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Small Space, Big Design

“Whether it’s incessant emails, texts, or social media updates, our overly packed schedules or the many hundreds of things we own, life can be overwhelming. I believe we intuitively desire simpler lives filled with high-quality experiences, relationships, and possessions.” — Graham Hill, …


Genuinely tiny bathrooms with great ideas you can copy

If you ever read articles that seem geared towards smaller homes but when you look at them, they feature spaces far larger than yours, don't be …


This architect made a small apartment liveable by designing a loft bed with closet underneath

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Top 15 Tiny House Designs and their Costs - - Remodeling Image: Ideas, Tips, and Practical Advice

<b>Sustainable Home Living Ideas for Minimalism and Comfort Explained in fun way with beautiful examples of Tiny Homes!</b><p>When I found out about the tiny …

Space-saving secrets weapons for your small home

Unless you live in a 10 room mansion, space will always be an issue in your life. The need to acquire more legroom has spawned numerous …

Super Clever Small Space Solution: The Transforming Living Cube

To fit a lot of things into a little space, sometimes you have to get creative. For a San Francisco loft apartment that's only 500 square feet, …

Solar-powered Swedish homes produce at least as much energy as they consume

Power to the People’s seven solar-powered row houses are set on the end of two dead-end streets that run east to west. The architects connected the …


Cultivo hidropónico, sin agua ni tierra, lo último de IKEA para ayudarnos con el Indoor Gardening

En <b>IKEA</b> se han empeñado en que comamos un poco más sano y de la forma más sencilla y por eso quieren ayudarnos a cultivar nuestra propia ensalada y …

10 puntos fundamentales para aprovechar mejor el espacio

Los tiempos cambian y los ambientes de las nuevas construcciones vienen cada vez más pequeños. Por eso, armamos una guía con consejos para lograr una …

Top 20 Shipping Container Home Designs and their Costs

There is a hot, new trend: shipping container homes. Basically, you modify and re-purpose used shipping containers and stick them together to build a …


Pair of engineers design pet-friendly off-grid tiny house

Despite having no prior experience, engineers Tina and Luke Orlando decided to jump right in and design their own tiny house from scratch. Their …


Shipping container transformed into a tiny house

Despite their drawbacks, there's definitely something appealing about recycling a shipping container into a viable home. With this in mind, Brighton, …


Dutch woman's modern tiny house gets approval from local council

Regulations surrounding tiny houses are unfavorable at worst, or murky at best. But municipalities are slowly coming around, as in the case of this …



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This Tiny House Comes Shipped to You in a Box

And then you can even pack it up again, if you've got the travel bug.<p>If you've got perpetual wanderlust, the POD-iDladla could be your perfect home. Designed by South African architect Clara da Cruz Almeida, this simple, portable house packs up into a 24-square-meter "pod" and ships from place to …

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An Open Home That Challenges Monolithic Architecture

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New York City

Super High Spec Professionally Built Tiny House

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Dutch studio Fiction Factory develops "groundbreaking" cardboard house concept

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Comment on Rotating tiny house in Portland soaks up sunshine all day long by terryblevins

I work for Tiny Homes of Mother Earth and I have never anything liken this..I hope the owner is not subject to motion sickness


Vietnamese architect wins 6 Green Good Design Awards

Vietnam’s renowned architect Vo Trong Nghia has won six Green Wood Design Awards for his works, one in Italy and five others in Vietnam.<p>The six …

This Clever Bunk Bed Is Also a Sofa

How's that for handy?<p>If you're constantly hosting houseguests, you probably have a few pieces that pull double duty — like a pull-out couch or a room divider. But Resource Furniture's Palazzo wall bed system takes that concept to the next level.<p>Its bunk beds convert into a sofa — or the sofa …

This Teenager's Bedroom Has A Built-In Bed And Storage For Almost Everything

Russian design firm INT2architecture, have created a contemporary bedroom for a 14 year old girl, that features a built-in bed with plenty of …


Fold-up kitchen perfect for tiny dwellings

Not everyone needs a gourmet kitchen to be happy, and as more and more people decide to downsize, Dizzconcept thinks they have the perfect solution …

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