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Ultra Tiny Home Design: 4 Interiors Under 40 Square Meters

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• Designer: Unicum Buro
• Visualizer: Yurii Hrytsenko

The first home has the light wood and neutral palette that has certainly been inspired by Japanese …

Interior Design

How to Build a Compact, Fold-Down Desk for Small Spaces

In our September issue, we covered a tiny outbuilding for a family in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Residents Tim and Meg Ferguson Sauder and their three kids built the 168-square-foot space themselves using reclaimed materials. On their blog, Crafted Fairly, they post information about the products …


Modern Prefabricated Homes

In Fall 2011, I completed an independent study focused on compiling current information about prefabricated home projects. This included comparisons …

Facit Homes

Precision built modern homes, informed by the way you want to live.

Your Idea of Home

Your inspiration, our know-how

Precision Manufacturing

A place to …


Visionary times - Facit Homes

Even before we begin to sketch out a design we talk through lots of scenarios and wish lists with our clients. For our Highgate project, one of the …

3D Modeling

Pale wooden unit frames rooms and creates a new floor inside a Berlin micro-apartment

A pine unit provides a kitchen, bathroom and mezzanine level for this tiny Berlin apartment designed by two local architects, which also features Art …


12 Awesome Solar Powered Gadgets That Every Home Should Be Using

According to the EPA, the average electric bill for residences in the United States was $110.21 in 2013, which means households were spending over …

Renewable Energy

This Tiny Apartment Is Full of Hidden Surprises

We've heard of dual-purpose rooms, but this place takes the cake.

When it comes to small-space living, efficiency is key. For the everyday apartment dweller, that might mean outfitting your kitchen with some extra hooks, or owning a dining table that can double as a desk. But this sleek pad, …

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9 Compact Home Offices We Love

Whether you're returning home from a long summer away or preparing for school, these efficient home offices will inspire you to organize the space that collects clutter most.


Cinder Blocks Are A DIYer's Best Friend, And These Projects Prove It

If you want to spruce up your home and garden without breaking the bank, it's time to look to an unlikely item: the cinder block. While these concrete chunks may look unsightly at first, they're really a DIYer's dream.

There are tons of ways to transform cinder blocks into beautiful home creations …


4 Fantastic Bunk Beds

The simple space-saving bunk bed offers unique design opportunities: do the bunks open to the bedroom or carve their own privacy? Are they simple and rugged or rich and ornate? Check out these four unique bunk bed designs!


11 Organizing Ideas That Make the Most Out of Your Cabinets

These tricks reveal your kitchen's hidden storage potential — no matter how much space you have (or don't have).


8 Multi-Bulb Lighting Displays

Beverly Hills

Tiny House Movement Converging With 3D Printing

The Tiny House Movement has risen on the horizon in the US as people seek a simpler, less expensive and capital-intensive way of life, and 3D …

3D Printing

This Tiny House Comes Shipped to You in a Box

And then you can even pack it up again, if you've got the travel bug.

If you've got perpetual wanderlust, the POD-iDladla could be your perfect home. Designed by South African architect Clara da Cruz Almeida, this simple, portable house packs up into a 24-square-meter "pod" and ships from place to …

Tiny House Movement

Tiny house is almost passive, clad in shou-sugi-ban

I am trying to think of what buttons this house doesn't push.

Tiny House Movement

Contemporary Addition to Small Fishermen's Village: The Cube House

Designed by architect Irene Escobar Doren , the Cube House in O’Higgins Region, Chile is a contemporary addition to a small village of fishermen. The …


7 Bookshelves We Love

These bibliophiles display their prized printed matter with serious shelf appeal and plenty of personality.


Small House H

4 October, 2012

This guesthouse is located on a site adjacent to an old farmhouse in Gunma prefecture. To architect Kumiko Inui, the surrounding …


8 Space-Saving Hacks for Small Kitchens

May the following tips for kitchens inspire you to reduce, reuse, declutter, and organize your small kitchen in style.


Frankfurter Brett Kitchen Workbench for More Organized Kitchen

Say good bye to dirty and cluttered kitchen, Frankfurter Brett Kitchen Workbench offers you a great solution through its design. It’s a modern cutting …

Interior Design

A Strikingly Minimal Home Built in Less Than Six Months

Soaring ceilings, built-in furniture, and minimal color make this German home feel huge.

Project: House B

Built on a small site in the outskirts of Munich, House B provides a smart solution to the region’s public construction restrictions, which reduced the available building area to one-third its …



The arbor, designed by Shamsudin Kerimov Architects, is a living space project meant to accommodate a family of about 15 people. The design’s floor plan consists of a semantic differentiation on three zones which they conditionally named “kitchen-furnace”, “dining room-drawing room” and …


Tools and furniture hook onto a plywood wall in Paris cookery classroom by Septembre

A plywood storage wall stores and displays furniture, ingredients and cooking apparatus at this Paris culinary workshop by architecture studio …


New Pinterest board: cabins

Do you ever dream of escaping the hustle and bustle of the city? Check out our new Pinterest board filled with stunning cabins in remote, isolated …

Ultra-Compact “Near House” is a Small Space Marvel in Japan

The tiny urban home features a total floor area of 75 sq meters (807 sq ft) and is composed of two volumes — the gate house and the main house. The …