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20+ Tiny Homes That Make The Most Of A Little Space

Small and efficient homes, whether in the city, out in the country or even on the road, are becoming more and more popular. Interior design …

Northern California

This Studio Shed with our Basic trim option is basically wonderful don't you think?

Couple Stops Paying Rent by Building Tiny Home

A young couple from the States decided they were tired of paying rent and mortgages. Their solution? Build a tiny house on a truck trailer! Shane and …


Conversation Pit Ideas and Inspiration

The post I wrote last week about groovy 70s furniture got me thinking about conversation pits. I'm convinced that conversation pits were the pinnacle …


Peek inside the beautiful sustainable home an architect designed for her family

What started out as a strategic purchase to curb development along a historic road in Garrison, New York has resulted in a gorgeous and sustainable …

Sustainable Architecture

These 10 tiny homes prove that less is so much more.

In case you hadn’t noticed, tiny homes are the next big thing.


Blink and you’ll miss it. That’s because this home, built in the wasted space …


House of the Week: Family Home Gets Creative with 800 Square Feet

Every week, we highlight one amazing Dwell home that went viral on Pinterest. Follow Dwell's Pinterest account for more daily design inspiration.

Readers loved this budget-friendly apartment in Melbourne. At only 800 square feet, it's comfortable for a growing family thanks to smart, built-in …

Interior Design

These pop-up modular pods can add a garden studio or off-grid escape just about anywhere

Streamlined and with a small footprint, Pod Space’s modular structures were designed to meet planning policy, meaning in most cases do not require a …

Green Roofs

35 Great and Cheap DIY Greenhouse Projects Ideas

Basic Wooden Box Greenhouse

1. Basic Wooden Box Greenhouse: Growing flowers, fruits, vegetables and plants in your own greenhouse is good way to …


Apartamento minimalista en Castrovillari / Brain Factory

Esta vivienda situada en el municipio de Castrovillari, al sur de Italia, ha sido bautizada por sus arquitecto como la vivienda monolítica. Brain

Easy Geodesic Domes Using 3D Printing

We always enjoy seeing a great application of 3D printing and found a good one today: 3D printed geodesic dome joints from “hubs”. The folks behind …

3D Printing

8 Homes That Are as Quirky as They Are Tiny


15 Life-Changing Storage Ideas for the Kitchen

If you've perused Pinterest lately in search of kitchen storage ideas, you know there are thousands of space-saving tricks floating around. Here's a roundup of our current favorites (we're filing them away for any future kitchen remodels).

Above: A wall-mounted dish rack frees up countertop space; …

Storage Ideas

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a Table That Turns Into a Loveseat!

Finding sophisticated solutions for maximizing space can be challenging, but multifunctional furniture has evolved significantly past the sofabed.


A Wall-Mounted Desk for Smaller Spaces

Designed by Matthew Weatherly for BDI, the Sequel Wall-Mounted Desk 6004 is the latest in the Sequel Office line and it was made with smaller spaces …


Danny Joni's Brooklyn Loft — House Tour

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Our Style: Urban Industrial, Mid-Century Modern, Scandinavian.

Inspiration: We love mid-century modern architecture, and make …

New York City

NeoCon Preview 2015: Office Furniture | Companies

1. Nomado mobile desks in aluminum and MDF by Sandler Seating.

2. Ad-Lib by PearsonLloyd for Allermuir.

3. Parkway by Jean Bourassa of Three H.

4. Grace …

Office Spaces

Build a Home Office Shed

I get asked all the time about my home office because I film many of my videos in there. So, I thought I’d share a little bit about it for those who …

Office Furniture

The innovators: hexagonal homes could give first-time buyers a hive of their own

Ancient Greeks originally theorised that the elegant shape of honeycomb, with its interlocking hexagons, was an example of nature’s efficiency. In the back garden of his home outside Wigan, Barry Jackson has taken similar inspiration to create an alternative form of housing.

The 52-year-old builder …


Jean Prouve’s Maison 8×8 Pioneered Affordable Prefab Design Way Back in 1948

French architect Jean Prouvé was making modular, affordable prefab buildings -- and furniture -- way before IKEA existed. The 'factory man' designed …


The Archive: Stunning Mirrored Art Studio Melts Into the Landscape

Read the rest of The Archive: Stunning Mirrored Art Studio Melts Into the Landscape


Asserbo House

A clean geometric shape and floor-to-ceiling windows help set the Asserbo House by Christensen & Co apart from your common summer cottage. The whole …


Graypants Garage

A derelict post-WWII garage becomes an amazing space at the Graypants Garage. In creating this award-winning structure, graypants aimed to retain as …


OCS Batipin Flat by StudioWok - 28 sqm apartment in Milan

OCS Batipin Flat is a project completed in May 2015 by StudioWok. This small apartment has an area of 28 sqm and is located in Milan, Italy. …


Studio 7.5 designs foam "hackable" office system for Herman Miller

NeoCon 2015: US furniture giant Herman Miller is releasing an adaptable shelving system for offices made from lightweight foam that can be used to …

Herman Miller

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Chameleon House

The house is located in the center of a garden. Each single room is oriented to one of the trees. The living room faces the apple tree; the master bedroom, the cherry tree; the bathroom faces the peach tree; the guest room, the silver spruce; and the children’s room, the walnut. Each room has its …


6 Simple American Getaways

Interior Design

A Look at Creative Room Dividers

Interior Design