled to the remote Norwegian arctic islands of Svalbard to research …

Climate Change

What We Do with Poop. In the Innovation Zone at AU with Catherine Berner.

Here in the U.S., we take flushing toilets for granted, but around the world 2.5 billion people lack access to improved sanitation. In fact, more …