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“We dived another deep wreck, a WW2 “Torpedoboot” T18. The wreck is broken in the middle, laying at almost 100 m depth…” Click the link for the full story on Badewanne’s Summer of wreck exploration in the Gulf of Finland. #suuntodive photo ©

Yoronjima: Japan's Hidden Paradise

By Bonnie Waycott

With a circumference of only 8 square miles, this quaint subtropical island in Japan’s Amami region north of Okinawa is surrounded …


Great Dive Sites in England

Great Dive Sites in EnglandBy Scuba Diver LifeEngland is home to a kingdom of excellent dive sites. From wartime shipwrecks to unique sea life, there …


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More bad publicity for sharks this summer. What are your thoughts on how the media is playing this attack up? The surfer got away without a scratch …

Scuba Diving: A Family Affair?

It’s a common misconception that children and diving are incompatible, so divers with young families often feel torn between wanting to spend time …


Review: Diviac Digital Dive Log, Part III

Divers can also access Diviac via tablets, both iOS and Android versions. The features and design of the tablet app are nearly identical to the …

Marine Biology

Diveboard Becomes The First Scuba Platform To Connect With Movescount

Whether you’re a recreational or a tech/pro diver, Diveboard will help you keep your scuba logs vivid and easy to share.

Logging is a breeze, whether …

Scuba Diving

SCUBALAB 2015: Dive Fin Review

2015 Head-to-Head Testing

Zach Stovall

Tested on performance, acceleration, stability and a host of other attributes, we present the best new and …


Kooky, Cool and Cute Crustaceans: A Photo Contest Gallery

Put'em Up!

Marcello Di Francesco

By Marcello Di Francesco

Location: Mabul Island — Malaysia

Category: Behavior

Ballet Dancer No. 2

Alan Lotaken

Photo by …

Macro Photography

Rare Nautilus Spotted for the First Time in Over 30 Years

A rare Allonautilus scrobiculatus swims below the common Nautilus pompilius

Peter Ward, a biology professor at the University of Washington, has …

University of Washington

Apeks Side Mount set

The world’s most unique underwater adventures

For most, the depths of the ocean are shrouded in mystery.

Few often venture below the surface of the deep blue sea, and even fewer have explored its far-reaching corners.
Slideshow: 11 Totally Unique Underwater Adventures Around the World

Heck, according to the National Ocean Service, in all of the …


Wine That's Aged Underwater Is the Buried Treasure of the Sea

It’s already hot when I reach the small port of the Saint-Mandrier peninsula in the department of Var at 9 AM. With no sign of wind and waves barely 12 inches high, it is the perfect weather for tossing the region’s wine into the sea. Or at least it is according to Jérôme Vincent, the director of …


Video: Underwater flight in the DeepFlight Dragon

In our latest review video, Loz scoots over to Lake Tahoe, California, where the Deepflight team is testing its new personal submersible. Shaped like …

U.S. Navy

GUE BE Explorers a German Uboat Type UC-II on the North Sea

Pressure in cinemas now

Dive movie, Pressure, is now screening in Empire cinemas, will be available to download from 24 August and on DVD from 31 August.

Directed by Ron …

Indian Ocean

Chasing the Sardine Run

For the better part of six weeks, we traversed 1,300 miles of South Africa’s “wild coast,” towing our boat by car and using a spotter plane to help …


This is the source of my inspiration of my skeleton to evolve into Titanium; my @AtomicAquatics T2 reg made of Ti 22.

5 Reasons Why We Love Cold Water Diving

From wolf eels to seals, from the clearest viz to the lowest temps, we celebrate what makes cold water diving the best.

#1 Because you can see diverse

2015 International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame Inductees & Early Pioneers

International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame

Inductee: Peter Hughes

Significant career achievement or industry contribution

Caribbean Instructors Peter …

Hall of Fame

Outer Limits: 15 of the World's Most Epic Dives

Doug Perrine/SeaPics

From descending below the ice in Russia to great-white-shark encounters in Guadalupe, we've got 15 of the most advanced dives …

South Africa

The Wild World of Underwater Geocaches

For the extreme geocacher: underwater geocaching

Call me Geocache. Some time ago – never mind how long exactly – having little or no finds in my


DeepFlight Dragon review: The awesome underwater quadcopter anyone can drive

When you get an opportunity to go fly a 1.5 million dollar electric personal submarine that looks like a Formula One car, but operates like a …

Formula Racing

The best waterproof cameras: Action Packed

Our gear expert, Michelle Jana Chan, puts four of the best underwater cameras to the test

Today’s waterproof cameras offer much more than an underwater function. Many can tolerate cold environments, high humidity and the rough-and-tumble of extreme sports. These tougher, more durable devices are an …


Improper storage and transportation of your wetsuit can cause damage to the fabric, so to help you care for your scuba investment in the best way possible we have developed our new wetsuit bags! Shop now to maximise the lifetime of your wetsuit -

Scuba Diving Instructor – The Real Story

“When are you going to get a proper job?” is a question that has been asked to me for most of my adult life. Mostly from my mother, but the question …

Scuba Diving

Go Wall Diving in Belize on the Sun Dancer II Liveaboard

Associate Publisher David Benz traveled to Belize to dive Lighthouse Reef and Turneffe Atoll aboard the luxury live-aboard Sun Dancer II during an …


Borneo from Below, Episode 1: Landing in Borneo

Viewers are introduced to the area’s world-class dive spots, including Sipadan island

by Aug 21, 2015

Borneo From Below will be the first ongoing …