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The United States of Arms

Infographic: Mapping The United States By Its Porn Searches

We like to believe in the United States of America that regionality and socioeconomics don’t separate us, that the American experience is the human experience. The only real difference between us may be an accent here or there and maybe a predilection for regional cuisines.<p>Well, apparently tastes …

The Powerful 1940 Map That Depicts America as a Nation of Immigrants

It was produced by the Council Against Intolerance in the lead up to World War II.<p>In the years leading up to the Second World War, isolationist …

The 6 Stages for a Successful Digital Transformation [Infographic] #DigitalTransformation #DigitalMarketing #Business

Evolution of the Batman logo (1940-2012).

Studio Olafur Eliasson

Giving climate change a shape helps us to understand it emotionally, turning abstract data into a felt feeling. Great work by Antti Lipponen.

Every Total Solar Eclipse in your Lifetime

With the upcoming eclipse moving across the U.S. in August, Denise Lu at the Washington Post has created some fantastic visualizations of Every Total …

Stunning #fauxsaic by @nickmisani suggest some cites for the artist to do next!

The Scottish Scoundrel Who Changed How We See Data

When he wasn’t blackmailing lords and being sued for libel, William Playfair invented the pie chart, the bar graph, and the line graph.<p>A 1824 …

Famous Novels' First Sentences, Mapped [Infographic]

Sentence diagrams never looked this good<p>Maybe you spent a week in school making these, but the ones in your class almost definitely didn't look as good. The folks at Pop Chart Lab, which now has an oeuvre of infographics depicting everything from classic games to beer, took a literary turn with …


Break Down. #calligraphy #calligraffiti #brushpen #tombow #lettering #handstyles #handlettering #type #typography #design #thedailytype #thedesigntip #typegang #typematters #goodtype #brushtype

Look Inside: A Spectacular Collection of Cutaway Infographics

The best infographics grant you superpowers. An aerial map lends you, the viewer, the power of flight. A beautifully organized chart lets you …

See the Most Captivating Infographics of the Last Century

Selections from 128 years of “National Geographic” magazine’s best charts, maps and diagrams.<p>The first issue <i>of National Geographic</i> magazine, …


So schön können Infografiken sein

Seit 138 Jahren erklärt das Magazin "National Geographic" Natur und Technik mit Infografiken. Nun erscheinen die Illustrationen als opulenter …

1920s Instructional Diagrams Teach Ice Skating With Style

In 1921, Bror Meyer, a Swedish figure skater who won a bronze medal in the World Championships in 1906, published a manual called <i>Skating With Bror</i> …

Where Will The World's Water Conflicts Erupt? [Infographic]

A heatmap of war over water<p><i>Click here to see a larger version of this infographic.</i><p>As the climate shifts, rivers will both flood and dry up more often, according to the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Shortages are especially likely in parts of the world already …


Motor City

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Superb spread

My favourite way to combine lettering with typography, shown in full force by Martina Flor. Created for German culture mag, Der Spiegel Wissen. The title means tranquility/serenity. More here.

Typeverything.comStep out of the frame by Maztrone.via FromUpNorth<p>Step out of the frame by Maztrone.

Metallic Magic

A Sample of ‘letter a day’ designs by Bobby Haiqalsyah from Melbourne.

Hypnotic gifs animate traditional Japanese joinery techniques

Timber joints slot together in these Tetris-like gifs – the work of a young Japanese man so obsessed by joinery techniques he set up a Twitter …

Magnificent Lettering Works by Erik Marinovich | Abduzeedo | Type & Lettering | Pinterest | Design inspiration, Typography and Typo

Roundhand Lettering Demo by Glen Weisgerber

Hand lettering by Eduardo Viramontes

Hand lettering by Eduardo Viramontes.


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