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By particularkev | Australian news from the 13th May 2014 to the 19th May 2014.

NBN rolls out at added $1b

A BILLION dollar blowout in costs for the National Broadband Network (NBN) for rural Australia is nothing to worry about, according to Communications …

Budget abruptly cuts off rant fuel

Comment: Conservative columnists are among the hardest hit by the budget.

Tinkler denies knowing of alleged Liberal party slush fund payments

Hunter Valley coal magnate Nathan Tinkler has denied any knowledge of payments made by his horse stud to an alleged Liberal party slush fund, and insisted he had “nothing” to do with a smear campaign against a former Labor MP, funded by his building company.

In a much-anticipated appearance at the …

States head to NSW for crisis budget talks

State and territory leaders will be in Sydney on Sunday to discuss how they'll be impacted by federal budget cuts.

Tinkler fails to pay Knights

The NRL has vowed to act after Nathan Tinkler failed to pay the salaries of at least 20 Newcastle Knights players and staff.

Technical glitch hits underwater search for missing jet

Australian Herald (IANS) Friday 16th May, 2014

The underwater search for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 in the southern Indian Ocean off …


Life expectancy for Australian men third-highest in world, says WHO

Australian men have the third highest life expectancy in the world, but women are lagging in sixth place, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

However, women are expected to live 84.6 years on average, compared with 80.5 for men.

The WHO figures are for a baby born in 2012, and show an …

Hey Dad! star Robert Hughes sentenced to at least six years in jail

The Hey Dad! actor Robert Hughes has been sentenced to at least six years in prison for sexually and indecently assaulting young girls.

Hughes, who sat in the corner of the dock at Sydney's district court on Friday, remained expressionless as the sentence was handed down.

He was sentenced to a …

Students heckle Julie Bishop at University of Sydney - video

Abbott draws up new battlelines in the fight over federalism

When treasurer Joe Hockey detailed his first budget on Tuesday, the announcement that the states and territories were to be stripped of A$80 billion …


Higher education: the age of Pyne the destroyer begins

Has Education Minister Christopher Pyne destroyed the equity of Australia's higher education system?AAPIn Hinduism Lord Brahma is the creator, Lord …


If we are to work to 70, we need to rethink work

Many people prefer casual work and a phased approach to retirement.ShutterstockThe norm of permanent full-time terms of employment is under serious …

Labour Force

Scrapping the Australia Network affects more than the ABC

The termination in the 2014 budget of the ABC’s international television broadcasting contract to run the federal government’s Australia Network …


Bill Shorten's budget reply: experts react

Opposition leader Bill Shorten delivered his first budget in reply speech on the floor of parliament tonight.AAP/Alan PorrittOpposition leader Bill …

Bill Shorten

CSIRO cuts 'will rob Australian industry of research expertise'

The federal government’s cuts to CSIRO will make it more difficult for the organisation to fill the research and development gap left by Australian …


Better ways to spend the medical research future fund

The budget calls for the creation of a medical research future fund from estimated savings in health expenditure.AAP/Lukas CochOne of the few real …


Hockey's budget ignores the cultural economy, to its shame

The reality of the 2014 budget is now pretty clear, not just its specific provisions but the kind of nation it wants Australia to become.How it …

Australian Economy

Corporate Australia wasn't really the budget winner after all

Industry assistance cuts will have long-term impacts on Australia's international competitiveness. Image sourced from www.shutterstock.comThe 2014 …


Trust is not the only deficit

The budget: more that we wanted, less than we need.Lukas Coch/AAPThis week’s budget was clearly highly political. The question is what its economic …

Julia Gillard

Hockey's budget message: work longer, not smarter

The government seems indifferent to inequality.Lukas Coch/AAPOver the last few years our economic debate has focused on the budget deficit and …

Labour Force

Young people are now on the edge of our reconfigured welfare state

The 2014-15 federal budget continues the deconstruction of Australia’s post-war welfare state. In fact, the budget takes it a step further, …

Welfare State

Judgement day for Abbott on science and research funding

Prime Minister Tony Abbott on the day his government handed down its first Budget.AAP/Lukas CochWhen the freshly-minted Prime Minister Tony Abbott …

Scientific Research

A new, simpler Medicare safety net... but with holes

The new Extended Medicare Safety Net will no longer provide patients with protection against high medical costs. flickr:tanakawho, CC BY-NCBuried in …


Joe Hockey tries to get reluctant states to drive a new GST cart

Treasurer Joe Hockey favours reform of the Goods and Services Tax. AAP/Lukas CochIt’s clear the Abbott government wants change to the GST on the …

Joe Hockey

Budget 2014 reply: Bill Shorten says Labor will block key Abbott government budget reforms

Key elements of the Abbott government’s economic strategy have been thrown into chaos after Bill Shorten declared its first budget a document based …

'The most boring sh-- I've ever seen'

Nathan Tinkler brought his crash or crash-through approach to life to a combative appearance at the ICAC.

Abbott government 'uncomfortable' with freedom of information laws: opposition

Opposition offers disbandment of Office of Australian Information Commissioner as proof of government's lack of transparency.

States prepare for budget battle

The battle lines have been drawn and the states are preparing for war.

NSW Premier Mike Baird will host a crisis meeting in Sydney with his state and …

What does the first Abbott government budget mean for our environment?

With the release of the 2014 Federal Budget, the legacy of the Abbott government is becoming clear. Investment in clean energy innovation, jobs and …