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By particularkev | Australian news from the 14th July to the 20th July 2014.

Australian victims of MH17 disaster

Mallacoota couple Mary and Gerry Menke. Photo: Supplied

Full MH17 coverage

A family of five living in an outer-Melbourne suburb, a Melbourne-based Dutch …

Russian media is covering up Putin's complicity in the MH17 tragedy

On Thursday in eastern Ukraine – where Russian-supported separatists have declared an autonomous state – a plane with civilians on board was shot down.

The plane did not crash and it did not "collapse" – as was written by some of the Russian media – it was shot down from the ground. We in Russia …

MH17: the evidence against Russia

Social media
A posting on an account linked to a pro-Russia separatist leader in Ukraine, on a Russian social network site, claims that militants shot down at least one Ukrainian military plane near the Donetsk region town of Torez. The post has been deleted.

Ukrainian government adviser …


MH17 and its aftermath: 'ordinary Russians are horrified and frightened'

'So will the Americans attack us now?" At my dentist's surgery in Moscow I am used to being the one nervously asking questions. Yet on the day after flight MH17 was brought down, everyone here – including my dentist, the receptionist and the guy fixing the receptionist's computer – wants me to tell …


Pilots' group president says MH17 shot down after attempt to avoid storms

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was guided off its most recently used course as its pilots hoped to avoid thunderstorms brewing in the south of Ukraine, it has been claimed.

When it was shot down, the doomed jet was many miles north of the flight paths it had used on previous days to Kuala Lumpur from …

MH17: armed rebels fuel chaos as rotting corpses pile up on the roadside

Two days after Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine, the road near the village of Grabovo, where the aircraft crashed, is still lined with bodies.

Rescue workers, most of them of unknown provenance, are slowly moving corpses from where they hit the ground and piling them …


MH17: Russia is not yet ready to abandon rebel groups

No one could have predicted the gruesomely random turn that the east Ukraine conflict took last week. When the first rumours about a Malaysian passenger flight going missing broke on Thursday afternoon, it was the kind of moment that led to double takes.

Journalists, officials and people around the …


MH17: Ukraine accuses pro-Russia rebels of taking bodies from crash site

Ukraine's government accused pro-Russia rebels on Saturday of removing corpses from the MH17 crash site and destroying evidence.

"Terrorists brought 38 bodies to the mortuary in Donetsk," the government statement read, adding that Russian experts would presumably perform autopsies. "The terrorists …


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Sifting through the wreckage of MH17, searching for sense amid the horror

Any journalist should hesitate before saying this, but news can be bad for you. You don’t have to agree with the analyst who reckons “news is to the mind what sugar is to the body” to see that reading of horror and foreboding hour by hour, day after day, can sap the soul. This week ended with a …


MH17: Kiev and rebels hold talks to set up security zone around crash site

Ukraine and pro-Russia rebels are holding talks on setting up a security zone around the crash site of a Malaysian jet that was apparently shot down in the separatist east.

Ensuring the security of the site, where all 298 passengers were killed when the Boeing 777 crashed, is crucial to preserving …

MH17: Tony Abbott increases pressure on Russia as Bishop heads for UN

Tony Abbott increased the pressure on Russia over the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 as he dispatched foreign minister Julie Bishop to New York to head Australian effort to secure a binding UN resolution for a full international investigation in to the disaster.

Speaking in Sydney on …

MH17 disaster creates dilemma for Putin over backing Ukraine's rebels

The shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight 17 has confronted Vladimir Putin with a dilemma he had sought to avoid: to continue to support the separatist insurgency in Ukraine in the face of a storm of international outrage, or cut the rebels off and allow them to be defeated by the government in …