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11 New Dive Computers Tested and Reviewed By ScubaLab

How We Test Scuba Diving Computers<p><b>Ergonomic Testing</b><br>ScubaLab test divers evaluated computers in seven categories designed to gauge performance on the …

WIN a Cosmiq+ Smart Dive Computer

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13 Scuba Diving Fins Tested and Reviewed By ScubaLab

Jump To Category<p><b>Open-Heel Scuba Fins</b>• <b><br>Full-Foot Scuba Fins</b>• <b><br>Too Late To Test</b><p><b>CHECK OUT ALL OF SCUBALAB'S GEAR REVIEWS</b><p>How We Test<p>We tested scuba fins at …

Scuba Diving

Underwater photographers love our frameless masks for their wide, clear view. And the Atomic Aquatics Frameless 2 is also extremely comfortable over hours of dive time. A special sealing flange is co-molded with more supple grade of silicone for a soft touch. Choose from standard, medium and large sizes to find the perfect fit for every face shape.

Photographer of the Week – René B. Andersen

<i>At 250 feet, technical divers explore the Oldenburg wreck, in Norway</i><p>Photographer of the Week, René B. Andersen, shares with us his images from the …


Atomic Aquatics Introduces New BC1 Buoyancy Compensator

Atomic Aquatics, BC1, BCD, Huish Outdoors<p><b>Atomic Aquatics</b> introduces the first Buoyancy Compensator (BC) designed and manufactured by the company – …

Kim Choon Tan entered this amazing photo of a resting frogfish in Lembeh Strait into our 2016 Through Your Lens photo contest. We're currently accepting entries for the 2017 contest. Use the link in our bio to enter!! #scubadiving #scubadivingmag #photocontest #underwaterphotography #scubadiver #uwphotography #underwatercamera #frogfish #lembehstrait #lembeh #indonesia

Czech divers search for new depths in world's deepest cave

PRAGUE (Reuters) - Czech divers are preparing to search the world's deepest underwater cave again to see if there is more to be discoverer from its already record-breaking depths.<p>Last September researchers identified the flooded limestone cave, called Hranicka Propast and located 300km (186 miles) …

Passed the @subal_underwater_housing off to @ccrjosh to grab a picture of me diving my #DefenderCCR. #subal #rebreather #cavediver #ccrexplorers #subgravity #readyforanything #trimixdiving #cavediving #mountgambier #fourthelement

Tom St George proving why the Yucatan Cenotes should be on your bucket list. Like if you'd explore these natural water sources! (OM-D E-M5)

Morgenochtend bij @rtvutrecht het NK Onderwateroriëntatie uit 1970! #duikteamnautilus #goudentijden (foto: Rob Aarsen)

Scuba Diving Gear Picks For Night Diving

1. Dive Alert Plus<p>How loud is the Dive Alert Plus? For the record, it puts out 132 decibels, but we can say from experience that it’s train-horn …

Fourth Element for wherever your adventure takes you... Through the ice with Robert Lange, Daniel Harnesswebber, Steffen Niemz, Martin Wassauer, Tauchbasis Zwenkauer See #fourthelement #EquipmentForAdventure

More Casio G-SHOCK Master of G FROGMAN Dive Watches Now Available

Casio’s G-SHOCK dive watches tend to be pretty popular, and its latest Master of G FROGMAN watch was no exception. Released over the past summer, …


Report: Gulen Nudibranch Safari

The weather here at Gulen Dive Resort has turned a little snowy! Despite this, none of the nudi-holics were put off getting up early and going …

Albania Wants to Show Off Its Shipwrecks

Albania may not crack the list for top scuba-diving destinations in the world. The country doesn't even have a scuba diving industry. At least not …

Scuba Diving

#sf2 #scubaforce #ccrexplorers #nobubbles

#sf2 #scubaforce #ccrexplorers #nobubbles

Here Are the Amazing Winners of the 2017 Underwater Photographer of the Year Contest

Photographers went to great depths to capture awe-inspiring images for the 2017 Underwater Photographer of the Year (UPY) Contest, and French shooter …

Scuba Diving

Explore the Best Kept Secret Dive Spots Around the Globe

Montaña Amarilla, Tenerife, Canary Islands<p>In the south of Tenerife, the Montaña Amarilla (Yellow Mountain) creates a moonlike landscape below the …


Underwater Cave Discovery Features Stunning Red Coral Garden

“Cave b” harbors the most dazzling population of red coral in the Mediterranean, but its discovery calls for renewed conservation efforts.<p>In a shallow underwater cave off the southern coast of France, a team of scientists and conservationists discovered a stunningly pristine population of …


Meet Cave Diver and Scuba Diving Sea Hero Brian Kakuk

Oris Watches USA sponsors our Sea Hero program, in which we celebrate divers working to save our seas through action-oriented ­education, …

Scuba Diving

The Wrecks of Subic Bay – Part 1

READ MORE: Part 1 | Part 2 Subic Bay, Philippines is an interesting dive destination that does not get the attention that it deserves. It was there, …

Scuba Diving

Rare photo of an underwater astronaut! Awesome photo of me diving an SF2 around a local wreck searching for eagle rays. Image by the great Hilario Itriago #ccr #underwaterastronaut #itsnotevenfair #eternalbottomtime #sf2 #rebreatherdiving #cancun #solobuceo #bestinthebusiness

Top 6 Dive Sites In Norway

Norway, the land of the Vikings and a country of incredible beauty, culture and most importantly, top dive sites. If you haven’t already been to …

Scuba Diving

Nazi Sub Portrayed in Raiders of the Lost Ark Discovered in the North Atlantic

German researchers have discovered the wreck of U-581, a Nazi sub that sunk near the Azores in February 1942. The 220-foot-long VIIC U-boat—the same …

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