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A sea turtle strapped with a GoPro just gave us a gorgeous underwater view of Australia's Great Barrier Reef

A bird's-eye view is so 2014.

If you want to see what's happening under the sea, you need to consult with a turtle.

Which is what the World Wildlife Fund did in their new video of the Great Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the world's largest system of coral reefs.

The video campaign is …

Great Barrier Reef

Discover Japan's Atlantis of the East

At the westernmost point of Japan lies the mysterious monument of Yonaguni – was it made by man, martians or Mother Nature? A dip underwater is the …


Das reboot: German studio plans remake of underwater thriller

Wolfgang Petersen’s Oscar-nominated war film Das Boot is heading for a remake, according to German magazine Blickpunkt Film.

The 1981 drama, which follows the crew of a German submarine during the second world war, will be remade by Bavaria Studios, the same production company behind the original. …

Entertainment (UK)

Diving into Sweden’s Longest Underwater Cave

Hidden under snow in the Jämtland Mountains of Sweden, the Dolinsjö Cave is being explored by those brave enough to go under the ice....

Extreme Sports

Underwater rivals battle for fastest human-powered submarine

The sleek black mini-submarine accelerated through the water as the two pilots crammed inside pedaled hard, spinning the rear propeller faster and faster.

"Allez! Allez!" urged Philippe Dupuis, a 25-year-old Frenchman, who watched on a television monitor as underwater cameras showed the 14-foot sub …

Texas A&M

The Real Value of Certification Cards

Working as both an instructor and a dive guide, I often wonder whether a diver’s certification card truly reflects their ability. I have met many …


Technical Diving on the USS Burns, Fletcher Class Destroyer

In the summer of 2009, using advanced computer software processing, Dean Morrow discovered a large shape deep below the waters of San Clemente …

U.S. Navy

The Underwater Frontier

MARION — The calm evening sheen of McGregor Lake filled the backdrop as Mike Ferda climbed into a burly waterproof suit bristling with hoses and …

Glacier National Park

Ocean Explorer Sylvia Earle Joins Roster of Female Scientist LEGO Minifigs

In a move that has us singing “EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!” from the rooftops, LEGO has released several additions to their female scientist minifig …

Dive with Florida's Goliath Grouper

Seabass Giants

Craig Dietrich

Goliath grouper are the largest member of the seabass family in the Atlantic Ocean.

Fishy Smart Cars

Craig Dietrich

The …

Shooting Underwater Video: The Basics

With little more than a camera and a good idea, you too can make a great underwater film

Nature Photography

Dive Gear Guide 2015: Best Dive Wetsuits

Bare Sports Limited Edition

+ Suit design features bold graphics and hand and foot stirrups

+ Portion of proceeds benefits the National Breast Cancer …

Scuba Diver Discovers 150 WWII Plane Wrecks

Discovering a previously unknown wreck is a dream for many scuba divers, but what if you found 150? That’s exactly what happened recently off the …

Scuba Diving

Favourite Dives in New Zealand

Poor Knights Island

By Scuba Diver Life

This top dive location in New Zealand offers a truly first-class, once-in-a-lifetime diving experience. Blue …

New Zealand

Diving the Andrea Doria

‘The Mount Everest of Scuba Diving’

1 hour 20

The desire to achieve something – or what we often refer to as motivation – can come from many different …

Aqwary smart console

Dive Site: SS Thistlegorm, Red Sea, Egypt

The Thistlegorm was on its way to the Mediterranean city of Alexandria, Egypt with supplies for the war effort in the African theatre, but because of …


A Virtual Visit – Experience Wakatobi Like Never Before

Aerial of Wakatobi Dive Resort Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could be transported to the beach at Wakatobi right now? Unfortunately, the teleporter …


Amazing 360° Video Technology Showcasing Scuba Diving in Taiwan

Thought virtual diving with Google Underwater Street Views was awesome? Well, 360 degree video technology and YouTube’s recent addition of 360 degree …

Scuba Diving

ScubaLab Gear Guide: Best Dive Watches

Finding the right dive mask and snorkel combo is usually the first items a diver buys in building his or her first dive rig. ScubaLab reviews the …


How to Keep Your Wetsuit from Stinking

If you have ever had a funky-smelling wetsuit, you know just how gross and embarrassing it can be. Not only is a bad smelling wetsuit just plain …


3 Ways to Take Great Over/Under Shots

Half-and-half images are some the most exciting underwater photographs, regularly topping the charts in competitions. They show an impossible view, …


Watch This Scuba Diver Take An Amazing Underwater 3-D Scan Of A Coral Reef

Cutting edge technology could help scientists track the massive die-off of reefs around the world.

A scuba diver swimming in the Great Barrier Reef in 1985 would have seen something completely different than a diver today. In the last few decades, thanks to factors like warming seas and pollution, …

Scuba Diving

NASA takes to the sea to test new space tools

What's the best way to simulate the conditions of outer space here on Earth? Go to the bottom of the ocean, of course. NASA has actually been sending astronauts to an underwater habitat for years under the NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations (NEEMO) program, and the 20th expedition is …

Space Science

Beat the Baggage Allowance: Pack Light on Your Next Dive Trip

Scuba diving and traveling light don’t necessarily mix. Where a week’s vacation used to require only a few T-shirts and shorts or sundresses, …


First Guide To Freediving For Underwater Photography Released

Former British Champion freediver Mark Harris has released his first book – Glass and Water: The Essential Guide to Freediving for Underwater

Wildlife Photography