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WhatRuns - Discover What Runs a Website

Because what's a better way to keep up in your industry than to know what other sites started using (or removed).

Open source typeface “Hack” brings design to source code | Ars Technica

Sweet spot is 8px-12px, but you can tell the difference between I and 1 at 6px.<p>The days of coders being shackled to Monaco or Courier New ends now. …


Atlantic Puffins : Attempt to approach...

This app is everything OS X Finder wants to be

Maybe it’s just me, but Finder is one of the default Mac apps I find most annoying. Even though Apple introduced tabs to the default experience a few years ago, Finder still makes it harder than it should to move files from one folder on your computer to another.<p>Commander One, a Finder alternative …

Best smartphone cameras: Galaxy S7 vs. iPhone 6s vs. Nexus 6P vs. Lumia 950

Samsung vs. iPhone, Nexus vs. Lumia. It's time to find out who makes <i>the best</i> smartphone camera.Recently a new smartphone waltzed onto the scene, …

iOS 9: Staying Organized with Storyboard References

Even though storyboards have been around since iOS 5, many developers are reluctant to use them in their projects. A typical remark is that …


iOS 9: Getting Started with UIStackView

Like every iteration of iOS, iOS 9 brings forth a lot of new features. UIKit changes with every release of iOS, but one particular addition in iOS 9 …

Web Development

Using the ASP.NET OAuth providers without ASP.NET Identity

IntroductionI think very few ASP.NET developers realise that the ASP.NET authentication providers and ASP.NET Identity really have nothing to with …

Software Development

Swift asserts - the missing manual

<b>assertion</b> - a confident and forceful statement of fact or belief. Something declared or stated positively, often with no support or attempt at …

Adding a Fixed Header to a UIScrollView

I'm currently working on an iPad application which uses a custom calendar control to display a lot of appointments. Similar to Apple's own calendar …


Winter Magic Light

The future has begun


Winter fairytale castle

Winter Blues, Alaska

Swift From Scratch: Variables and Constants

In the first article of Swift From Scratch, you learned about Xcode playgrounds and wrote your first lines of Swift. In this article, we'll start …


Storyboards Tutorial for iOS: Part 1

Storyboards, Scenes and View Controllers<p><i>Update note:</i> This tutorial has been updated for Xcode 9, iOS 11, and Swift 4 by Nicholas Sakaimbo. The …

Web Development

Storyboards Tutorial for iOS: Part 2

Storyboards, Segues and Static Cells<p><i>Update note:</i> This tutorial has been updated for Xcode 9, iOS 11, and Swift 4 by Nicholas Sakaimbo. The original …


Steve Wozniak Debunks One of Apple's Biggest Myths

December 4th, 2014, 3:58 AM UTC<p>Dec. 4: As we mark the 85th anniversary of Bloomberg Businessweek we look back at Apple. Co-founder Steve Wozniak …

Steve Wozniak


Swift JSON Tutorial: Working with JSON

<i>Note</i>: Updated for Xcode 8.2 and Swift 3 on 1-15-2017 by Luke Parham.<br>The original tutorial was written by Attila Hegedüs.<p><i>JavaScript Object Notation</i>, …



The road of kings

DARPA funds $11 million tool that will make coding a lot easier

DARPA is funding a new project by Rice University called PLINY, and it's neither a killer robot nor a high-tech weapon. PLINY, named after Pliny the Elder who wrote one of the earliest encyclopedias ever, will actually be a tool that can automatically complete a programmer's draft -- and yes, it …

Tech Retrospect: Amazon listens with Echo and Office mobile apps go free

Is a Bluetooth speaker that's always listening creepy? And how much would you pay for Office mobile apps? We'll address those questions and more in this look back at the week in tech.<p>When officers in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" spoke up and asked the omniscient computer for directions to a …