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The Island of Knowledge: How to Live with Mystery in a Culture Obsessed with Certainty and Definitive Answers

“We strive toward knowledge, always more knowledge, but must understand that we are, and will remain, surrounded by mystery.”<p><i>“Our human definition of ‘everything’ gives us, at best, a tiny penlight to help us with our wanderings,”</i> Benjamen Walker offered in an episode of his excellent <i>Theory of</i> …

Al-Farabi is credited with preserving the works of Aristotle

Posted on January 13, 2015October 11, 2016<p>Abu Nasr al-Farabi was born around 870 CE in eastern Iran. After completing his early education in his …

The Wisdom of the Ancients…

<i>Much of what is most commonly passed off as being “The Wisdom of the Ancients” is neither very wise, nor all that ancient – particularly the</i> …

[Utku Rıfat] Trepaneringsritualen | [Fütüristika!]

Türlü türlü düşünceler kaplıyor beynimi; sürekli saçma ya da mantıklı, olsun veya olmaksızın düşünüp dururken buluyorum kendimi… Çokça şeyden …

something. #chayoungseok #laartshow

Life is a game. This is your strategy guide

Real life is the game that – literally – <i>everyone</i> is playing. But it can be tough. This is your guide.<p>Basics<p>You might not realise, but real life is a …

The Reasons People Don’t Follow Their Passions, and What You Can Do

Pursuing your passion can mean different things to different people, but no matter your definition, it seems people always have a reason why they …

Yuri Shwedoff (previously) born in 1991, is a Moscow-based artist, photographer, movie maker and illustrator. In 2008 graduated from the painting department of the Moscow Academic Art Lyceum of the...

Ray Caesar - The Trouble with Angels


Bartosz Kosowski

Angaryaları onlar yapsın: Hayatınızı kolaylaştıracak uygulamalar

Hayatın keşmekeşi içinde küçük ayrıntıları hatırlamaya uğraşmak insanın aklını ciddi anlamda yorabilir. Yaratıcı bir fikir üretmeniz bekleniyorsa …

exhibition-ism: Marco Mazzoni’s first ever solo exhibition is now on view at Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City, CA

Be soft. Self-Conscious

The unmistakable Ralph Steadman.

Tattoos and Tattoo Art

How much has the internet changed the art world?

As a landmark exhibition in Beijing puts digital art centre stage, Jason Farago assesses the internet’s impact on the art world.<p>“Is the internet dead?” It seems at first like an absurd question, especially since you are reading these words on a computer or mobile screen. How could an apparatus on …

The Arts

Paintings by Afarin Sajedi

Inspiring and Experimental Portrait Paintings.<p>Afarin Sajedi is an Iranian artist who creates outstanding portrait paintings of women, often in …

Edward Kinsella / Illustration

Modern Day Medusa by abettermonster

iain macarthur

Tristan Eaton

Garard Di-Maccio in the "Last Rites" group show currently on view at Last Rites Gallery in NYC. See more on our blog:

Kelsey Henderson

Lucian Freud     Portrait of the Painter Francis Bacon, London     1952

Lucian Freud Portrait of the Painter Francis Bacon, London 1952

Burak Yelkenci (photo / vidéo) & Faruk Kalaycioglu (animation)