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Underwater at NASA's Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory

NASA's Neutral Buoyancy Lab

Located in Houston, Texas, NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab is an underwater training facility used to prepare astronauts for …


University of Miami's underwater photo contest winners feature stunning sea life

The University of Miami's annual underwater photography contest announced winners on April 22. Finding the top images was no easy feat with more than 500 images submitted to the contest.

UM's Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science has been hosting the competition since 2005 and receives …

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Legends of Scuba Diving: Jacques-Yves Cousteau

When we talk about the legends of scuba diving, it’s impossible to ignore Jacques-Yves Cousteau. To many people — divers and non-divers alike — he is …

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The Dragon

Ready For Some Serious rEvo Photography

Thanks to Ali Ethem Keskin‎ for this #meandmyrEvo picture. Pre breathing and ready to take some serious photographs


Swimming with a million fish looks like being in a teleportation tunnel

I’m not exactly sure I know what a teleportation tunnel actually is but I’d imagine it would look a lot like this. This being swimming with a million …


Amazing Underwater Encounter with Mobula Rays

It’s sort of like Cayman’s “Stingray City”—but on steroids.

Photographer Joost van Uffelen was out photographing dolphins in the Sea of Cortez, when …

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Champagne from 1840s shipwreck analysed

Bottles of champagne salvaged from a 170-year-old shipwreck have been tested in the lab by scientists seeking clues about historic winemaking methods.

Among the results were very high levels of sugar - higher than most modern dessert wine - and traces of arsenic.

168 bottles were found 50m beneath …


Multimillion-Dollar Trove Of WW2-Era Silver Coins Recovered From South Atlantic Wreck Site

A treasure trove of Second World War-era silver coins has been recovered by a British-led salvage team from a cargo vessel sunk in the South Atlantic.

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5 Essential Items in a Save-A-Dive Kit

A save-a-dive kit can be as essential to your well-being during a dive as an able diving buddy, and even if you never use it, you’re much better off …

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A World Submerged: Green Lake

Divers will travel the world to dive its most exotic places, see the most unusual specimens, but we’re guessing Austria isn’t real high on that list. …

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How Divers Celebrate Earth Day

Every day we receive messages, emails and pictures of the actions divers like you are taking to lead the fight for ocean protection in your local …


Coral reefs are important, and they are in danger

Coral reefs are home to about 25 percent of all known marine species and are used by countless other …


Costa Rica’s top five marine adventures

Costa Rica’s thriving forests and abundant wildlife have made it a premier destination for eco-travelers, but the country’s lesser-known offshore environments teem with life and have just as much to set the spine tingling. Sadly, in recent years these underwater habitats have been tainted by …

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RT Check out this amazing seahorse picture by Lisa Tally . Thanks for sharing @MaduroDive

Article: Brian Skerry's dolphin images from National Geographic

Underwater photographer Brian Skerry’s work has been featured in the cover story of the May issue of National Geographic magazine. Entitled “Dolphin


Video of the Week: Scuba Diving in Palau

This week’s Featured Video of the Week comes from Palau Dive Adventures Dive Shop and showcases all things incredible that one can expect to see …


5 Best Dive Sites for Beginners in Florida

Individuals who recently obtained SCUBA certification are often anxious to discover an exhilarating place to dive. Fortunately, Florida has five dive …


Diving Aqaba – Jordan

Aqaba greatest asset is the Red Sea itself. Here you can experience some of the best snorkeling and diving in the world. The mild climate makes it an …

Red Sea

Algorithms And The Modern Diver

Everybody is taught basic dive tables when they learn to dive and, hopefully, the theory behind them and what they mean. Your first experience with …


The Line-Up is Ready for Suunto Vertical Blue 2015

The depth training has begun and the line-up of athletes, preparing to offer their best in Deans Blue Hole, is ready and posted. William Trubridge’s

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The Thrills and Skills of Night Diving

The first thing you’ll notice is your vision narrowing to only what is lit by your flashlight. Once your eyes adjust, you’ll notice that the hard …

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Divers adventure to spots others can only dream of... Two spots just opened up on the exclusive SCUBAPRO / M/V Galapagos Sky trip to Galapagos (including Wolf and Darwin - where this pic was taken) May 23rd - 31st. Usually this trip fills up within a few weeks of its announcement - so this is an amazing opportunity to head to an incredible location and dive with some great gear. Details: More info:

Diving Zanzibar

Zanzibar, an island some 20 miles off the coast of Tanzania, is about twice the size of California, and has close relations to, but is a …

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Dive Site: James Bond Wrecks, The Bahamas

If you’re dreaming of an archetypal tropical paradise, the fantasy in your mind’s eye will probably look a lot like the Bahamas. From tiki huts …

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