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Nitrox Diving 101: What is Enriched Air Diving

Nitrox Diving 101: What is Enriched Air Diving?

Never leave your Nitrox tank standing, you’ll risk knocking it over – Jed Brown

For most divers, Nitrox …

Margin of Safety

Stay Underwater For Your Next Holiday

If so, there are a few hotels you’ve got to visit. Some are very basic; some are extremely luxurious, but each focuses on full immersion while you …


9 Luxury Dive Destinations

If you love a great underwater adventure and happen to have the dollars to spend as well, one of these luxury dive destinations might be perfect for …



It happened to me

When his equipment failed, Peter Bradley needed all his training to return to the surface

words Peter Bradley | Illustration Ian Legge


United States of Scuba: Diving the Country We Love

By Eric Michael and Mary Frances Emmons

American divers are the luckiest on the planet. Our fair country boasts some of the best variety of any …

Scuba Diving


Drone Captures Feeding Basking Sharks

Drone enthusiasts have recorded stunning footage of two basking sharks feeding off the coast of Gloucester on …


Unique New Dive Gear Bags Made From Recycled Billboards

Over 500,000 tons of billboards are printed on every year, adding a tremendous amount of waste to already overflowing disposal sites, and using …



Andy Moll / Credit: Leon R. Smith

DIVE magazine is sad to announce that the long-standing BSAC member Andy Moll has failed to resurface from a wreck …

Coast Guard

DetectorPro Unveils Two New Underwater Metal Detectors

Have a hankering for finding lost treasure? Well, a couple new underwater metal detectors have hit the market.

DetectorPro recently unveiled two new …


In Search of Angels - 11 Days in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria

Netherlands 2015 on Twitter

Winning photos of the category Fish: 1. Rui Benardo (POR), 2. Luc Rooman (BE) and 3. José Antonio Garcia Garcia.


Netherlands 2015 on Twitter

Winning photos 'Close-up photo with a theme': 1. Marco Heesbeen (NL), 2. Damir Zurub (CRO) and 3. Danja Klink (SUI).


Netherlands 2015 on Twitter

Close-up photo without a theme: 1. Damir Zurub (CRO), 2. Stephane Sandon (FRA) and 3. Athila Pertoncini (BRA).


Netherlands 2015 on Twitter

Wide angle without model: 1. Stephane Regnier (FRA), 2. Jonna Bergstrom (SWE) and 3. Athila Bertoncini (BRA).

Netherlands 2015 on Twitter

Wide angle with model: 1. Margit Sablowski (GER), 2. Grega Verc (SLO), 3 Damir Zurub (CRO).


WWII Discoveries in Palau

It is estimated that one month of the two-month-long World War II fight for Peleliu, in the Palau island chain, resulted in more than 5,000 …

World War II

The Thrills and Skills of Night Diving

The first thing you’ll notice is your vision narrowing to only what is lit by your flashlight. Once your eyes adjust, you’ll notice that the hard …

Animal Behavior

GoPro Out of the Box: Settings and Stability Options

Two hands are better than one! Capture stable underwater wide-angle video using a double handle tray mount for your GoPro

Initial GoPro Settings for …


Curious about Cuttlefish

Cuttlefish are pretty strange creatures. As a diver, you’re used to seeing unusual animals underwater, but cuttlefish have been around for over 500


Event: “Shark Tales” with Joe Romeiro

Get geared up for DPG’s shark-tacular month of July and Discovery’s Shark Week with “Shark Tales,” a unique presentation by Joe Romeiro and Greg …

Shark Week

Health Problems That Can Interfere with Diving

Before anyone decides to try SCUBA diving, there are certain health problems that should be considered. While some pre-existing health conditions are …

Scuba Diving

Scuba Dive with Manta Rays on Maui

Photo courtesy Lyle Krannichfeld. For more of Lyle’s photography, visit

By Alexandra Mitchell

You may think that it’s a little …

Manta Rays

Scuba Diving Does a Body Good

Iceberg Diving in Lake Sassol, Switzerland. From Scuba Diver Life’s Galleries. Photo by Reto Moser.

For many, scuba diving is the key that unlocks the …

Scuba Diving

5 Underwater Explorers That Every Scuba Diver Should Know

These famous divers have accomplished much more than what is listed here. Read their full biography and discover hundreds more notable diving …

Amazing Video Shows Octopus Playing “Hide And Seek” With Scuba Diver in Hawaii

Octopus are known to be one of the most intelligent animals in the ocean, and after watching this video, it’s obvious that they’re among the most …


Canada's scuba hot spots: Have you dived here yet?

Since I’ve scuba dived as many times as I’ve bungee jumped in a leotard (not very many, if you’re wondering), I took a deep breath and tapped three regional experts for tips on where to go in Canada – starting with Russell Clark from the Dive Industry Association of British Columbia.

Port Hardy

Scuba Diving

Atomic Aquatics Frameless 2


California’s Shell Eisenberg Breaks USA Women’s Freediving Record

Shell Eisenberg of Northern California surprised the USA Freediving world by capturing her first USA Women’s National Freediving Record in the …


A Brief History of the Recreational Scuba Regulator

The history of diving starts with pictures found on the walls of caves depicting people breathing air underwater stored in goat bladders. Diving …

Scuba Diving